Feast III: The Happy Finish (2009)

Directed by: John Gulager

Written by: Emmett Alston & Bruce Akiyama

Story by: John Carl Buechler


Clu Gulager .... Bartender
Martin Klebba .... Thunder
Diane Goldner .... Biker Queen
Josh Blue .... Prophet
Carl Anthony Payne .... Slasher
Tom Gulager .... Greg Swank
Hanna Putnam .... Secrets
Juan Longoria Garcia .... Lightning
Craig Henningsen .... Jean Claude Segal
Melissa Reed .... Tit Girl
Chelsea Richards .... Tat Girl

Special Appearance:

Jenny Wade .... Honey Pie

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 17, 2009




Taking place right after the secind installment of this series, the survivors including the Bartender (Clu Gulager) are still fighting for their lives in the small towan that became extinct due to the killing of these beasts but survivors are saved by the mysterious prophet, Shot Bus Gus (Josh Blue), who seemingly has the ability to control the beasts.
He leads them into the sewers as they travel to the big city. Along the way they get help from karate expert Jean-Claude Seagal (Craig Henningsen) and learn that the beasts originate from a place called "The Hive."
From there they discover that some of the people who barely survived from these beasts starts to behave weirdly as well as turning into zombie's in which they have to be destroyed as well.


The last sequel was god awful and this one is terrible too but it seemes to be a bit better. Still it has the same kind of sick comedy horror plots such as stupid one liners and gross out moments. Hey wanna see a creature shit out a decapitated head after it ate that or kill someone with heir long sharp dick? It's got that too!
There's not much else to talk about here since everything happened so fast and sudden that it's hard to keep up. Once again, the film plenty of fast paced shots with the monsters attacking and doing gross things. There's some good camera circling motions around the main characters by having a heated discussion inside an abandoned county jail.
There's great fast action brutal shots on the Tit and Tat Girls beating the crap out of a hobo with good painful reactions on him and making you wonder if they will kill him.
There's a nice scene between a character named Shitkicker by showing Secrets on how to use a gun with good camera shots on the two of them. Then a nice jumping moment with her accidentally shooting him when she takes the gun which seems quite shocking and her getting anxious telling everyone it was an accident.
There's a nice shot with a bus not acting up and some creatures starting to run towards it as well as everyone trying to block up the windows and other objects to prevent from being attacked which looked suspenseful.
There's some good dark shots on the Bartender and the others climbing underneath a passageway as well as leading to a sewage system battling the creatures with good close up shots on the Tit and Tat Girls trying to struggle and survive the battle with good shots of blood smeared on them. There's then a good presence byJean Claude Segal jumping down and showing lots of shots doing karate kicks and other types of martial arts.
Most of the story revolves around the undergrounds of the abandoned city from the recent sequel which seemed quite boring with them battling monsters everywhere these survivors go slowly being slaughtered away. Plus it still shows the same description for a new character when they appear like in the first two in a 007 type of fashion.
There's also a really corny moment with a ninja warrior having both his arms torn off and still trying to find a way of escaping and even does battling with his legs when he needed too. I was like "Yeah right!"
There's a good close up shot on Slasher holding up a door and then a good wide eyed shocking moment on him when he is about to be slaughtered from behind the door.

There's lots of good creepy takes on the creatures trying to attack the people inside some dark sewage pipes which almost had an Aliens type feel to it.
But yet there is a very interesting moment as after some of these people who try to survive they act way too friendly and almost zombielike as well as encountering other types of zombie's swarming around them which seems to have a different twist to the story.
There's a good moment with the Bartender slapping Jean back and fourth with his hands when he gets anxious.
There's some good strobe light shots on the Biker Queen viciously telling others to stay away who seem to come across as zombie's with her firing her gun at them in which this scene looked neatly done.
It almost seemed to spoof off of the George A. Romero zombie flicks which interested me as well as showing some picture type action fighting with a strobe light too as I found this to be totally new comapred to the first two. Yet it doesn't save the film from bombing as it goes down agaon and we have a stupid ending too which makes you wonder if this is the final chapter or not. Let's hope they don't make another one. However in this ending a good moment towards the end with the Bartender almost getting down and dirty which offers some good humor but I won't spoil this.
Bottom line on this film is it's a stinker but not as shocking (Or as stupid) as the previous sequel but there's some interesting characters. However the best one's get killed off quite quickly. Making these films are a waste of money and time which was put alot into them.

The acting is well still average as Clu Gulager (Bartender) still shows it off very well as one of those grouchy and aggressive one's like he did in the first two flicks. He basically showed alot of good humor to his part in the film and stole the story with what he had to do and should please his fans proving he can still have good timing with his comedic performance.
Martin Klebba
(Thunder) was still annoying as ever like in the previous film but yet he was quite a little piece of dynamite with the struggling battles against these creatures and tried to put alot of energy into his role in the film.
Diane Goldner
(Biker Queen) sure had a great rough behavior to her role like she did in the previous sequel and brought alot of toughness to her part and was convincing as a mean mama biker. She kinda reminded me of a Wendy O. Williams type of figure.
Supporting actress Hanna Putnam (Secrets) was in the first sequel but seemed to stand out a bit more in this one as one of those ditsy pretty girls in which she does well and seems to be very pumped up throughout her whole performance in this one.
Craig Henningsen
(Jean Claude Segal) was another one who stood out not too badly as he shows great intense aggressions to his part as well as really showing some nice martial arts work while bashing these beasts heads in.
Josh Blue
(Prophet) seemed to show many goofy characterisitcs but looked like a terrible waste due to what he had to do in the story. He does prove himself to come across as someone well remembered to anyone who watched this movie and can get better work in a sort of Saturday Night Live type of fashion with what he portrayed since he is a stand up comic.

Melissa Reed appears topless during the beginning of the film after she finishes off some battling some creatures in a town as well as later on being topless in a sewage area fighting for her life.

Some heads are chomped off
Bodies being torn
A pipe is stabbed through a guy's head
An arm is bitten off and another later on blown off
Some body pieces are revealed
A guy is stabbed through a sharp penis of one of the creatures
Lots of bloodsheds

There's lots of strong classical music like in the first two with the powerful violin playing as well as alot of heavy booming sounds. There's some good jungle type drumbeats during the underground scene's with the characters climing up a ladder and finding any way to escape the madness of these monsters or zombie like people which was all brought together by Stephen Edwards.