The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014)

Produced, Composed & Directed by: Michael Oblowitz

Written by: Theodore Gildred III, Michael Oblowitz & Caroline Riley


Taylor Cole .... Beckett
Ryan Donowho .... Eliot
Rumer Willis .... Lucky
Toby Hemingway .... Graves

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: February 18, 2014




A group of college psychology students whom sedate themselves constantly with cocaine are pushing boundaries during an ESP experiment over a lost weekend as they experience their past lives as well as catching unsuual paranormal footage on tape as well as spotting a ghost related to one of these students making things come across deadly for all of them in this house that they're staying in.


We spot a twisted and strange beginning involving Beckett sobbing and freaking out in a bathtub with an out of focused close up camera shots on all of this.
We spot a trashy discussion between the characters starting their project and acting intense as well as dysfunctional which looked incredibly boring and uninspired by how they interact as well as close up shots on them snorting cocaine as there's interesting special effects on them snorting this drug up which was an attention grabber.
Things seem to get rather exciting when they use these special glasses to spot situations with things looking really psyched out with what they spot involving a past life of their younger selves onto the screen and someone coming in for the kill which should be a mild pleaser for horror fans who enjoy a mysterious haunting past. This was one of the only situations that looked well done.
But what looked really chilling and psychological is when Beckett discovers a disturbing past on her childhood life and she calls up her Mom on a voice video chat and things are blurry as well as static along with her Mom being closed minded on her daughters question which draws in a perfect creepy and mysterious moment here.

Then we spot more dull moments like the gang quarrelling and freaking out with good shots on them as well asdrugging themselves along with a lame on getting two girls to kiss and make out with one another which is an excuse to fill in the time and close up shots on all of this along with one of them dancing in a lingerae. Ho hum!
But while this happens we do spot a ghostly presence of Molloy walking and stalking the hallways as well as a moment that adds some fine suspense.
Another spooky moment is when Eliot spots a light flickering like it was doing a morse code as well as a door slowly opening by itself which certainly leaves a chill down your spine along with other spooky moments that unravels here.
Plus there's echoey type of voice effects happening which doesn't explain itself too well which seems a bit strange while watching this.
We do spot a moment when Beckett spots their tapes ruined for what they filmed and acting like a basket case which does offer a psychological moment of all the hard work going down the tubes.
There's a scene with Eliot comforting her which was overly long but yet things seem intense and twisted at the same time.
Then we spot a lustful scene between them later on in the story which seems to be another lame time filler to the story and lots of close up shots with very little skin being revealed which they could've done some of that while they were add it to get the viewers aroused.
A nice moment with the ghostly Molloy speaking towards Beckett along with nicely concentrated shots on this as this grabs your attnetion nicely and it was very well focused by what was going on here.
Perfect moment with Beckett ready to murder someone as this will please horror fans for sure by whom we see gets killed which doesn't look pretty to watch at all.
There's some nice focused camera shots on detectives breaking into the home and finding on what went on there which looked strongly done as well as one of them trying a sample of cocaine which is odd to see someone do for sure.
Bottom line is that this is an odd and strange tale that doesn't make much sense whatsoever. Seems terribly unorganised with the writing that's involved and seemed like the maker of this was on drugs while writing this piece. Mind you drugs were involved in the plotlines too. Had some fun elements but a real time waster too like mentioned. A film that David DeCoteau would've directed for sure. A film that's easily forgettable after watching.

The acting seemed to work in an okay type of fashion. Taylor Cole (Becket) seemed to really draw into her role as someone whom is disturbed about her past with her high intense type of attitude in which she brings to the extreme as great deal. Does well by acting upset or aggressive too just rolling in with the punches as well as acting cool about stuff. Plus she seemed not too shabby with her sobbing or on her other emotional type of behavior. She was perfect in her blocking when she plunges a knife at someone and really getting into this a perfect deal too. Certainly knew on how to play the perfect key role even if the film mainly stunk.
Ryan Donowho (Eliot) was pretty good himself in which he knew on how to act somewhat anxious within whatever he had to do and did come across as someone whom is fairly ignorant but yet believeable by acting sympathetic as well. Drove his itensity greatly as well as showing nice painful reactions when he can't handle a situation in which he showed a perfect focus on all of this.
Rumer Willis
(Lucky) knew her craft portraying someone whom is totally standoffish and stuck up which she does this marvellously as well as knowing on how to act perfectly hammered and intoxicated just not being all there in which she made this look totally believeable to watch. She also was good with her sharp attitude as well as acting slick too. Plus had the right looks to portray this part which was another nice plus as well.
Toby Hemingway
(Graves) showed a nice arrogant behavior adding some nice energy into this too. He also offers some decent energy and acting well alert to the situations that are happening around him. He also knew on how to act like the level headed one of the gang which adds a nice versatality into his role. Also knew on how to act aggressive and nearly about to take a swing at someone that brought this force out quite nicely.

Taylor Cole briefly exposes her butt while her character does a sex scene.

We have many effective dark sounds used in the film along with perfect clear hissing sounds which seems to fit in on what the plot and the theme of the story was all about. It was all good and sharp which really stands out greatly. We also hear the odd keyboard music as this stands out fairly strong at times. There's also great strong metal scratching and rusty types too fitting the haunting situations as this was also very dark and powerful for the story and can make the scene's seen quite suspenseful. All of this was put together by 4 composers Stephen Endelman, Anton Fig, Aaron Glascock and Michael Oblowitz.