Frankenstein Vs the Mummy (2015)


Written, Edited & Directed by: Damien Leone


Max Rhyser ... Dr. Victor Frankenstein
... Naihla Khalil
.... Professor Walton
.... The Mummy
.... Frankenstein's Monster
Martin .... Homeless Man

.... Isaac

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: February 10, 2015






A college teacher Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Max Rhyser) who has an evil dark secret creates a monster out of human tissue but realises that his creation is not what he thinks it is and a mummy from a cursed pharoah is brought to life by Professor Walton (Boomer Tibbs) but yet these two monsters are terrorising the campus and Victor along with his girlfriend Naihla Khalil (Ashton Leigh) tries to stop these beasts before it's too late.


We spot a very low budget feel and a bit of a trashy beginning involving the lead character Dr. Victor Frankenstein talking to a homeless man to do a dark deed for him as well as spotting a blanket with something underneath it which is supposed to draw in a mystery as to what's underneath the sheet.
Also we spot many bland moments involving Victor himself teaching his students at a university as well as separate scene's on Naihla Khalil teaching as well as this seemed to be an excuse to fill in the plots but how they were explaining egyptian history or beliefs which was supposed to unravel the horror plots but yet this wasn't convincing at all.
We also spot some lame romantic discussions by the two of them as well as a lustful scene without really exposing the nudity as this was another time waster.
Then we spot a moment when they go into a lab and we spot a mummy which of course looks like a fake plastic dummy as well as both Professor Walton and his assistant Isaac discussing the situations which once again looked awfully bland as I was thinking that I was gonna bomb this awful clunker.
Yet it does get interesting with a few other scene's afterwards as we spot the homeless guy with another bum having a conversation which the settings looked quite dark even for the lack of this films budget as well as a perfect shocking moment on what he does to this person as the horror starts to add up.
Plus there's a moment in the laboratory with the mummy and Walton looking carefully at it as well as good camera shots looking down on the mummys head and suddenly we spot a perfect jumping moment which works in terifically when things are suddenly silent and still.
Also a good shot with Isaac looking at the mummy and then a distant look with Victor behind him and watching him carefully as this was a perfect giveaway that he's going to do something totally deadly which was a clever moment in the film.
A nice moment with the homeless man trying to find out on what's underneath the sheets that Victor is hiding as it makes you watch big time as well as perfect intense struggles and deadly as well as gruesome moments from what we spot here. Plus we see the works on Victor and his experiement showing the insanity and frustrations as this seems to look a big powerful to watch as it could easily slip up if there's any lack of enthusiasm while the story is rolling here at the same time.
A perfect situation with Walton bringing in his student to the room with the mummy as well as perfect moments on this object rising up and awakening in which the moments looked quite powerful to watch here and not so pretty results by what we see happening too.
There's some lame moments with Victor showing on his creation on how to talk or write as this looked a little too obvious and badly written as well.
Perfect moment with Victor trying to talk to Naihla about his creation and trying to calm her down after what she spots in which this was drawn in at a fair pace.
Perfect energetic moments with Naihla communicating with the Mummy in his own language as there's some decent action with this all happening as this makes you wonder as if she knew a dark secret about this living corpse.
Laso the battle that we expect between the creation and the mummy were about 2 minutes long and it does look energetic but the title of this movie really fools you greatly since it took forever for them to battle compared to other horror monsters in other flicks that we see a bigger battle in separate other situations. This was a bad choice for a title whatsoever.
Bottom line is that the story is terribly slow and overly long (Almost 2 hours) and tried to pay a tribute to those old fashioned Universal monster flicks but failed to do so. At least they tried but needed a better hand at writing and making more c=scene's convincing to watch as well. Some were convincing which saved this clunker from bombing. Othwerwise you're not missing by much here.

The acting is a little too stiff and wooden at times. Lead actor Max Rhyser (Dr. Victor Frankenstein) seemed a little too plain in his role but at times was okay with his dark side when doing business like in the beginning of his performance. Wasn't anything special however while teaching which he needed a little more inspiration. Seemed to do fair with his charming side but it was nothing to brag about. Showed some okay energy when he is stressed or upset when trying to work on his creation or losing his sanity in other parts of the film. He wasn't overly terrible but could've used a bit of help.
Ashton Leigh
(Naihla Khalil) however seemed quite sharp in her role as she seemed to be on the ball with things and reacts well to stuff too. Also shows off a nice charming attitude too. Plus does well by freaking out or getting emotionally scared. Plus shows off some perfect aggressions when the action and terrors starts to unveil which she deserves a good pat on the back for all of this.
(Professor Walton) had the perfect motive and looks for his role in which he seemed to do well with his seriousness into what he is doing with the mummy. Also reacts perfectly when something strikes him as well as acting perfectly out of it along with showing his insane attitude whenever he attacks someone. Brings out the perfect madness into his performance as well as his evil obsessions too. Knew on how to portray a horror character.
Martin Pfefferkorn
(Homeless Man) had the most effective role out of the cast in which he offers a perfect gruffness to his speaking with his deepness. He draws in perfectly well as someone whom is not to be trusted as well as someone whom is crazy and evil too. He adds some great energy with his struggling attitude too. Also had the perfect crazy looks and appeal to his part which was a bonus.
Robert MacNaughton
(Isaac) Man oh man! Where do I start???? I always found him to be a young talented actor ever since his award winning performance in E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial and then he gave up acting when the 90's were coming around as you could tell he wasn't into his performance at all as an assistant in the laboratory where the mummy lies. He did better roles in his early days than this and I wouldn't call this a comeback at all. He was in it for under 5 minutes long with only two scene's so the fans of his aren't missing out I will tell ya.

Someone's head is cut by a hacksaw
Brain is revealed.
Cut off hand is exposed.
A throat is bloodily slit open by a dissecting knife
Mummy tears open someone's insides and eats them.
Heart is torn out.
Jaw is ripped off.
Ears and others parts of a person's face is torn off.
Plenty of blood splattering from victims.

The music composed by Paul Wiley isn't too shabby as he knew on how to make the music sound convincingly dark for the storylines even if the budget of the film lacked a bit as the music seemed to do a little better. There's good deep sounds as well as scraping effects and gloomy types of themes that are playing. Also there's the odd adventureosu drum playing but it's only played during a certain scene. It was versatile all the way through which is a good thing since this composer worked hard on the pieces of his craft unlike certain composers.