Evil Toons (1992)


Co-Produced, Written & Directed by: Fred Olen Ray


Monique Gabrielle .... Megan
Suzanne Ager .... Terry
Madison .... Roxanne
Barbara Dare .... Jan
David Carradine .... Gideon Fisk
Dick Miller .... Burt
Arte Johnson .... Mr. Hinchlow

Special Appearance:

Michelle Bauer .... Mrs. Burt

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: January 8, 1992

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A group of sorority sisters are hired to clean up an isolated house in which something evil once lurked there as they find an old dagger in the basement as well as receiving a book that opens an evil force when one of them reads it which happens to be a cartoonish demon possessing one of the girls to lust and kill the others.


A cheesy but fun moment spotting a beginning with Gideon Fisk bringing his book of spells as this book is talking to him and then we spot himself commiting suicide by hanging himself which the surroundings looked impressive with a cheesy thunderstorm as it seemed necessary for a mysterious beginning on a horror flick.
Then the opening credits start as there's animated figures which almost seemed fairly similar to the opening of Night of the Demons as this looked fun to watch as well.
Then we spot the next day with Burt hiring the sorority sisters from his van to clean up the abandoned house as there's close up shots on them bending down to get the cleaning supplies from his van as I knew I was in for a film that will offer skin later on like any Fred Olen Ray flick. Yet alot of this was campy fun especially the girls sarcasm and spunky behavior before going in to do the job.
A real attention grabber is when they enter the home the head sorority sister Terry tells everyone about what had happened there even if what she said was a brief rumor but this was nicely put in for a start on a horror flick as well as all of them discussing to clean the basement of the home first which is another good moment for a horror spoof since that's the darkest place in a home and often in a horror flick where the terror usually starts.
There's a scene that grabbed my attention when they find a dagger and a couple of other things in the basement for them to bring out.
Also later on there's Roxanne playing some music trying to get the party started as well as doing a strip tease which seemed to be a main drawing card in the story so far. Then trying to get the geeky one Megan to try it as I watched carefully to see if she will actually do it since her character seemed to be the virgin one of the sorority sisters.
There's a supposed mysterious moment when Gideon enters the home and gives the sorority sisters a package but this looked a little too stale and corny to be effective.
It's impressive when they open it to discover that it's a book and they open it and see rape scenes in artwork of some creatures with shots on this as well as them reading on what it's all about which works in okay.
Later on a good camera shot on the book open with the cartoon character and effects on the page come to life as well as a good effects cartoon on the monster appearing as well as hiding behind the sofa in the living room on the home so he can plan his attack which looked comedically entertaining as well as the character Roxanne changing into something sexy with this monster getting excited and tongue dropping which seemed mildly funny to watch.
A hilarious moment on Roxanne being molested by this monster as there's good camera shots throughout this scene.
Perfect moment later on when the other girls go to see what was wrong with Roxanne looking mildly bloodied and then she smoothlky talks to them as this is a nice sign that she became possessed as well as later on getting lustful when her boyfriend enters the house and she really comes on strong towards him which leaves an impression that she has soemthing deadly for him with a nice close up shot on her sharp teeth and ready to dig into him as this was done in a decent horror fashion.
Yet the story slopes when we have Burt watching a lame old flick on his TV which takes forever as the scene should've been cut alot shorter as this was a terrible time waster.
Also there's a moment when Roxanne tries to make out that she wants to seduce Hinchlow in the basement of the home as I think ho hum but it looked impressive when she reveals her fangs and is about to bite him where it would hurt the most which is of course shocking but we don't spot anything graphic for this scene so anyone with a strong stomach should be safe to watch this scene.
Then a great approach with Roxanne looking bloodied and deadly towards her sority sisters along with the odd possessive voice from her when she attacks them and good shots on all of this as this looked monstrously energised as well as more monstrous situations in this scene offering more comedic horror timing.
Then the excitement begins when Gideon tries to come in to save the day with the book and telling Megan on what to do as well as a good moment on the cartoonish monster appearing out of Roxanne's body as well as comedic lines from this beast which offered great comedic timing too. The effects looked fun to watch.
Bottom line is that this seems to be a parody of the Evil Dead franchise and a touch of other flicks. Also reminds me of Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare by how tongue in cheek things were. It's a bad flick yes but can be fun to watch and a party flick as well. Plus a nice ending by when someone brings a TV set discussing what to watch on a Saturday morning which was classy.

The acting is a little over the top and considered somewhat bad but it looked fun to watch as we have lead actress Monique Gabrielle (Megan) in which she looked perfect to play the brainy and geeky sorority sister as she came across as the virgin one in a horror flick but a cute girl next door appeal too. She seemed to get into her character not too badly but at times lacks when she gets anxious or scared. Still stood out well in her role regardless.
Suzanne Ager (Terry) had the perfect looks and appeal to portray the head sorority sister as you could tell that she was in charge of things but her attitude but she is too over the top when she stresses situations but yet added spunk into everything that she did. She needed some acting lessons regardless but wasn't overly terrible at the same time.
Madison (Roxanne) added alot of spunk and enthusiasm as well as coming across as convincingly sarcastic into what she says. Plus shows a good bubbly behavior along with acting full of life. She seemed to do well with her smooth speaking lustful voice as well as acting foreceful. She seemed to do the trick by acting possessed. One of the best out of the cast.
David Carradine (Gideon Fisk) showed off a nice ghostly presence in his supporting role. He tried his best to do a good performance even if at times it looked a little too corny. Had a nice seriousness into it all as well as showing off a good expressionless feature. Knew on how to talk mysteriously too.
Dick Miller (Burt) does it well with his gravelly voice as well as showing a good no nonsense type of attitude. He seemed to be a bit of a ham for the comedic moments but not overly hilarious by any means. Delivers his lines quite well and showed off a great presence too. He was a worthy character actor.
Arte Johnson (Mr. Hinchlow) had a nice goofy role as a neighbor in the flick in which he represented himself greatly when he gets aquainted to the others. His role wasn't huge but thought he was worth mentioning as well he had the nerdy middle aged looks which shows off nicely as well.

Someone takes it off breasts revealed while doing a song and dance
Another sorority sister looks in the mirror exposing her breasts and feeling herself
More breast shots when the beast attacks someone or others when in a possessed body
Two other sorority sisters take off their tops while getting undressed for bed
Another moment with a possessed sister takes it off ready to seduce someone here and there
A lustful housewife pulls down her lingerea to expose her breasts
Yes folks lots of skin in alot of the scene's of the film

A couple of necks are bitten and bloodied

We have many various cheesy synthesizer music all put together by Chuck Cirino in which there's some nice ghostly sounds as well as high pitched icy sounds too. Also for the beginning there's a catchy old fashioned organ sound for the house with a thunder storm happening. Plus some good chanting sounds and low piano sounds. Alot of it seemed to suit the cheesiness of the plotlines like the possessions plus there's some hokey music for the real comedic moments which didn't fancy me much. Alot of this was reused from his previous composing for the flicks like Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare.

Monster: You little bitch! I'll get you in the sequel for this!

Mr. Hinchlow: I brought along my portable TV set, in case you'd like to use it.
Terry: That's nice, but... why?
Mr. Hinchlow: Hell, it's Saturday morning.
Mr. Hinchlow: Don't tell me you kids don't enjoy a good cartoon!
Megan: [screams]