The Fear (1995)


Directed by: Vincent Robert

Written by: Ron Ford

Story by: Ron Ford & Greg H. Sims


Eddie Bowz .... Richard
Heather Medway .... Ashley
Ann Turkel .... Leslie
Vince Edwards .... Uncle Pete
Darin Heames .... Troy
Anna Karin .... Tanya
Antonio Lewis Todd .... Gerald
Leland Hayward III .... Vance
Monique Mannen .... Mindy
Erick Weiss .... Morty

Special Appearance:

Wes Craven .... Dr. Arnold

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: January 20, 1995







A man named Richard (Eddie Bowz) who is scared about his past childhood life goes up to a remote cabin with a weekend group who are having the same issues for "fear therapy".
Richard's girlfriend named Ashley (Heather Medway) finds a wooden statue in a drawer as Richard explains to people the statue's name is Morty (Erick Weiss) which the indians created and to confess their fears to the statue.
However, the statue seems to stalk them in their rooms and other areas.
When the weekend guests are trying to conquer their fears they all seem to behave possessively and act nasty towards one another and then Morty starts to kill some of these guests. 
Richard must meet up to his fears before he becomes Morty's next victim along with his other friends too that are trying to survive.


We have a nice beginning with the camera circling up with the trees and the blue sky. There's also a good moment with a child named Richard  running away in a forest as well as him encountering a grave being dug up with people in masks which we spot great shots of as well and a good creepy feeling to it too.
We have a fairly descent conversation between a shrink and the now older Richard discussing his issues in a psychiatrist office.
Good shots on a car driving by a road on a mountain.  
The setting with Richard gathering everyone in the room to talk about their past and fears is fairly descent with the wooden figure Morty sitting on a chair and the patients talking to him.  
There is a good moment with Tanya being too scared to go into a hot tub with Uncle Pete trying to talk to her on coming in as well as a shot on her when she slowly walks into the hot tub showing her giggling and then a nice shot up on Morty bobbing up from the water and her freaking out.
There's a good smooth discussion between Mindy and Gerald as she spoke flirtatiously and lustfully towards him showing nice expressions and he speaks softly back which looked relaxing and effective.
A good rough moment between Gerald and Leslie in their room together as it looked a little dysfunctional.
Nice camera shot on Mindy lying in a bathtub acting relaxed with her eyes shut as it looks believeably soothing and then it shows Gerald's hand rubbing her.
We also have a well done disturbing moment when Leslie tries to make out to have some fun when going to a theme park and Gerald shrugs her off showing an aggressive attitude and making her upset.
We have some creepy shots on Mindy riding in a miniature train looking scared as there's a nice dark shot of her halfway in a tunnel and something strange is happening.
There's great intensity on Troy  when he tries to get away from Leslie when she acts obessive towards him.
There's a perfect and creepy setting with Tanya calling out in the forest and voices start calling to her. 
We also have a nice flashback sequence with Richard as a child and Uncle Pete getting nasty towards him as well as Morty approaching as well. 
A nice psychotic moment with Troy attacking Ashley in the forest at night and having a battle.
There's a terrific creepy moment with Richard being pulled by zombie hands from the ground and a ghoul rising up while he's struggling.
A perfectly nice moment at the end that involved Morty and a child playing with his soccer ball.
Bottom line is that this film is incredibly imaginative and fairly original with what is happening to people's fears and the statue Morty causing these fears to come to real life. Alot of fun to watch as well as very intense with what is going on which does the trick very well and can become inspirational even for a low budgeter like this one.

The acting is at an even pace but not at all terrible. Lead actor Eddie Bowz  (Richard) needed a wee bit of a push during the beginning of this film as the one disturbed by his past and Morty but he does pull it off well afterwards with tense actions to his part and good energy. Does well by getting cold and serious when he discusses his past fear showing cold expressions as well. Does well confrotning someone by showing that he is not afraid anymore.
I always enjoyed Ann Turkel (Leslie) as a regular guest in the 80's blockbuster TV series  Knight Rider playing a villain but this time she plays a totally different character and still seemed quite good at it and loving too.
Vince Edwards (Uncle Pete) brings plenty of charm to his part in the film seeming like a likeable guy until the horror starts. He does well by suddenly acting evil towards someone up in an attic.
Antonio Lewis Todd (Gerald) came across well as a nasty and irritable prick in the film which you hope something will come to him.
Monique Mannen (Mindy) really brings the attention to the screen with her flirtatious attitude and soft words. She really reacted believeably angry when she opened her eyes and smacked someone in a hot tub which showed some nice blocking. She really knew how to trip out on a scene and get demanding when she gets scared. 
Erick Weiss (Morty) does his blocking well as a statue turning his head and body when trying to go somewhere.

There's a brief breast shot on a woman fornicating in bed during a flashback scene.

A man is stabbed by a wooden crucifix.

We have some great prickly sounds along with nice synthesizer classical violin sounds and electric piano sounds too all composed by Robert O. Ragland.