Evil Spawn (1987)

Written & Directed by: Kenneth J. Hall


Bobbi Bresee .... Lynn Roman
Drew Godderis .... Ross Anderson

John Terrence .... Brent Price
Dawn Wildsmith .... Evelyn Avery
Jerry Fox .... Harry Fox
Pamela Gilbert .... Elaine Talbot
Mark Anthony .... Mark Randall

Special Appearances:

John Carradine .... Dr. Zeitman
Forrest J. Ackerman .... Pool Man

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September, 1987

*Images courtesy at: www.badmovies.org






Microbes are brought back to earth via a space probe from Venus. A scientist named Doctor Zeitman (John Carradine) does experiments on people with the microbes to make people ageless but yet it turns them into monsters whenever they get into a rage and when he dies his evil assistant named Evelyn Avery (Dawn Wildsmith) takes over as she approaches an ageing horror film actress named Lynn Roman (Bobbi Bresee) who is hurting for a good wage and successful gigs offering her the serum to stay young and beautiful.
When she injects the serum it makes her sick and then whenever she faces her detractors shre then turns into a hideous bug-like alien resulting in a predictable attrition problem.
Someone named Ross Anderson (Drew Godderis) studied this serum and tries to warn her about her dangerous attitude but yet she is totally controlled by this drug and doesn't listen to his warnings so she goes on a killing spree towards movie porducers and casting directors when she is turned away by them.


There's some interesting cheesy moments with someone tripping out in an alleyway and attacking.
We have a scene between Evelyn Avery and Dr. Zeitman having a discussion at a table which looks incredibly rough.
There's a good shot on Lynn Roman lying on her chair suntanning as well as a good shot on Evelyn herself staring at her standing up.
There's a good dream sequence with Lynn on a stage at an awards ceremony and then showing her face monstrous holding the award.
A good close up shot on Lynn looking paranoid and then exposing her sharp teeth.
A nice shot on
Elaine Talbot drying herself off with a creature standing behind her.
There's a good intense moment with Ross Anderson trying to confront Lynn on what she's doing to herself along with a good close up shot on her with her red eyes and her screaming.
There's a moment when Lynn turns into a beast and throws Harry Fox around which looked awfully corny.
A good shot on
Brent Price being killed by a creature coming through a bedroom window.
There's a good shot on Ross being attacked by the creature.
Bottom line is that I knew I was expecting a trashy monster flick and that's what I got but it was trashier than I expected. It is definetely a tribute to those cheesy monster movie drive-in's but with barely any class at all. There are the odd good cheesy terrifying moments and some intensity saves the film from bombing but otherwise making this film was a waste of time. Oh, if you watch a scene in a casting directors office he has a poster of Kenneth J. Hall's first writing project The Tomb which was directed by his partner Fred Olen Ray as that one was trashy but alot better than this one. But don't let the poster fool you that it went to theatre's as it was a direct-to-video horror flick like this one folks.

The acting is pretty bad but some of the actors try hard like Bobbi Bresee (Lynn Roman) as a has been horror film actress who tries to show her aggressions but isn't convincing alot of the times but knew how to cry emotionally well. Yet is not convincing when she complains about her wage towards a casting director. She overly does it by getting sick after injecting a needle in her arm. Seems to do well acting desperate towards someone else for a part in his car and losing control of herself. Does well acting in a rage towards someone else in a certain situation. Seems to pull off averagely by screaming at someone in an office before turning into a monster.
Drew Godderis
(Ross Anderson) seemed to do fine with his serious attitude in the film and can pull it off not too shabby.
B-movie cult icon Dawn Wildsmith (Evelyn Avery) looked great for the part as an evil one in the film by giving people needle's and turning them into creatures. She speaks smoothly and has the evil expressions too. In a scene towards another actress she seems to pull it off ok speaking to her on how to succeed in her business. She was credited as Donna Shock for some strange reason.
Jerry Fox
(Harry Fox) coudln't act his way out of a wet paper bag by playing a casting director as he shows very little characteristics to his part.
John Carradine
Dr. Zeitman) was badly out of shape in his cameo with his speech as you can tell he was very close to his death bed.

Bobbi Bresee exposes her breasts while taking a bath. She also takes off her top near a bathroom mirror as well as taking a shower too.
Pamela Gilbert
strips down to swim nude in a pool from top to bottom

An arm is ripped off
A face is mangled
Lots of bloodsheds
A claw is stabbed through a man's chest
A chest explodes

We have some nice cheesy quivering synthesizer playing by Paul Natzke during the opening and closing credits of the film and everywhere else the music sounds quite out of tone.