Evil Aliens (2005)

Written, Edited & Directed by: Jake West


Emily Booth .... Michelle Fox
Jamie Honeybourne .... Gavin Gorman
Sam Butler .... Ricky Anderson
Jodie Shaw .... Candy Vixen
Peter O'Connor .... Jack Campbell
Nick Smithers .... Bruce Barton
Christopher Adamson .... Llyr Williams / Alien Surgeon
Jennifer Evans .... Cat
Mark Richard Hayes .... Dai Williams
Chris Thomas .... Thomas Williams

Special Appearance:

Norman Lovett .... Howard Marsden

Release Dates: München Fantasy Filmfest: July 31, 2005; Toronto Film Festival: September 10, 2005; Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival: April 23, 2006; Gérardmer Film Festival: January 25, 2008

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A reporter named Michelle Fox (Emily Booth) presents a show called TV Weird, a series on people who are a little not there by having phony incidents on UFO's. She gets a call from a woman named Cat (Jennifer Evans) who clamied that her and her boyfriend were abducted by aliens and impregnated with an alien baby so she thinks this will be great stuff for her next show and convinces her chief named Howard Marsden (Norman Lovett) to interview her and to bring a team of different people to help her which is out on a remote Welsh island of Scalled.
One of the people named Gavin Gorman (Jamie Honeybourne) is a nerd whom is an expert in UFO's doing sound for her show and is convinced that they will find a UFO.
His wishes do come true but he finds that these aliens are not the friendly kind in any way as they slaughter cows in the field as well as people too which these people who think they're on their way to fame and fortune is on their way to their death bed.


The film really brings on the slapstick and cheesiness to this film. We spot many distant shots ona man and a woman on a big grassyway with tall stones around them.
We have a good shot on the man lying naked tied down with an alien using a weapon about to do in this person in a spot that's a mostly painful way to die which makes you cringe.
We spot a corny discussion between Michelle Fox and Howard Marsden discussing about encounters and about others to go on a mission with corny sequences on them doing goofy things. It was well done but very slapstick.
We spot some nice silent moments with some of the main characters looking around a house and spotting some gothic decorations along with the supporting characters running in with weapons aggressively speaking German towards them. This scene was meant to make you jump but West seemed to try too hard during this moment.
We have a good camera shot on Llyr Williams screaming in terror during a flashback moment with an alien surgeon doing some gruesome results to her while pulling out a baby alien making some of this hard to watch.
We spot a good shot on him suddenly breaking out and tearing off her skin changing into an alien.
We have good shots on Llyr, Dai Williams and Thomas Williams preparing their weapons in an open field againt the evil aliens with good fast action pacing along with the nice graphic shots too.
We have a nice dark shot on Llyr speaking softly in a dark area and then attacking which was a perfect jumping moment.
There's a good shot on Gavin Gorman looking close to an alien on a crucifix about to touch it and the alien suddenly moving which is another good jumping moment.
There's a good camera shot looking down on Gavin looking happy for spotting the mother ship. We also have a hilarious moment with him in the ship and a female alien
seducing him in the mother ship with good shots all around them while doing this romp.
We spot a good shot on a banana peel standing in a field while Ricky Anderson is running toward it away from the aliens and a good shot on the them with this too in which you start to wonder if they're going to step on it and slip.
There's good shots on Ricky running away in a corridor with aliens on his tail. There's also a nice slow motion shot on him in a pool of liquid manuer activating a lighter with a good sneering expression on his face.
We also have great shots on both Candy Vixen and Llyr in a barn using tools as weapons slaying away aliens with blood splurting on them giving the direction a nice horror touch to it with the tongue in cheekness to it too.
We have a good close up shot on Michelle acting frightened while an object is being put under her nose.
We spot a good tongue in cheek moment on her acting possessed and trying to slay away Gavin while he tries to reason with her.
Bottom line: First watching this flick it just seems like a zany comedy and it is for the most part but the horror does come on with the aliens slaughtering mpeople so the film is blended into two like you'd spot in Evil Dead 2 or Nikos the Impaler. The film was well done for a movie with such a low budget that it looks like a British TV show you're watching but at the same time it gets a little pointless and turns out to be a bit of a drag. There's some good moments where you will jump and some moments they try to do that again but it fails. We do have some interesting scene's like some steel balls chasing after someone in a vehicle which seemed to borrow a bit from Phantasm. The film is shocking and gruesome with alot of perverted killing moments which should please people that like that kind of horror style. Otherwise you may want to skip this one or watch it with a bunch of friends partying on Halloween for the laughs of it.

The acting is in fair shape as lead actress Emily Booth (Michelle Fox) seemed very outgoing in her role as the head one trying to spot UFO sightings along with good energy trying to survive the madness on these evil aliens too. She also showed good sarcasm with her lines too along with acting possessed which she had a nice expressionless alleal to her. I found her to be the best actress in this film.
Jamie Honeybourne
(Gavin Gorman) got on my nerves a bit as he played a dweeby character in this film and I never really took his performance seriously but again he was meant to be that kind of a character. He wasn't overly awful I've just seen better that's all.
Sam Butler
(Ricky Anderson) really brought alot of great characteristics to his part showing a great aggressive attitude while battling these aliens and showing a good sense of humor too. I can really see him getting more work in comedies and horror flicks with the timing he had.
We get a wild performance with him acting wild and crazy driving a wheat tractor.
Nick Smithers
(Bruce Barton) does his part well playing a fruitcake investigator type in the film since we need a character like him for a tongue in cheek horror and delivered it off well.
Christopher Adamson (Llyr Williams / Alien Surgeon) stood out the most in this film as an eccentric German soldier showing good crazy expressions and aggressions too. He knew what he had to do to get his point across in the film and I have no criticism for wis work on his role at all.
We get to see a cameo on Norman Lovett (Howard Marsden) since it's nice to see him playing a role other than a figure on a computer screen in Red Dwarf. He made his role very effective even if he was in it for a couple minutes bringing on a good comedic part too.

Bit part actor Dan Palmer is lying face down naked in a UFO
Mildred Von Heildegard
takes off her top as a female alien barebreasted and trying to seduce a human in her UFO.

For all you gorehounds this one is for you
A guy is slayed pervertedly in the butt
Aliens hands punch through people's chests
Many cows are torn apart in a field and gutted open
Lots of head and legs as well as arms are slaughtered apart throughout certain scene's in the film.
A guy's body is stabbed from the bottom to his mouth on a spiked wooden object
Lots of aliens are being slaughtered
Lots of violent bloodsheds

The music was well composed by Richard Wells making the music sound very mainstream and adventureous too as well as having some low synthesizer music with an odd chanting sounds. There's the odd booming sounds to top it all off.

Ricky Anderson: Eat shit!