Evil Dead Rise (2023)


Written & Directed by: Lee Cronin


Lily Sullivan .... Beth
Alyssa Sutherland .... Ellie
Morgan Davies .... Danny
Gabrielle Echols .... Bridget
Nell Fisher .... Kassie

Release Dates:
South by Southwest Film Festival: March 15, 2023; Night Visions International Film Festival: April 1, 2023 (Finland); Theatrical: April 21, 2023




Two estranged sisters reunite at an apartment building with three active kids in which one of them finds a book of the dead in a mysterious place underneath the building in which causes the evil force taking over people's bodies and then all hell breaks loose.


The beginning of the story was well shot in which we see a camera surrounding the woods and lake as this left me an impression that it was an evil force but it fools you big time which was cleverly well done.
Some friends residing at the cabin in the woods are partying which seemed to look fairly well done.
Then one of them enters a room by trying to talk to one of his girlfriends in which he head is turned and is silent with nice shots on this situation. Makes you wonder if she is possessed by the evil dead. Boy do things look terrorising later on in this plot with good special effects that will please all you gorehounds.
Suddenly the story takes place the day before as this looked interesting making me watch as to what will unravel. The plot shows a few rambunctious kids in a building with their mother Ellie trying to control the household and things like that. Things for sure looked hyped up.
The kids go and get pizza and drinks to bring home and then an earthquake happens which looked suspenseful to watch leaving a great tension to it all. Suddenly a crack on the parking lot ground is revealed afterwards in which one of the kids Danny goes under the explore which was one of my favourite moments while spotting this. He finds some old records and other stuff as it was imaginative wondering if there's a passageway that was never discovered in lifetimes. A situation made me jump out of my seat but won't give that away as you have to see the film for itself.
He also found the book of the dead and tries to open it only to have his fingers blled by the sharp objects of this book. This was well drawn in as it leaves a chilling feeling. He plays the records in which they sound creepy. He tries to stop the record but static happens along with things being silent. These moments will give you the chills big time.
Then things grow intense as Ellie is in the hallway of the building and gets attacked and thrown around by the evil force with nice effects happening. These moments grow extremely powerful and disturbing.
Later on in the story Ellie is possessed by the evil force before telling her family on what happened to her. She attacks her family but all of them pushes her out of the building when the residents try to kill her. Her sister, Beth looks at the peephole on the door to see on what is happening as this for sure will give you nightmares afterwards for anyone who doesn't like to be frightened wondering if this evil Ellie notices her sister watching her.
Ellie realises that her youngest one Kassie is watching through the peephole later on and tries to temp her on opening the door to let her in. This for sure was drawn in making me wonder if she will fall for it. This situation was strongly drawn in and well focused.
While Beth tries to convince Kassie that her mother is dead and that it's an evil possession they struggle to find a way on escaping in which they make their way to an elevator in which blood is rising up to their heads. This gave me the chills wondering if they will drown in this mess before they reach to ground floor. A scene of this almost seemed to pay a tribute to The Shining.
However the possesed dead people try and push Beth into a saw grinder down in the parking lot as this looked suspenseful watching all of this. It made me wonder if she will be okay or not.
After watching all of this it made me wonder as to what had this anything to do with the cabing during the beginning of the story. You will find out on what happens soon enough though.
Bottom line is that this film had good special effects and is well done but however the story doesn't build up too greatly here as it mainly takes place in the building most of this time. It made me wonder if this was a prequel to the Evil Dead legacy but never mentions that.

The acting is actually well performed in which our lead actress Lily Sullivan (Beth) is very sharp with her performance in which she shows off a beliveably outgoing type of attitude. Also shows great adrenaline when the terror strikes in which she rolls with the punches big time. Plus gives a good speech when explaining to someone that her mother is gone. She really brought this out big time. To top it all off shows a great vicious and vengeful attitude while using a chainsaw.
Alyssa Sutherland (Ellie) shows off a calm and patient attitude as the family woman. She was strong within her performance. Also was great when the evil spirit took over her body by showing off a perfect versatile atttiude. Knew on how to speak nastily and coldly as well. Had a great hissing voice along with showin such demented and evil expressions. Was a true character actress.
Morgan Davies (Danny) stood out well as a music geek along with doing other technical work which he shows a great concentration on this role. Shows off a nice type of preteen attitude. Plus reacts well to things later on in his role in which he brought out a ton of energy and terror within whatever he did here.
Gabrielle Echols (Bridget) seemed to show off a nice emotional type of attitude when the terror hits in which she reacts intensly well to everything around her. Seemed to be a passable actress while doing all of this as well as acting creepy near the end of her performance.
Nell Fisher (Kassie) was great with her charming presence as the youngest sibling. Shows a nice brave type of attitude along with acting fearful when needed to be this way. Shows off a nice aggression while behaving this way. Does well by acting confused or unsure of things.

Scalp is ripped off
Decapitated head is revealed and graphic too
Bloody stabbings
Bloody gunshots
Tons of bloodsheds
Face is stabbed
People are grinded up
Another decaptitation is revealed

Stephen McKeon does a great powerful job with his classical composing within alot of the deep violin music and the intensity of it all. Plus good metal scratching sounds along with banging and vocal hamonising here and there. Yes indeed it sounds perfectly dark for a horror flick such as this one in which this caught my attention during the beginning of the story as well as in segments on the finding of the book of the dead.