Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)


Directed by: Sam Raimi

Written by: Sam Raimi & Scott Spiegel


Bruce Campbell .... Ash J. Williams
Sarah Berry .... Annie Knowby
Dan Hicks .... Jake
Kassie DePaiva .... Bobbie Joe (as Kassie Wesley)
Ted Raimi .... Possessed Henrietta (as Theodore Raimi)
Richard Domeier .... Ed Getley

Release Dates: Feastival Fantastique de Paris: 1987; Theatrical: March 13, 1987 (USA)



A young man maned Ash J. Williams (Bruce Campbell) takes his girlfriend Linda (Sarah Berry) to a cabin in the deep dark woods for a vacation hoping to have a romantic night but the home is owned by a professor named Raymond Knowby (John Peaks) and his wife Henrietta (Lou Hancock) as they are not at the cabin so basically they're trespassing.
Ash finds a professor's tape recorded recitation of passages from the Book of the Dead and he plays it.
The spell calls up an evil force from the woods which attacks Linda crashing open her berdroom window and then turns Linda into a monstrous Deadite.
Ash beheads Linda and buries her but the wevil force nearly threatening Ash himself and he also finds himself trapped at the cabin as the bridge he crossed with his car is torn away.
He tries to keep his sanity together but Linda's corpse returns from the grave and attacks him. Next, his hand becomes posessed and he chops it off. Then his hand is loose around the house trying to attack him.
Later on, the professors daughter Annie (Sarah Berry) and her friends tries to visit the cabin hoping that her parents will be there but after realising that the bridge was torn open they hike to the cabin.
After not realising that her parents aren't there Ash is locked in a cellar as Annie thinks that he was responsible for all the havoc there, but after they experience some ghouls after Annie and her friends play the tape they all try to survive the insanity with the evil spirits as Annie's friends start turning into them.


A nice little introduction showing the book of the dead as well as somewhat a history on it and then some nice brief moments between Ash and his romance with his girlfriend Linda which really draws you in while watching all of this. Then a nice moment on the tape recorder playing while they listen to it as well as the camera as the evil force rolling towards the cabin which works in well as well as the hell breaking loose showing alot of the fast scene's with Linda possessed or him slaughtering her as there's good special effects and close up shots on all of this. Then a nice fast action camera shot zooming at Ash like we saw at the end of the first film as well as campy shots on him flying through tree branches taking a long time with his body hurling in the air which gives away that this is also a comedy as well as a horror but done in nice style.
Also we see many goofy moments with Linda and her decapitated head dancing around and tormente=ing Ash as well as him trying to find a way to put an end to this as the effects were dead on here as well and can be enjoyable to watch all of this.
Alot of comedic moments involving Ash in the cabin with his hand turning possessed and hitting himself with objects as well as a good painful situation as to what he had to do to himself plus his cut off hand crawling around the room and flipping him the bird which offered some nice dark humor to everything. Plus we spot objects laughing at him as this adds a nice possessive feel to everything but not as funny as it was supposed to have been but a nice add into the story.
We spot a surprise attack by the redneck Jake beating up on Ash as you think to yourself as to why he is doing this to him but then we see an explanation to what is going on and all the misunderstandings too.
We also have alot of comedic/horror timing with Ash trapped in the cellar and being pitted against the Possessed Henrietta as the moments looked good and effective as well as good special effects surrounding this as well. Also a perfect surprising moment with a clean cut guy next door in the bunch at the cabin turning possessed and going crazy. At first you wonder what this possessed demon came to be but then you figure it out. Great fast action timing.
Nice dark shots on Bobby Joe running away in the woods with the camera following her as well as cool effects on the vines and other objects of trees wrapping her around as this added great dark horror timing.
Also a perfect shot on Jake running out to the woods as well as the trees looking lively which grabs your attention as well as good dark camera shots on him calling out to Bobbie Joe and getting nervous as well as a nice surprising moment on someone possessed popping him next to him which also looked well done too. These scenes were perfectly powerful.
Perfect and shocking situation when someone is dragged into the cellar and then the results spraying everywhere which psychs you out big time and can be a cherishing moment for bloodhounds big time.
Perfect shots on Annie Knowby trying to help Ash go into battle by prepping him with a uniform as well as placing a chainsaw on his cut off wrist which looked good and heroic on what he does and then going in for the kill with what we spot some sort of a monstrous figure trying to crash through a doorway and him doing his battle away with this thing. Plus some perfect time warp zooming into him and a shot on his car being sucked into it a swell as this looked highly entertaining to watch as well.
Bottom line is that this is a film that beared no resemblance to the first one as
they changed continuity at the beginning of each film. It had lots of tongue in cheek and Three Stooges slapstick type dark comedy to make up for the darkness of the first one as the story went in it's own direction. There are lots of funny moments like Ash's cut off hand giving him the salute it. Made on a bigger budget, neat effects and making the film look more mainstream and more of a remake too. The ending was great as it introduces the sequel to Army of Darkness.

The acting is very well performed with better actors too. Bruce Campbell's (Ash J. Williams) performance is well done and has good timing with his comedic performance and is extremely energetic too especially with his powerful blocking against his possessed hand bringing it to a full punch with all that we see here. Also does well by going crazy with the terror attacking him and doing well with his struggling attitude too. He also had a nice gruffness to his speaking in certain spots warning others on what is going to happen to someone that left in the woods. Also does well with his aggression while stopping someone from being killed and trying not to lose his patience as he studied this scene nicely too. At the end of his performance adds a perfect adrenaline by losing his mind which was memorable to anyone who saw him being this way.
Sarah Berry (Annie Knowby) had the perfect mature looks to her role as well as doing well with her clear and calm speaking. She really knew on how to portray her character very well and was very sharp within whatever she did here. Plus shows some great intense energy when she tries to struggle away from a possessive character as well as showing off courageousness while trying to do away with the evil. She adds alot of nice touches to everything here and deserves nice credit for all of this.
Dan Hicks (Jake) plays a great goofy redneck and is a natural character actor trying to battle off the ghouls in the cabin as he's probably my favourite character in the film. Does well with his phyisical and forceful behavior pinning someone to the ground and getting in their face. He was also convincing with his demanding behavior. Was convincingly obnoxious for sure. He shows great aggression too when he is trying to find his girlfriend in the deep dark woods and bringing it all out with his energy.
Reacts well to suffering in pain too. Has the perfect crazy looks and appeal to this role which was another plus to the story.
Kassie DePaiva (Bobbie Joe) seemed to have the nice lustful girl next door looks and the perfect figure too. Also shows her stuff off nicely in the beginning of her performance as one of the snooty types with an attitude. She does well by freaking out screaming and running into the woods just letting it all out. Deserves a nice pat on the back for all of this.
Ted Raimi (Possessed Henrietta) seemed fairly well in drag by being this evil demonc woman in which he does a nice job taunting someone with his sneering behavior and acting evilly goofy by whatever he does and lunges in pretty well for whatever he had to do with his role. Brought otu some great wit and spunk with his dark humor so he was worth mentioning.

There is a naked stop motion corpse dancing around.

Lots of green gooey stuff
A woman is decapitated
There's a cut off hand
Also some eyeball gags.

Tons fo blood splurting out of a cellar door as well as in a hole of a wall

The music was composed by Joseph LoDuca and is great with the smooth but chilling violin playing and creepy tones.Also we have alot of great trombone playing as well as drum beats as the classical score was dead on and sounding very mainstream without it all sounding too typical for a mainstream film that we've heard before. Alot of good moaning sounds too and sounding very echoey and leaving a good surround sound as well.

[first lines]
Scotty: Hey Ash, where are we?
Ash: Well we just crossed the Tennessee border...

Linda: Hey Ash! I guessed the card right!
Ash: Yeah... truly amazing.

Voice: Join us...

Voice: I know now that my wife has become host to a Candarian demon. I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of... bodily dismemberment.

[Cheryl has become possessed]
Cheryl: Why have you disturbed our sleep? Awakened us from our ancient slumber? YOU WILL DIE!

Cheryl: [possessed] Soon all of you will be like me... And then who will lock you up in a cellar?

Shelly: [Shelly's face smoking and scarred] I don't know what I would have done if I had remained on those hot coals... Burning my pretty flesh.

Linda: [singing] We're going to get you. We're going to get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.

Cheryl: Kill her if you can, loverboy.

[Shelly has been hacked into several pieces]
Ash: We can't bury Shelly. S-She's a friend of our's.

Ash: You bastards! Why are you torturing me like this? Why?

[last lines]
[an unseen force rips through the cabin and comes up behind the unsuspecting Ash]
Ash: Aaaaaah!