The Fear: Resurrection (1999)

 Directed by: Chris Angel

Written by: Kevin Richards


Gordon Currie .... Mike Hawthorne
Stacy Grant .... Peg
Phillip Rhys .... Mitch Maldive
Myc Agnew .... Chris
Emmanuelle Vaugier .... Jennifer
Kelly Benson .... Lisa Ann
Brendan Beiser .... Ned
Rachel Hayward .... Trish
Larry Pennell .... Grandfather
Betsy Palmer .... Mams
John Paul Fedele .... Morty
Garvin Cross .... Stephen
Byron Chief-Moon .... Crow

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 30, 1999

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A young man named Mike Hawthorne (Gordon Currie) is troubled by his childhood past as he experienced his Mom being murdered by his father named Stephen (Garvin Cross) and then committed suicide so he still has his fears.
Well Mike along with his girlfriend Peg (Stacy Grant) travels to his grandparents farm for a Halloween party which he invites his friends wherein they will all dress up as their innermost fears along with a native indian named Crow (Byron Chief-Moon) where they would perform an ancient Indian celebration using the carved wooden dummy Morty that would eliminate their fears forever.
Suddenly, Crow is killed by a horse in which he feared the most of which was brought on by Morty as something went wrong and then Morty disguises himself as Stephen and then starts killing off Mike's friends one by one making their worst fears come true.
Mike must overcome his fears to put a stop to Morty with the help of Peg but however Morty feeds on his fear which makes Mike hesitant.

There's a nice prologue that involves both a mother and child driving in a car on a dark stormy night with good camera shots on them cruising along. There is a nice shot on supporting actor Stephen acting menacing with an axe in the woods and whacking a woman with great shocked expressions by the mother while she's watching this.
There is a nice warming welcome by Mams towards Mike Hawthorne as grandmother and grandchild which looks fairly descent.
We spot a good discussion with Peg approaching Mike near a tombstone trying to talk to him and him acting jittery discussing his past on what happened to his mother.
A good shot on Mike slowly placing a wooden mask on his face and then taking it off.
We have a good conversation between Crow and Mike discussing about their fears and Morty as the setting is still and serious.
A good shot on Crow being knocked down with the camera zooming in on him and a shot up on a horse. A good blocking scene with the horses hoof kicking his head but the effects looked poor.
There's perfect camera shots on Ned and Trish walking along outside near a lake having a conversation.
There's nice friendly reactions on the people wearing their costumes based on their fears at the ceremony.
There's a great scene between Morty and Mike in the barn attic and swearing Morty out as well as acting nervous when he spots a hallucination on Stephen approaching him.
A good shot on the Grandfather in the barn attic with rats covering over him which looks spooky.
Bottom line is that this is another fun flick as it delivers nice chemistry to take place close to Halloween but it's not as dark and creepy. It does show some familiar cast members from known cult horror flicks with some great settings in the woods like in the first film as this time it was filmed in my local area of Vancouver, BC. Some of the lines with Morty seemed a little corny though as at times it doesn't seem to fit and the plot loses Morty's intimidation.

The acting is quite good as Gordon Currie (Mike Hawthorne) offers a nice deliverance with his character as a disturbed one about his past as he offers plenty of energy and aggression to his part in the film. A nice aggressive reaction by him whacking a tombstone with a stick. A great violent reaction on him and the wooden dummy Morty off his chair to the ground. He knew on how to spin around and act dizzy by passing out after a certain incident. Does well by holding a chair towards his fellow actress when approaching him wondering if she's Morty or not.
Stacy Grant
(Peg) was wonderful as his nice and caring girlfriend in the film as she delivers good lines and a perfect character to her part to top it all off.
Most of the other main actors didn't stand out too well but the supporting actors seemed to have been more remembered. Let's see here....
Oh yes, there's Betsy Palmer (Mams) as we get to see her play a sane character this time in which we all remember her as Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th. She was marvellous and will always remain a terrific character actress. A good speech by her when she explains to her onscreen grandson that things will be fine after a dead body is discovered which leaves you a creepy impression.
Larry Pennell (Grandfather) was another good one playing a bitter old man in the film bringing his part across wonderfully. Showed perfect timing acting nasty towards someone else and giving him idle threats not to tell any tales about Morty to his grandson.
John Paul Fedele (Morty) has nice evil expression and really brought his lines across coldly and menacingly. Good reactions on him when he attacks his victims using jokes in a near Freddy Krueger type fashion.
Garvin Cross
(Stephen) is terrific as a maniac in the film and has just the perfect looks for the part too.
Byron Chief-Moon
(Crow) brought a perfect seriousness to his role as the native in the film with his idea for the ceremony as his part instantly came to life for the film.

A rattlesnake's head is chopped off
A woman's body parts and intestines are stuffed in a box but it looks slightly fake

We have a perfect chillling synthesizer playing from the opening and ending credits almost sounding Puppet Master like. Some odd guitar strumming and indian whistling type sounds with the odd piano playing too.