Evilspeak (1981)

Produced & Directed by: Eric Weston

Written by: Joseph Garofalo & Eric Weston


Clint Howard .... Stanley Coopersmith
Joseph Cortese .... Reverend Jameson
Claude Earl Jones .... Coach
Haywood Nelson .... Kowalski
Don Stark .... Bubba
Charles Tyner .... Colonel Kincaid
Hamilton Camp .... Hauptman
Louie Gravance .... Jo Jo
Jim Greenleaf .... Ox
Loren Lester .... Charlie Boy
Lenny Montana .... Jake
R.G. Armstrong .... Sarge
Lynn Hancock .... Miss Friedmeyer

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 2, 1981 (France); November 13, 1981 (West Germany); February 26, 1982 (USA)

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A nerdy orphan named Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard) is tired of being harrassed at his military school by his instructors as well as the preppy bullies at his military academy.
He finds a book on summoning up the devil in the cathedral basement as he practices the book on his own computer to get even with everyone who tormented him even if he has to sell his sould to the devil himself to gain powers and unleash it at his military.


We do spot an interesting prologue with some satanic cult members ready to do a sacrifice at a beach while they're speaking a different language taking place centuries ago as this draws you in a bit as it has a low budget horror feel to everything as well as when we are about to spot a gruesome moment it cuts right away to a soccer game making the moments look clever on what was about to happen and showing a soccer ball flying in the air in which of course is taking place present day now. We spot the nerdy Stanley Coopersmith acting clumsy in the game which was focused in fairly well as well as bullying jocks giving him a hard time after the game in which the situations here looked rather cheesy to watch.
We also spot a lame scene with the teacher Kowalsky instructing his class as all of this looked stale to watch and rather a bore but yet we spot the students not paying attention as this was intentional as you can tell.
We do spot a moment with Stanley walking in the hall to his next class as well as his tormentors there talking to one another as this was a nice attention grabber and having a sinking feeling on what to do to try and avoid them and not being picked on which is a perfect setting on him being pitted against them.
Perfect settings when Stanley discovers the dungeon area as it looked perfectly dark and spooky when he goes down there to check it all out as well as him discovering a computer and a book on satanic spells which is a nice touch to everything as well as a nice setting later on with lit up candles too. We also spot a good terrorising moment with a hand crashing through a wall and grabbing him as well as a door opening and spotting a creepy figure zooming in which makes you watch to see if this person is gonna wake up from his nightmare since this seems to be a drawing card that he's dreaming all of this. It was a great touch to the story.
Also a nice powerful and cringing moment when Colonel Kincaid is scolding Stanley while he is standing there as well as punishing him for what he was doing as well as a lustful secretary Miss Friedmeyer watching this in amusement since this seems to also draw you in since you wonder if this boy will burst into tears. Plus this nasty teacher giving him the strap as it confuses you wondering if this film takes place in the 1960's since teachers don't do that to students anymore.
Also a nicely well focused moment on Miss Friedmeyer prodding at a metal astral sign of the book found by Stanley as well as him working in a pig pen cleaning up and then we see a bunch of hogs bursting through and about to attack him which adds a perfect terror twist to the story and wondering if he will make it out in time.

Perfect situation between a cafeteria cook Jake being kind towards Stanley as well as their conversations together which flows in nicely especially when he introduces him to a breed of puppies as this all looked good and heartwarming.

Nicely done moments with Stanley trying to practise the book and studying the computer to practise spells as this adds some near suspense but at times it's a bit of a disappointment. However this picks up later on.
A perfect powerful and intimidating moment with the drunken Sarge barging in Stanley's dungeon room and acting menacing as well as to what we see that he is about to do along with a good shot on the computer revealing something onto the screen which gives you a deadly feel as to what might happen in this situation.
Also we have a moment with some hogs smashing in a bathroom doorway as this for sure looked good and vicious but when they attack a victim in a tub it looked tame when they approach this person even though they tried to add gruseome moments in this scene. It was a bit sloppy.
Nice setting with Stanley outside near a track field talking to a beautiful girl and then the bullying jocks start to approach which shows nice timing on this as well as them tormenting him which has a nice vibe to all of this.
Also we have a nice wild time with these bullies entering the dungeon and partying out which looked very psyched as well as Bubba spotting the puppy as well as his friends challenging this poor animal to be sacrificed when they see the satanic surroundings and chanting to him to kill which looked powerfully done as well as making you wonder or not he will do this.
Things get heated up later on when Stanley does the final typings on the computer as well as great special effects happening showing colourful moments happening and him becoming possessed as well as him flotaing and using a sword to do away the people that wronged him as things looked perfectly intense as well as hogs attacking and eating these people too. This offered alot of powerful horror violence and packed a punch but I've seen better horror at the same time.
Bottom line is that I hated this flick at first but the second time I liked it a bit better but I've seen horror films like this before so this one was nothing special at all. But a good look on an outcast pitted against his boarding school. It's interesting to see what the computer does revealing that it has a mind of it's own so a nice pointer on that. THe film seemed to combine elements of Carrie, The Omen and a touch of Porky's as well without the slapatick comedy. Also I started to wonder if the makers of 976 Evil saw this flick and decided to use similar elements as theirs was by far better.

The acting is on a mediocre basis and nothing too spectacular but not terrible either. Clint Howard (Stanley Coopersmith) seemed to pull his part off decently as a misfit orphan and had the right nerdy looks for his part as well as showing good energy while trying to act anxious or getting nervous. Plus does well with his emotional attitude as well. Also shows off good energy when becoming possessed qurter way through too. So he seemed to pull his part off in a fashional matter.
Joseph Cortese (Reverend Jameson) seemed a little too mediocre for his part but yet seemed to say his words powerful at the same time as well as coming across perfectly with his closed minded attitude as this shows off pretty good. He had the right looks and appeal for this role so I will give him credit for this.
Claude Earl Jones (Coach) I found to be the best out of the cast as he shows some good aggressions along with a nice sterness plus comes across clear with his no nonsense attitude. He was perfectly sharp in whatever he did with his part in the film and seemed to study his role inside out and had the perfect looks and appeal for this part.
Haywood Nelson (Kowalski) seemed to add some spunk into his part as the understanding nice kid in the flick as he does well trying to defend others in which he draws this in perfectly as well as adding alot of charisma into this. He for sure made his part fairly memorable into what he did in this flick. Added good enthusiasm into whatever he portrayed into all of this.
Don Stark (Bubba) was another fine actor in this flick as he presented himself differently in this one compared to any of his other work I've seen him in. He was convincing as the head bully of his crowd in which he knew on how to get into your face in an okay fashion as well as really coming across as a jock type of asshole too. Had the right motives throughout his whole performance. He did better shows later on in his career mainly as a TV actor.
Charles Tyner (Colonel Kincaid) had the most effective key role in his role as someone whom is a convincing asshole who likes to torment his students in which he drws in well with his controlling behavior. Was very sharp with his speaking and well alerted by how he performs by not letting an ounce of energy down. Another fellow who really knew his craft with this role and deserves great credit.
Jim Greenleaf (Ox) drew attention with his short and burly type features as an annoying bully who loves to get in the face of others in which he rolls with hthe punches perfectly as well as trying to act tough and territorial too. He for sure reminds you as one of those types who likes to follow others that like to make people's lives uneasily and had the right motive throughout all of this. He was highly energetic.
Lenny Montana (Jake) certainly had the perfect intimidating big guy looks as the cook at the cafeteria as well as his gruff speaking and does a great job by having a soft hearted personality. Does a great job with his socialising and understanding towards others. Made his role perfectly believeable and reminds you of one of those people who likes to help others when they're going through a rough time.
R.G. Armstrong (Sarge) was truly creepy in his role and an obnoxious drunk in which he does a great job by being aggressive and demanding along with being forceful on stuff. Certainly knew a thing or two by being perfectly hammered as well as having a convincing booming voice too. Was very powerful within whatever he did here.
Lynn Hancock (Miss Friedmeyer) had a perfect lustful look as the secretary as well as really showing some interesting appeals to when she spots a situation and drawing in to what is going on. Plus had a nice speaking voice too. She reacts well by screaming in terror at the end of her performance.

A young woman has her topped ripped down during a sacrifice and her breasts are fully revealed.
Butt shot on Clint Howard while taking a shower.
Lynn Hancock strips down before hopping into a shower and her butt is revealed and so are her breasts.

A head is chopped off during a sacrifice.
Hogs eat people alive
A spike goes through a man's head
A head is split open
A hand is bitten off
A hand tears through a guys chest
Lots of blood

The soundtrack by Roger Kellaway sounds too much like a rough draft of Children of the Corn and it's a little weak too while we hear the chanting but however there's good dark synthesizer music not sounding too cheaply done either especially during the dungeon room scenarios giving it a great feel to everything. However there's some odd corny type orchestral music combining in which seems to ruin the feel of it all at times. Nice scratching type sounds too as well as some echoey piano playing but at times that is a little off key. At times we do hear the nice high violin playing which works in well at times.