Found (2013)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Scott Schirmer

Written by: Todd Rigney & Scott Schirmer


.... Marty
... Steve
.... Mom
.... Dad
.... David

Release Dates: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: April 4, 2013; International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival: April 5, 2013; Phoenix Film Festival: April 5, 2013; A Night of Horror International Film Festival: April 16, 2013; L'Étrange Festival: September 5, 2013; Grimmfest: October 5, 2013; Lausanne Underground Film Festival: October 18, 2013;Toronto After Dark Film Festival: October 23, 2013; Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei: October 29, 2013; Limited Theatrical: August 15, 2014 (USA)




A young misfit boy Marty (Gavin Brown) is obsessed with watching horror films and is picked on constantly by his peers but then discovers that his older brother Steve (Ethan Philbeck) is so obsessed with horror films he makes the killers in them his role models and goes on a killing spree late at night.


We have a weak beginning of the film with a narration on the young kid Marty by discussing on what his brother does as it shows him taking something out of a bag on something gruesome as this looked totally phony on what is revealed in which I was thinking to myself that I was in for a bad film but it does get better in which we reveal neat comic artwork exposed in which leads to the opening credits as this looked good and flashy.
Also we have a good moment with Steve entering and showing attitude towards his Mom and then a near fight breaking out as this leaves an impression that he might kill her if she crosses him as well as a perfect dysfunctional argument between him and his Dad which seemed realistic when we hear their quarreling voices and then both the Mom and Marty mouthing their words which looked amusing to watch.
We have a campy moment with the kids nearby outside at their school and one of them bullies Marty as well as spotting the teacher as we get an impression that she's a bitch by how she talks to her studnts and the bullying doesn't seem overly convincing either. However there's some hokey one liners from the teacher that one of the students has to write a thousand lines which seems a bit funny.
Also we have a good drawn in moment with some of the bullies trying to bother him in a washroom but we spot one of them slugging him as this looked a bit sloppily done. However the scene itself worked in greatly since it's a good look on school bullies putting upon a misfit kid.
Also we have a nice discussion with Steve towards Marty with big brother to little brother on advice against the bullies as well as his rebellious answers as this really looked great to watch and truly dramatic too. Plus we have a good moment in the end as he suggests on what will happen to that head bully making an impression that he's going to kill him.
A perfect moment with Marty in the dark in his bed and there's a thunderstorm as well as a good moment on dark shots of Steve's feet walking out with a shovel as this adds a perfect horror feel to everything as well as a perfect moment on Marty looking at his window and lightning flashes as wel spot a perfect dark shot on Steve holding his shovel and looking evil staring back A total classic here.
Also there's some neat moments when Marty goes to a video rental store as it totally reminds you of the days on renting videos and showing many of the neat art covered boxes which brings back alot of memories. This scene totally pays a tribute to the old school days.
A perfect moment with Marty and his friend David having a sleepover watching horror movies as well as Marty disturbed by watching this as well David taunting him and being mean which for sure leaves a realistic feeling on someone not being a true friend. Plus we spot a moment on what Marty shows him in a returned challenge as to see who's really scared which is a perfect vengeful moment as well as a creepy situation too.
A perfect intense moment with Steve towards Marty in a theatre washroom and threatening him as this looked psychological on a serial killer trying to keep a secret on his murder case and what would happen if something was said. The moments here looked truly dark and powerful.
Another great strong momnt between the two of them as to why Steve explains on killing others which we find the explanation to a psychotic killer and his reasons as this was cleverly written into the story as well as him protecting him too.
Aperfect psychological moment when Marty is pitted against another bully outside near a tree as this was perfectly focused and makes you watch deeply to see on what will happen as it looked perfectly vengeful and making you jump for joy to anyone whom was bullied in their lives.
Alsoa perfect dysfunctional argument with the family as well as a big fight which looked realistic to watch as well as a perfect setting with Steve pitting himself against his Dad and threatening him too which looked a nicely suggested moment that he will murder him as the makers took their time to make sure this was convincingly done.
Then the real terror comes in greatly when Steve moves in for the kill involving his Mom and Dad which for sure looked good and intense as well as having Marty gagged up and then hearing the intense screamings and hollerings coming from their parents but yet we don't see on what is happening which doesn't sound pleasant at all. Also we have a real twisted ending too for what all came down which seems to work in for a horror film involving a psychopath wanting his brother to be happy thinking that he will do the right thing as it looked genuinely sick and twisted.
Bottom line is that the film is made on a low budget and you can tell it's an independent flick but very psychological and well done. The writing is quite clever as well and most can enjoy this type of a flick especially if you've been bullied in your life. Certain spots were a bit slow but it picks itself up fast and seems to pay a tribute to those old fashioned horror films as well as spotting someone obsessed with horror films enlugh to kill themselves as it does happen to others.

Most of the performances were pretty good. Some were a bit sloppy. Lead child actor (Marty) did a fair job as a mopey misfit kid being picked on showing a good and shy troubled attitude, Sometimes his acting was at a slopeand didn't seem to snap out of it. However later on he does do an okay job getting anxious or defensive and brought this to life as well as his emotional attitude or challenging someone which stood out okay. Shows good energy when the terror strikes and getting into this nicely.
Steve) was the best out of the cast and lived to bea disturbed rebellious young adult as he had the perfect looks and motive for all of this and had a good resemblance as the older brother too. Shows off a believeablearrogance and aggression too. Also has a nice moment giving brotherly advice as he shows a good hearted behavior within all of this. Plus dpes wellwith his vicious and sneering behavior and showing some nice forceful energy within all of this. Does a perfect job acting mericless against his onscreen family showing them his wrath. Plus brings his intense energy up to a hype by going wild and crazy and losing control. He for sure lived to play a horror film obsessed maniac and studied this role inside out.
(Mom) seemed to do her role in quite nicely as the family woman in which she shows a good assertive type of attitude as well as making her role convincing with her assertiveness as well as getting stern when she had to do this. Also does well with her freaked out behavior or screaming when the terror strikes her bringing this to life. Plus she had the right looks and appeal to all of this.
(Dad) knew his job as well portraying the family man in which he shows a good asseritveness to what he did as well as a good hard headed attitude. Plus shows off some believeable sarcasm which was another good plus for hisrole. Also does well with his sterness and aggressions to certain parts of the story which reflects off perfectly. Knew on how to act forceful whenever he needed to be that way.
(David) however seemed a little lazy performing his role as a fairweather friend in which he doesn't make his nasty and sarcastic comments too believeable and was just saying his lines. Didin't seem to care to get into his role at all. However was good by acting spooked out and sick from what he saw which showed off quite nicely. He needed some acting lessons that's all.

Many naked bodies are exposed on a porn magazine.

Decapitated head is found in a bag but it looks terribly phony.
People are crushed and slaughtered on screen in a horror film.
Slaughtered bloodied bodies are reveaked along with their eyes plucked out.

The music really did nothing for me as we've heard it all before but we hear light tapping mellow piano playing in many sequences for the calm moments when things were narrated by the head character which is way too common and unoriginal. However good strong beating sounds like in a jungle for the opening credits as well as in another segment of the film which sounded quite effective. There's many airy outer space type of music that got on my nerves since none of it sounded originalat all but there are some good sharp creepy types of music playing when two kids are watching a horror movie as this was really effective.

Marty: My brother keeps a human head in his closet.

Marty: My life is starting to turn into a horror movie. But who is the monster? Is it Dad? Is it Steve? Is it me?