Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)

Directed by: John Gulager

Written by: Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton


Diane Goldner .... Biker Queen
Jenny Wade .... Honey Pie
Amy McGee .... Maria
Carl Anthony Payne II .... Slasher
Hannah Putnam .... Secrets
Clu Gulager .... Bartender
Martin Klebba .... Thunder
Juan Longoria Garca .... Lightning
Cassie Shea Watson .... Splat Girl
Katie Supple Callais .... Tot Girl
Chelsea Richards .... Tat Girl
Melissa Reed .... Tit Girl

Release Date: Fantastic Fest, Austin: September 19, 2008; Screamfest Film Festival: October 11, 2008

*Images courtesy at: www.beyondhollywood.com







Our Bartender (Clu Gulagher) was left for dead in the desert after his bar was blown up but a Biker Queen (Diane Goldner) beats him up and then takes him to a nearby small town with her gang as they shoot and kill some residents there as well as realising the town is deserted with human body parts splattered all over.
These beasts somehow seemed to have made it to this town and everyone seems to have to team up to find some way of surviving and killing these things while most of them are on a rooftop of the building and planning a way to get down and to escape but everything they try seems just about impossible.


A nice beginning with people like a tough biker mama shooting anything in her path as well as beating up on the Bartender and then kidnapping him on her bike with him whining etc.
We also have good shots on the deserted town and the Biker Queen with the others breaking in and killing anyone in their path.
There's also a funny presence by Slasher with a description on who he is and it's funny when he announces him slashing prices on his commercials which is a real funny moment.
There's also a good shot on another biker chick raising two hammers and about to whack someone in the head.
A good moment with Honey Pie in a bathroom screaming to the bikers that she's not a part of anyone they killed doing well crying in hysterics and thenthe Bartender really losing it after he spots her and beating her up acting insanely aggressive towards her about leaving him for dead in the last film. There were many good takes on this one and the black comedy was done right for it.
We have many good gross out shots on everyone dissecting one of the beasts and the results when they do so which makes you cringe as well as many good reactions on the everyone getting sick and puking too.
There's lots of fast actioned moments with the beasts attacking and eating people alive.
We have tons of pointless and aggressive discussions with everyone up on a roof of a building trying to find some way of surviving. It was dully put together in many ways.
There's a good shot on the two midgets Martin Thunder and Lightning fighting in a kind of like wrestling match jumping on one another and other brutal blocking on top of the building.
We also may get a kick out of Honey Pie bashing a beast against a glass door which looked nice and brutal too with her screaming as well.
Bottom line is that the film looked like it would be interesting to start with but ends off being sick, depressing and twisted offering tons of stupid black comedy too. I mean they have a granny in it with her body mainly slaughtered and shes still alive in pain and that isn't real at all mind you totally gross to top it all off. If you want to see someone throw a baby in the air and it splattering on the ground with the beast eating it it's got that too which makes me wonder if the writers stole that idea from Andy Warhol's dark comedy Bad. I also found this a bit of a ripoff to Dawn of the Dead too in a very spoofy way. The film was controversial by all means and not in a good way. The MPAA gave this an R rating which could've gone to the extreme as an X.

The acting is still good unlike the film itself as we have a great performance by lead actress Diane Goldner (Biker Queen) playing that role inside out. She really knew how to act butch, tough and brutal. She was the icon of this film I must say and hopefully will be credited in better films since she deserves it.
Clu Gulagher
(Bartender) reprises his role in it and acted more versatile showing a cowardly side to his part too which made me wonder if it was him or not since he pulls it off marvellously and still knew how to portray his obnoxious attitude too.
Jenny Wade
(Honey Pie) is back as well and still had the knack playing a typical dumb blonde and plenty of energy and emotions she did moreso as well. Way to go.
Carl Anthony Payne II
(Slasher) really drew attention to the story with his role as a salesman showing total character to his part and great timing with his comedy too.

A buttshot of a midget is revealed
The cast of the biker women are stripped down wearing nothing but armour gear on top of a building roof

Guts of a dog are torn out
Tons of controversial horror violence like bodies cut in half
Decapitated heads and body parts plattered all over the streets
People's guts are chewn out
Insides of a beast is revealed
Tons of bloody gunshots

We have good high pitched violin playing as well as army drum beats and adventureous music too composed by once again Stephen Edwards with his variety of tastes in the score for various scenes too.