Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)

Directed by: Paul Morrisey & Antonio Margheriti

Written by: Paul Morrisey, Tonino Guerra & Pat Hackett


.... Nicholas, the stableboy
.... Baroness Katrin Frankenstein
.... Baron Frankenstein
.... Otto, the Baron's assistant
.... Female Monster
.... Sacha / Male Monster
.... Monica, the Baron's daughter
.... Erik, the Baron's son
.... Olga, the maid

Release Dates: Theatrical: November 30, 1973 (West Germany); Theatrical: March 17, 1974 (USA); Splatter Movie Festival: August 13, 1985 (Japan); Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema: April 6, 1999; Night Visions Film Festival: October 30, 2013






Baron Frankenstein (Udo Kier) creates two zombies in order to mate to start a master race but he murdered the worng person as he wanted to be a pope and has his beliefs while a stableboy Nicholas (Joe Dallesandro) has a steamy affair with his wife Katrin () as well as trying to put a stop to the madness that's about to occur yet could fall into a deadly trap if he doesn't succeed.


Perfectly creepy opening credits as we spot a deadly looking tarantula crawling on a wall as well as later on seeing two children Monica and Erik whom are the Baron's kids looking at some cages with some critters inside them as well as them doing a project on slaughtering some doll with good close up shots on this in which this doesn't look too pretty at all to watch.
Impressive scenery when Baroness Katrin Frankenstein is in her horse carriage with her children and spots the stableboy Nicholas almost caught fooling around with one of the whores and her prickly reaction to them which is an attention grabber.
Real sharp scenes with Baron Frankenstein in his laboratory calling out orders with his assistant Olga which looked really well done as well as an artsy shot on a naked corpse rising out of the water with their crane and planning on doing an experiment as it was well shot but a little too long to watch. Yet the other corpses revealed looked cringing by how they all looked with their pale skin etc so people who like dead bodies in horror flicks may find this amusing to watch.
Nice angle shot on a long dinner table with the Frankenstein's eating and the maid Olga serving them plus some powerful discussions between the Baron and Baroness and their disagreements as the moments here looked quite dramatic.
Also a nice discussion between Nicholas with his best friend Sacha on wanting to be a pope and Nicholas disapproving on all of this as this was well focused too.
Nice setting when Katrin sets out a picnic with her children and some apples roll along a hill and they go to pick it up with Nicholas being caught making out with another whore and Katrin herself gets demanding between the two of them. Of course this works in well for an Andy Warhol flick.
Of course in the storyline Nicholas takes Sacha to a whorehouse to try and get him in the mood for fun and to forget about being a pope which was fun to watch and artsy shots on Nicholas getting it on with one of the broad's there and a lizard crawls on him with the whores freaking out and running out of the place naked which has a mild humoress touch to it as well as both Baron and Otto spotting Sacha outside and thinking he's the perfect creation as this was nicely put into the storyline and kept me in suspense as to what they will do next.
Perfect creepy moments when the Baron and Otto go out with a pair of large clippers ready to do an evil deed towards Sacha which looked horrifying and can be a pleaser to horror violence even if the effects looked pretty fake to watch during the graphic moments.
Nice powerful moments when the Baron and Otto are doing their final experiment with the male monster and then preparing the female monster with close up shots on the stitches with the female but these moments take way too long and it starts to become a real drag to watch this situation unravelling. But what's really lame is the Baron gets sexually aroused and humps this female corpse to give it life as I rolled my eyes. But again this is a Warhol flick. Yet good shots on these two creations coming to life and moving their hands and arms which looked catchy for a horror flick.
Things seem corny when the creations are at the dinner table ready to eat as well as a nice shot on Nicholas eyeing his dead friend resurrected but this scene dragged a bit as well as the rest of the story when I thought things were going to get exciting.
Impressive situation though when Katrin is in her bedroom and disses Nicholas for his sleazy behavior and then gives in to him and they lust together as this moment looked cleverly bizarre and skanky too especially when she tells him her husband doesn't love her.
There's more pointless lustful affiars with them as well as other boring situations surrounding the storyline of the other characters but there's an oddly interesting moment when the Baron tries to get his male creation to sexually interact with the female one when she tries to kiss him but he does nothing as it worked in cleverly on his beliefs as a pope when he was human. But this scene took a little too long and needed to be cut a bit shorter.
Nice aggressive interaction with Katrin getting negative towards Nicholas when he tells her he has to do something about the madness as you get the impression by how she speaks to him he will strike at her. This looked good and sharp.
Nice struggling moments when Nicholas is pitted against the Baron and his creations as well as to what they do to him as the situations had some fair action in them.
There's a scene when Katrin tries to get it on with Sacha and this left a sinking feeling that he will do her in while their sex scene starts to happen which was well focused.
The story when it is about to come to an end isn't a happy one at all which looks sad between Nicholas trying to confront his friend which looked impressive but things turn bad afterwards as well as at the very end with what the two children plan to do towards Nicholas and he is helpless tied up.
Bottom line is that the story seemed exciting only to become bland and disappointing when it gets rolling along. Alot of the scene's took way too long as I enjoyed Warhol's flick Blood for Dracula alot better plus he tried to combine elements of Heat with the affair scene's but it looked rather pointless. It really doesn't look like much of a Franstein type of flick at all. Just resurrected dead bodies as we all knew there's more to it if we followed Mary Shelley's story.

The acting is not too badly done for the most part but Warhol beefcake superstar Joe Dallesandro (Nicholas, the stableboy) was wooden as he normally was back in the days just speaking his lines. Yet he always represented himself well onto the camera regardless and had the perfect macho looks for his role as well as doing well with his blocking and lustful behavior.
(Baroness Katrin Frankenstein
) showed a good bitter and prickly behavior in her role in which she shows a perfect coldness in her speaking. Does well being blunt and getting sharp towards others. Was strong with her italian accent and shows off some good energy within her characteristics as well as showing off nice cold expressions.
(Baron Frankenstein) was the best out of the cast with his madman attitude as well as speaking very loudly and powerfully. Does well acting aroused when doing his experiments. Shows nice crazed expressions too. Showed off terrific aggressions too with the madness surrounding him. Also does well choking out his last words too. Was great by getting into the action of things.
(Otto, the Baron's assistant) had the most effective part in the film in which he knew on how to act eccentric as well as crazy in which he shows off as someone whom is a bit demented as well as showing some great wide eyed expressions by what he was doing. Comes accross as perfectly persistent and completely mad by what he was talking about or doing. A well established character actor.
(Sacha / Male Monster) had the right clean cut innocent guy next door looks and appeal but his characteristics were quite stiff. My guess is cause he had a hard time speaking english. Reacts well to stuff as well as behaving uncomfortable to stuff. Seemed to also know how to act like the creation with an expressionless attitude as well as acting powerful with hsi blocking too.

Many nude scenes:
A female nude corpse is taken out of a water tank
A whore's breast is briefly revealed near a hillside while nearly getting it on with a guy
A whore in a whorehouse exposes her big breasts using water on one of them
Lots of nude bodies in a whorehouse with a male exposing his butt fornicating
A woman exposing her breasts in bed is exposed in many scene's with a guy's butt and at one point full frontal nudity too
Female creation is barebreasted as well as later a close up shot on her vagina
Male creation has his front briefly revealed

Decapitated corpse is revealed although it looked like a dummy
Decapitation is graphically exposed with giant clippers cutting the person's head off but the head looked like a dummy. Lot's of blood splurting out of the decapitated area
A stitch of a body is clipped open and insides being torn out
Insides of a servant is torn out
A gut from the female creation is revealed
Arm is chopped off from a metal door
The Baron is impaled with a sharp object and is gut stuck on the object
The male creation tears open his stitches and his insides spill out

The music is superbly composed by Claudio Gizzi in which is has the perfect orchestral music sounding different in many scene's. Showed a perfectly effective opening theme with dark violin sounds as they are dark and sad like which suits what is going on. Plus some nice string harp sounds and other types of peaceful music for the lusting scene's as it blends in terrifically. More violin and other types for when the creations are slwoly coming together piece by piece with clarinet and flue sounds. Terrific screechy horror sounds when a slaughtering is about to happen which is genuinely chilling. A sounds that stuck out in my mind is some creepy ehoecy flute sounds when the creations come to life as well as later on the same thing happens when the female creation tries to kiss the male creation. Just perfect. Also some sad piano sounds and other classical scores near the ending of the film as it stands out well for what is going to happen.

Baron Frankenstein (To female monster) : Kiss him!!!!

Baron Frankenstein: Make him unconscious, but don't kill him, or damage his head in any way. I need his brain for my zombie! I am sure it has the right instincts we want!