The Gingerdead Man (2005)


Produced & Directed by: Charles Band

Written by: August White

Story by: William Butler


Robin Sidney .... Sarah Leigh
Ryan Locke .... Amos Cadbury
Alexia Aleman .... Lorna Dean
Jonathan Chase .... Brick Fields
Margaret Blythe .... Betty Leigh
Gary Busey .... Millard Findlemeyer

Special Appearance:

Larry Cedar .... Jimmy Dean
Newell Alexander .... James Leigh

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: November 8, 2005

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A killer named Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) has been given a death sentence after murdering some people at a diner and one of the employees named Sarah Leigh (Robin Leigh) was responsible for having him arrested as she then works at her Mom's bakery store which is competed against a greedy man named Jimmy Dean (Larry Cedar) and his spoiled daughter Lorna (Alexia Aleman).
While Sarah is working after hours and is baking a gingerbread man she realises that Millard put his soul into this cookie and wrecks havoc in the store while her and a group of other people are trying to struggle against him and finding a way to snuff him out while he goes on a killing spree with the locals hanging around the area.


The beginning of the film looked mildly cheesy with the criminal killer Millard Findlemeyer holding up a diner and a teenager trying to convince him to put the gun down which doesn't seem realistic at all while spotting all of this plus it seemed a little too long as well as all of this looking a bit stale making you wonder as if the makers of this flick was trying to kill time here.
Then we spot a neat effective animated type of opening credits which almost looks similar to the Nightmare Before Christmas which looked cool to watch this.
Plus we have a situation with an employee named Brick Fields at a bakery getting ready to make some gingerbread dough as he cuts his finger and nice close up shots on his blood dripping in the dough which draws into the mysterious storyline on what will unravel later on.
Also we spot a drunken owner at the bakery known as Betty Leigh trying to shoot stuff across her area that's nastily competing against her's which added some good slapstcik situations along with a discussion on her daughter Sarah trying to talk to her showing a good dysfunctional moment on Betty as this leaves another nice impression here.
Plus another good one liner is that we have the nasty businessman Jimmy Dean trying to sweet talk Sarah into working for him as this also looked impressive for the story as well along with Sarah acting blunt and tough about it all.
We spot nice close up shots on Sarah rolling the gingerbread dough as this looked different spotting the colours here and suspecting that something will turn out of this along with her cutting a gingerbread man shape which also looked closely focused here adding more flavor to the horror plot.
Then later on we spot a cat fight and food fight with Sarah against the rich snob daughter of Jimmy's known as Lorna which looked sloppily done and the energy looked low while spotting all of this as you wonder if you're in for a bad movie but it does improve more so which there's a neat effect when Lorna bumps into a generator causing a volt to happen while this gingerbread man is baking and spotting the face turning to life and other situations like that. Plus we spot it attacking and running away which looks hilarious to watch a tiny figure doing all of this.
There's a nice camera shot on the evil gingerbread man which is a reincarnation of Millard holding a knife behind his back while calling towards Betty in which she closely tries to reach out to him as you get a sinking feelin g that this isn't a good idea but yet this scene looked a little too long to watch. However the results show an okay cheesy horror moment here.
We spot another hilarious moment with Millard trying to drive a vehicle by using a rollerpin to push the gas pedal while trying to run over Jimmy which will guarantee that you'll be laughing your ass off while watching this scene and in a good way too.
There's a nice shot looking on one of the employees being rescued from a freezer and spotting this person being frosted into a gingerbread type of figure which adds some tongue in cheek to the story along with some good intense horror here while spotting on them to check if this person is okay. It was well done.
Alot of good well focused discussions between both Sarah and Amos Cadbury which adds some perfect serious moments and a good romance to the plot as well with nice camera shots on the two of them as to what they are talking about especially the memories between the two of them making these moments look perfect within what we are watching throughout the rest of the story here.
Plus there's a good shot on the discussions with the two of them against Millard as well as a good shot on the oven door when they wonder where Betty is as this leaves a perfect hint as to where she was put. Perfect setting here.
Plus there's more funny moments with Millard getting aggressive with a rat that's roaming around and nice harsh one liners with this scene.
Some nice corny heroic moments on Brick trying to save the day while pinning down Millard and trying to eat him as well as some perfect funny one liners on what he says afterwards.
There's alot of nice hints surrounding Brick later on as you get the feeling that the terror isn't over just yet as well as a perfect vengeful plan on Sarah and Amos trapping this maniac into the cooking oven as this moment was a perfect classic to put to an end of a killer in a slasher flick.
Bottom line is that this film is more funny and not really scary at all but passes as a horror as well as a comedy. A film to watch for the fun of it. It's cute in a dark way when we spot this tiny gingerbread man killing his victims. The film seemed like a spoof on Child's Play plus can be well liked for the viewers who saw other flicks like this such as Jack Frost. It's worth checking out as the story is short, simple and not complicated. A nice one for Full Moon Pictures.

The acting is in rough shape. Lead actress Robin Sidney (Sarah Leigh) seemed to do well with her calm and smooth speaking type of attitude acting patient and business like which shows off nicely here. Also knew on how to act tough as well which also shows off in a decent fashion here. Sometimes she's sloppy while performing like this though. Does a nice job speaking romantically and acting uplifting while doing all of this. She's passable in her role which is all I could say.
Ryan Locke
(Amos Cadbury) seemed to do an average job as the nice guy next door type and knew on how to act charming when he gets into a heavy conversation as this looked fairly well done. He also does well with his aggressions while trying to flush the killer out adding some good energy here. However he isn't all that great into putting a strong character into his role at the same time which is the side effect here.
Alexia Aleman
(Lorna Dean) was by far the most terrible actress in this film as she acts way too over the top with her stuck up attitude as well as whenever she acts menacing or forceful just lacking with this a great deal here. She didn't look like that she was too well focused on this at all. She was off on alot of things especially whenever she freaks out when the terrors happen. The only thing that did a bit of talking was her rich snobby girl looks and that's all folks.
Jonathan Chase
(Brick Fields) was a bit over the top himself but knew on how to portray a goofball nonetheless which was the intention here. There's a good moment when he focuses in the mirror talking to himself and really getting into action with what he goes. Plus does an interesting performance while trying to be the hero by snuffing out the killer adding good timing with his comedic lines too. He can perform some nice characteristics here.
Margaret Blythe
(Betty Leigh) seemed to be the best out of the cast even if she wasn't in a bunch of scene's but so what! She seems to shine on with her larger than life part as a drunken owner on her bakery and knew on how to act hammered with all of this just acting like a natural ham here. She shows a ton of great energy into what she did and just let it all out into all of this. Does an okay job when she shrieks in pain after what happens to her as well as really acting out of it in another scene too. Plus shows a nice versatality at the end of her role acting nice and calm as well as believeably happy too.
Gary Busey
(Millard Findlemeyer) was very low on his energy here when he tries to rob a diner. It looked like that he didn't care about his performance whatsoever with what he tried to do here. He seemed to improve a little bit with his voice over work as the gingerbread man by acting crude and aggressive offering some nice comedic horror in his voice here. Yet this isn't one of his best performances sadly since he's done much better work.
Larry Cedar
(Jimmy Dean) was another actor that was a little too much in his role with his annoying southern type of accent along with showing a wicked temptation which was only half good here. He just doesn't cut it too well. He wasn't as bad as some of the people that was mentioned here though. He needs some acting lessons that's for sure though.

A woman's finger is cut off with blood spraying.
A hammer is slammed in a rich snob's forehead.
A gingerbread man's arms are bitten off with blood splurting out.

A nice music score to the movie using various different elements showing a perfect variety here in which we have some cheesy Z-grade synthesizer music at first having some corny classical orchestral type music fitting for a direct-to-DVD release such as this one. Plus we have some strong realistic orchestral music used in it too. For example great quiverring violin music in many spots and well notcied too. Also there's some deep trombone and drum playing too along with some of the odd chiming sounds and vocal harmonising and chanting too especially for the opening sequence of the film giving it that fantasy type sounds. The composer Roger Ballenger worked really hard on this music and did a perfectly professional job with this score indeed.

Amos Cadbury: What the hell is that ?
Millard: It sure ain't the Pillsbury fucking doughboy.

Amos Cadbury: Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me that that...
Sarah Leigh: I know it sounds crazy. Amos, I don't know how it happen. Its only thing that makes sense even if it is Twilight Zone kind of sense.
Amos Cadbury: The guy that. . Killed Jeremy and your daddy.? That you helped send to the electric chair? Millard Findlemeyer? Has come back from the dead.... to get revenge on you... inside a cookie?

Lorna Dean: Shut your pie hole.

Millard: Hey rat, rat! I'm talking to you! You want a piece of me? Hey you little shit, fuck off! Come over. I want kick your ass. I'll kick your little rat ass.

Brick Fields: Now it's time to meet your maker, prepare to face the butcher baker, for tonight your ass it toast.
Millard: You gotta be shittin' me?

Millard: Eat me, you punk bitch!
Brick Fields: Butcher Baker's no one's bitch!
[begins to eat gingerdead man]

Brick Fields: [after eating the gingerbread man's head] Got Milk?