The Fly (1986)

Directed by: David Cronenberg

Written by: Charles Edward Pogue & David Cronenberg


Jeff Goldblum .... Seth Brundle
Geena Davis .... Veronica Qualife
John Getz .... Stathis Borans

Release Date: Theatrical: July 16, 1958

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An eccentric scientist named Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) meets a beautiful woman named Veronica Qualife (Geena Davis) who has just been recently single and he tries to woo her to come to his place and show her his latest creation. She eventually agrees as he introduces her a teleportation device and hopes to teleport living things from one to another but he tries one of his monkeys which fries to death in the next teleportation device.
The two of them fall in love with one another and he even tries using raw meat on the teleportation device but yet it tastes different.
He eventually makes the teleportation capable of transporting a living thing to the other without getting harmed and one day he tries it on himself but something goes wrong as his genes have been fused by a house fly that landed on the device and he slowly transforms into a terrifying mutant creature known as "Brundlefly" as he finds himself in a fierce battle as his mutated genes begins to take over. He starts to act obnoxious and deadly too.
Veronica discovers that she's pregnant with his child and goes to the aid of her ex-boyfriend named Stathis Borans (John Getz) since he's been stalking her but this time asks for help on this matter since she wants an abortion but Seth is protecting her so this child can be born and tries to teleport her with his device. Stathis must try to rescue her even if it causes his own life against Seth.


A nice begiing with Seth Brundle trying to act charming towards Veronica Qualife at a party which shows alot of spunk. There's also a nice moment when he invites her to his place and shows her his teleportation with her acting sarcastic which looked natural for the two of them.
There's a good moment with
Seth lying on his bed with Veronica acting flirtatious towards him moving up to him as well as good close up shots on them making out.
There's a good close up shot on Seth cutting up a steak as well as testing it with his teleportation device as all of this looked very artsy.
There's a good moment with
Stathis Borans getting creepy with Geena at a clothing store and acting obnoxious and demanding which looked very intense while she tries to avoid him.
There's a good moment with Seth drinking alcohol and acting drunk towards a monkey which looked quite comedic as well as a fly zooming around the monkey.
There's a nice shot on him going into the teleportation with good close up shots on the fly landing in one of the windows of the device which looked creepy since the makers made sure that the shots were good and impressive leaving it a drawing card to the story of what will happen.
There's nice shots on him doing all sorts of aerobics making his body look light enough to do anything along with Veronica watching him.
There's also a good moment with Seth at his place trying to drag Veronica to the teleportation and trying to get her to try it with her refusing and then a nice direction of him changing his ways and acting obnoxious and extremely aggressive towards her. Looks impressive when she is trying to tell him about the teleportation machine and something went wrong with it and him just acting crazy towards her and throwing her out of his place which looked quite disturbing.
There's a nice scene with Seth walking down an alleyway and jumping up and hitting street lanterns.
There's a good shot on him sitting at a counter in a bar and staring at a woman and trying to flirt with her.
There's also a nice moment with Seth and a redneck arm wrestler at a bar on the two of them arm wrestling as well as good close up shots on the two of them with this redneck looking intense with his exressions as well as on their hands together showing some goo coming out and then his arm snapping and him screaming in intense pain making this scene really hard to watch.
There's a good aggressive moment with Seth trying to make out with this woman at the bar and then him dragging her to the teleportation device with her getting scared and then a nice approach by Veronica telling her to be very afraid in a calm and firm voice which was greatly done with all the surrounding of this.
There's a nice close up shot on Seth checking his computer and finding out what happened with a great wide eyed expression on his face.
There's a great intense scene with Veronica entering with Seth on canes looking sick with a good close up shot on his face rotting and falling apart along with him spitting out goo and her looking upset. The direction was wonderfully twisted with what was happening when she cries trying to tell him she's pregnant and her just choking down the words.
There's a good scene with Seth walking on the walls like a fly when there's another discussion with him and Veronica.
There's good shots on her in a hospital room going into labour with her screaming in pain and then her screaming in terror with a good shot on a giant maggot which looked more comedic than scary. Of course this was a dream sequence which looked not too badly done.
A good moment with her in a hospital room which seemed silent and then Seth crashing in which makes you jump a bit. There's a good shot on him carrying her away with her screaming which looked greatly done.
Good shot looking up on Stathis holding his shotgun and looking at the computer of the teleportation and then Seth attacking him by spitting his goo on his arm and leg with great gruesome close up shots on this.
There's a nice shot on a monstrous looking fly crawling towards Veronica with her poitning the shotgun at it weakly sobbing as it was a sad and touching moment.
Bottom line is that this remake beared no relationship to the original in any way whatsoever only the fact of a teleportation device and a fly that landed on it causing problems to the person but the results are very different too (C'mon, the results were strange and corny in the first one). The story was a bit more original and in better taste and it jumps right in from the beginning with the lead actor trying to woo the lead actress to check out his latest creation from a party. Yet the plot didn't do a whole lot. Still some parts are entertaining to see the change of this person's behavior day after day when he slowly changes and turns evil. There's alot of disturbing moments like an arm wrestling match in a bar and the results afterwards as well as when he starts to get sick and his flesh rotting too. There's also some odd twisted romantic scene's between the man now a beast with the woman who's pregnant on him taking her away which seems to borrow a bit on Phantom of the Opera except for the pregnancy thing. It looked creepy for it's time for sure but now it looked slightly cheesy. However, it stood out enough to look like a bud budgeted film from the 80's and mainstream too. With all the remakes happening now I wouldn't be surprised to see another one like this for the second time but please if they do one make the story different too.
Although the original spawned a bunch of sequels this one only had a part 2 and nothing more. Sometimes too many sequels are a bore.

The acting is greatly done in which Jeff Goldblum (Seth Brundle) lived to play an eccentric genius on creating the teleportation device as well as showing a nice outgoing charm and behaving full of life too. He packed some great energy showing off his althetic moments too. Plus he showed a great nasty streak to him after slowly turning into a giant fly which was quite disturbing a swell as him acting sick and weak too. He brought this all together and so far I found this to be his best performance ever showing a nice versatality to his part in it all. He could easily portray the Phantom in a Phantom of the Opera flick.
Geena Davis
(Veronica Qualife) had a nice touch to her role in the film with her soft speaking and calm attitude along with showing the odd good aggression too when she needed to be that way. She also knew how to cry on set very well which seemed very realistic as you kinda feel sorry for her. She showed alot of great characteristics too and was a perfect choice for the flick.
John Getz
(Stathis Borans) was another attention getter with his aggressive and intense attitude and can come across as very intimidating with his demanding attitude as an ex-boyfriend in the flick. He just was a total ball of energy and reminds you of one of those people that you want to aovid if he's in a lousy mood.

There's a brief butt shot by Jeff Goldblum when he goes into the teleportation device.

A monkey is fried up in the other teleporter
A man in a bar's wristed is cracked open during an arm wrestling match
Seth is slowly decaying with his flesh falling off
Stathis has his arm and leg melting from goo

There's real powerful classical violin and trombone playing throughout the film which sounded incredibly superb especially during the opening credits in the film. There's some piano playing too which sounds very nice and with some heavy drum beats and cymbals clanging during the suspenseful spots. There's great screeching sounds and echoey effects for when this creature spits goo on his victim. All of this was composed by beautifully by Howard Shore.

Ronnie: [Ronnie is driving to Seth's lab quickly in her car. Seth is on the passenger side, breathing heavily and appears to be ill] Are you sick?
Seth Brundle: [sighs] Huh? Oh... sure.
Ronnie: You're not a very accomplished drunk.
Seth Brundle: No, no I'm always like this it's um... motion sickness. When I was a kid, I uh... puked on my tricycle.
[Ronnie goes over a speed bump. The car bounces]
Seth Brundle: [smiles weakly] I hate vehicles.

Seth Brundle: [Seth and Ronnie try an experiment late at night. Seth takes a steak and cuts it in half. He cooks one half, and the other half is teleported then cooked. He hands one plate to Ronnie and cuts her a piece] Okay. Eat this, and I need an objective opinion.
Seth Brundle: [Ronnie chews it and looks at Seth confused as to what he is doing] Yeah?
Ronnie: Well, it could use some finesse, but um... it tastes like a steak.
Seth Brundle: Mmm-hmm.
[Cuts some steak]
Seth Brundle: Now, I want you to try this... teleported half.
Ronnie: Oh, are you serious? A monkey just came apart in there.
Seth Brundle: Baboon... Eat.
Ronnie: [Ronnie eats it] Oh... Oh, oh, tastes funny.
[Spits it in a napkin]
Seth Brundle: Funny? How?
Ronnie: It tastes um... synthetic.
Seth Brundle: [Seth smiles and takes the napkin] Mmm-hmm.
Ronnie: [smiles with intrigue] So, what have we proved?
Seth Brundle: The computer is giving us its interpretation... of a steak. It's, uh translating it for us; it's rethinking it, rather than *reproducing* it, and something is getting lost in the translation.
Ronnie: Me... I'm lost.
Seth Brundle: The flesh. It should make the computer, uh crazy. Like those old ladies pinching babies. But it doesn't; not yet because I haven't taught the computer to be made crazy by the...
[smiles at Ronnie]
Seth Brundle: flesh. The poetry of the steak. So, I'm gonna start teaching it now.

Ronnie: Don't you get it? I am finally onto something that's big. Huge.
Stathis Borans: What? His cock?

Veronica Quaife: [to Seth after he fills his coffee with sugar] Do you normally take coffee with your sugar?

Veronica Quaife: You're changing Seth. Everything about you is changing. You look bad. You smell bad.
Seth Brundle: I've never been much of a bather.
Veronica Quaife: Those... weird hairs that were growing out of your back. I took them to a lab. I had them analyzed.
Seth Brundle: The hairs? The hairs? Oh... Yeah, that's a strange thing to do.
Veronica Quaife: Not as strange as the results. The guy at the lab had trouble identifying them. He finally came to the conclusion, that they were definitely not human.
Seth Brundle: Oh... Very good.
Veronica Quaife: Not human, Seth. In fact... very insect-like hairs.

Veronica Quaife: [to Seth] Something went wrong, Seth. When you went through, something went wrong.

Tawny: Are you a body builder, or something?
Seth Brundle: Yeah, I build bodies.

Tawny: [after Seth teleports] Wow! Are you some sort of magician?

Tawny: [after Seth says it's Tawny's turn to teleport] I'm afraid.
Seth Brundle: Don't be afraid.
Ronnie: No. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Seth Brundle: You have to leave now, and never come back here. Have you ever heard of insect politics? Neither have I. Insects... don't have politics. They're very... brutal. No compassion, no compromise. We can't trust the insect. I'd like to become the first... insect politician. Y'see, I'd like to, but... I'm afraid, uh...
Ronnie: I don't know what you're trying to say.
Seth Brundle: I'm saying... I'm saying I - I'm an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over... and the insect is awake.
Ronnie: No. no, Seth...
Seth Brundle: I'm saying... I'll hurt you if you stay.

Seth Brundle: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die.

Veronica Quaife: No, I can't. No, I can't.