Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College (1991)

Directed by: John Carl Buechler

Written by: Brent Olson


Kevin McCarthy .... Prof. Ragnar
Evan MacKenzie .... Skip Carter
Eva La Rue .... Erin Riddle
Patrick Labyorteaux .... Mookey
John Johnston .... Jeremy Heilman
Billy Morissette .... Wes
Hope Marie Carlton .... Veronica
Stephen Lee .... Barcus
Marcia Wallace .... Miss Boggs
Jason Scott Lee .... Kyle
Andrew Barach .... Harley
Griffin O'Neal .... Blane
Sherrie Wills .... Buffy

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September 18, 1991






Decades ago a comic called Ghoulies that holds secret powers has been read to end the curse of three little creatures that caused trouble there and were banished for good.
However, during present day the comic is found and one of the teacher named Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy) unleashes them by reading the spells and has an idea to use them to put an end to prank week hosted by the head student clown Skip Carter (Evan MacKenzie) who has troubles making amends with his girlfriend Erin Riddle (Eva La Rue) as she finds his pranks childish along with his womanising.
Skip is expelled from school after being framed by his friend Wes (Billy Morissette) and the Ghoulies are sent to kill Skip and all frats that get in their way.


We spot many impressive and fun beginnings with college students pulling pranks on one another and doing bizarre events as it gives a good 90's comedy vibe to everything that we see here.
Impressive moment with Wes in a john and discovering a Ghoulish Tales comic and then reading it out loud as there's nice effects with a toilet steaming up and glowing green as well as toilet paper spinning. Plus a good shot on a ghoulish hand coming out.
We spot a good jiggly camera shot on the front of the campus building of the top window during a stormy night which were of course the ghouls coming into the place to wreck havoc plus we have 3 Stooges type humor with the ghoulies smacking or poking each other. This looked a little too hokey though.
We have many funny moments in a classroom at the campus with Prof. Ragnar lecturing his students and the students don't take him seriously.
We have good shots of the students partying and doing all sorts of pranks as well as a good comedic lustful scene between Wes and Veronica getting it on with one another in the bedroom and a good camera shot down her too. Interesting and bizarre moments on them in an exercising workout with them lusting one another as well as hilarious moments on the ghoulies by the conrer peeking on these two. I had to laugh.
A good take on Wes looking down into a toilet and a Ghoulie hand grabs him. Then a hilarious moment wwhen these creatures try to flush him down the toilet as this was done in good humoress taste but not as horrifying like you'd think.
More hilarious moments when the ghoulies take an axe and whacks a steroe unit or trashing other stuff there as well as to what they are talking about in which this is the funniest and cutest moments in the story. Certainly doesn't meet up to the previous flicks as there was nothing cute about these monsters terrorising stuff and they aren't deadly while doing these activities. First time also seeing them getting drunk while drinking beer.
Plus there's a moment with one of the ghoulies pulling out a teacher's tongue and it stretches out as this was one of them killing this person as it grabs your attention but it's not meant to be taken seriously at all.
We see a good sneering moment by Jeremy Heilman towards Skip Carter when he gets his buddies to beat the crap out of him. This for sure looked intense as well as a good psychological feel on bullies attacking an innocent person. Makes you want to beat these people up big time. A good shot on Jeremy acting sneering again by swinging a bat towards Skip.
The horror somewhat comes into the story when both Skip and Erin discover a dead corpse of the teacher that has her tongue wrapped around her as well as being pitted against the ghoulies as well as Ragnar and Skip struggling against the moments they try to kill him and save Erin. Plus there's some gooey results on the teacher as well as later on him turning into a monster and trying to terrorise them once again. We spot a nice slow motion shot on Ragnar breaking open a door with his hands grabbing on the sides acting monstrous. A good shot on a gothic looking toilet breathing out fire.
Also a nice shot of a ghoulie hand coming out of the misty toilet too during the end of the movie.
Bottom line is that this was quite an insult to the Ghoulies film series as this was not at all a horror and a plain comedy. Kinda like a ripoff to Animal House but with Ghoulies in it and they talk too. You may ask me why I reviewed this film if it's strictly a horror site. Well, I reviewed this as part of a series of the films. The film delivers a few laughs and alot of Three Stooges type of stupidity too. Somewhat like a comedic episode of Tales from the Crypt by how this was all put together but a riopoff version of it.

The acting is quite cheesy and overly corny but some people seem to do well in it. Evan MacKenzie (Skip Carter) really delivers as the head prankster of the campus knowing his character very well. He has the right boy next door type of appeal and shows some nice energy and enthusiasm into his part of the flick and being the hero in the film. He was a true character actor by all means.
Kevin McCarthy (Prof. Ragnar) is a little too corny as a demented professor of the campus but seems to bring alot of good timing with his goofy performance.
The moment on his performance on him acting crazy by summoning up the ghoulies and try to get them to cause terror for his students is a little over the top but yet it looks fine. He has a good gruffness in his speaking and has the right middle aged type of looks too for this part. Plus seemed to draw your attention when he acted demanding.
Eva LaRue
(Erin Riddle) was another good one for the show having the looks and the talent too and comes across well.
A funny performance by her screaming when she is being tormented by the ghoulies as well as the onscreen professor while she is tied up. Has a good stunning looks to her role as well as being good and sharp in her performance. Has a convincing outgoing attitude too along with showing a good maturity and intelligence to her role as well.
atrick Labyorteaux (Mookey) was the best character actor out of them all as the dimwitted officer at the campus who brings alot of humor to his part. Has a nice stoky look to his role along with showing a good witty macho attitude as well as acting tough as nails in a slapstick way too. Was also good and forceful too. He was a natural character actor.
John Johnston (Jeremy Heilman) lived to play a college snob as he was strong in his performance as well as knowing on how to get in your face with his nasty and bullying attitude into all that he did into his part. Makes you seriously want to hate him as well as hitting him for his wicked deeds. Studied this part inside and out as well as showing good vicious expressions by what he does. Has a great strong personality within whatever he did here.
Billy Morissette (Wes) showed off an effective supporting role as a party animal who liked to clown around since he was a natural ham into all that he did here. Added a ton of spunk as well as showing off a ton of energy especially while getting it on with someone else. Knew his craft pretty well and had no difficulty whatsoever. Had the right looks and appeal too.
Supporting actress Marcia Wallace (Miss Boggs) was quite annoying in her part as a teacher at the campus and didn't really fit in well with the film. She was too goofy by everything that she did here.

There is a topless woman at a party with a deer hear stuck on her head.
Playboy model Hope Marie Carlton is topless lying in bed as well as later on taking off her bra.
Many woman are topless by having some more fun with the guys
A few women are showering naked.

A school teacher is melted into sludge

We have some hokey comedic synthesizer music by Michael Lloyd and Reg Powell which adds to the slapstick in the film but in a cheesy way. Plus we hear xylophone music. Plus there's clarinet and alot of fast beat bass string pluckings as this had a marvellous orchestral sound blending in with the zany comedy. Most of this adds to the comedy in the storyline too. Great old fashioned organ music for the final moments on the madness coming to an end which is extremely memorable and catchy.