Exit 14 (2018)


Directed & Cinematographed by: Joe Salcedo

Produced & Written by:
 Camara Davis 


Laura Flannery .... Laurie
Jamie Nocher .... Mick 
Ashton Leigh .... Faith 
Anthony Del Negro.... Joey 
Tom Sizemore .... Roy 

Special Appearance: 

 .... Father 

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: March 6, 2018





A group of teens on their spring break go off to a cabin in a ghostly area of Exit 14 and are haunted by a ghostly story that took place there lifetimes ago.


When I first watched this flick I knew that I was in for a bad one with a group of teens driving away from the city to go to a remote cabin and listening to annoying techno music as todays music has no talent whatsoever and it really shows on here big time.
Then when they drive to the area it shows a sign saying Exit 14 which is supposed to be a drawing card for horror that these kids will get into but then their vehicle breaks down which is another pointer in a horror flick but it was not effective at all.
Next they go to a gas station and meet a strange middle aged man Roy who talks to them and helping getting their vehicle fixed and dropping them off at the abin but tellls the tale on what happened there but then a flashback sequence comes into the story with a different voice narrating it which was confusing and looking utterly pointless to watch.
Whille the gang is at the cabin they gripe of no tv or computers as well as trying to entertain themselves by bringing a voo doo doll and trying to do a seance but none of this looked entertaining whatsoever and completely a waste of effort to watch as well.
Yet there is a mysterious moment when someone is in the bathroom and spots a curtain of some sort near a mirror moving offering a suggestive haunting but yet this moment is brief and nothing too special.
Then the hauntings move along when one of them goes outside and spots a ghostly figure in a rocking chair or spotting something in the window but again this isn't overly chilling since we've seen these moments happen before.
Afterwards one of their dorky friends Joey gets sick and reacts not normally but all of this didn't look suspenseful at all and incredibly bland to watch all of this unravel as well.
Probably the best moment in this flick is when someone sees a ghostly reflection in the mirror as this time looked hauntingly spooky as well there's a moment when Faith is outside and spots Joey looking zombielike with a weapon staring at her in which this looked effective as well and having a feeling that he will attack her which is one of the only good moments in this story. 
Both Laurie and Mick break into the gas station to try and get their vehicle and are caught by Roy which leaves a sinking feeling that something dangerous is about to happen as well as Mick pointing a gun at him having a peer pressuring moment as to whether or not he will fire at him when he tries to speak innocently towards him. All of this looked mildly suspenseful to watch. 
Near the ending of the fillm some intense tragic moments that we think on what happened to Laurie as well as her waking up and then getting vicious towards him as this made me think that she was possessed but however it looked mildly silly to watch. 
Bottom line is that this is a stupid and lame story that didn't make much sense as to the reasons of things that went on there. It was also terribly rushed and not dark and suspenseful as it was supposed to have been. Making this one was a total waste of time and not worth the effort on watching. Although remakes are too overrated it's alot better watching those types than seeing this one.

The acting is very uninspired but not all of it is terrible in which Laura Flannery(Laurie) seemed to do her best and can pull off her role in a fair fashion in which she does well when she reacts upset to stuff as well as her emotional crying too. Yet at times she's a bit over the top especially when she acts possessed near the end of her performance.
Jamie Nocher (Mick) has the athletic boy next door looks and appeal and can seem to do fairly okay within his performance as he shows average energy into what he does as well as showing good anxious reactions when things aren't right as well as being passable when getting scared and aggressive when pointing a gun at someone. He did a fine job sobbing when something tragic happens which was his best effort. 
Ashton Leigh(Faith) seemed to bring on a mysterious presence by what she does having a still and calm attitude. She also does a nice job when she briefly sobs when telling a deep secret. Reacts well to being scared in a certain situation too. 
Anthony Del Negro(Joey) was the worst in the cast as he couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. He was very annoying by what he did as a dimwitted teen plus can't react to when he is getting sick or the terror striking him. He was making a fool out of himself. 
Tom Sizemore (Roy) is probably the best out of the cast but didn't seem to get into his performance a great deal portraying someone strange and eccentric. He did an okay job by acting as if he is someone untrustworthy and has a secret of his own. He could've beefed up his role a bit better I have to admit.

Anthony Del Negro briefly exposes his butt while about to sit on a toilet seat.

A face is scarred and peeling off 
A knife is bloodily stabbed into someone near a tree

The music didn't tickle my fancy with the piano playing and some of the suspenseful sounds as I've heard it in many other films but at times it does improve with the screeching and hissing noises plus some of the drumbeats and moments like that. Yet again none of that was anything to brag about either.