Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (2004)

Directed by: Brett Sullivan

Written by: Megan Martin


Emily Perkins .... Brigitte
Tatiana Maslany .... Ghost
Eric Johnson .... Tyler
Janet Kidder .... Alice Severson
Katharine Isabelle .... Ginger

Special Appearance:

Brendan Fletcher .... Jeremy

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: January 30, 2004; Hamburg Fantasy Filmfest: August 12, 2004

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Brigitte (Emily Perkins) has killed off the beast that was inside her sister Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) and now she discovers that she is infected as well.
She ran away from home and is living in a skid row type motel and shooting up monkshood, which is a drug that postpones the mutating effects the virus but does not cure it. She also sees hallucinations of her sister taunting her too.
She overdoses and is thrown into a rehab while another werewolf type monster is stalking her and killing others there.
She must escape from that centre before more havoc hjappens and gets help from another patient there named Ghost (Tatiana Manslany).
They flee to Ghost's grandmother's cabin in the woods to hide out there but the monster follows them. Brigitte must hold back her desires to feed on human flesh as well.


The makers knew how to make this sequel seem both supernatural and psychological at the same time. A great beginning of the film that involves Brigitte with her twisted behavior and illusions as well as seeing her cut herself or inject a needle inside of her as this looked genuinely twisted to watch as well as perfectly intense too when the side effects start to happen.
Good moments when we spot Brigitte going to a library to get some books or tripping out at her hotel along with Ginger lying next to her in a bed as this makes you wonder as to how she is alive since she was killed at the end of the first flick. Plus there's a moment with someone going to her hotel and later on having a fast paced werewolf attack on him. This seemed to work in well too.
Also spot a good discussion between Brigitte and Alice Severson as you want to slap her for acting so arrogant.
Nice fast paced moment when Brigitte tries to escape from the ward with good shots on this as well as the employees trying to stop her.
We see a disturbing scenario in a therapy room with people acting emotionally intense and aggressive too. Its interesting to see on everyone's reactions to what each person was talking about.
A real twisting moment is with a patient throwing pennies at Ghost's head as it almost makes you wonder if she will snap which was one of the most intense scene's in this story. This for sure is a look at a good bullying moment with one of the crazy one's that are in there.
A scene that really catches your attention is when an instructor is talking to the patients lying there on a some sort of meditation and then showing these people masturbating as you wonder what kind of therapy that this is as well as making you think that Brigitte is dreaming this. Plus a good moment with her hand growing hair which looked well done too.
Impressive still moment on Ghost calling to the dog at the dog house in front of the asylum and silence as well as a nice fast shot on a werewolf speeding by along with leaving a deep deadly feeling on what happened to this animal.
Perfect twisted moment with Ghost bringing something gross towards Brigitte in a laundromat of the asylum and blaming her for it as this was drawn in pretty well within what they were talking about.
We see great shots of the basement of the institution when Brigitte tries to escape with Ghost and running away from a werewolf. Alot of perfect intense and creepy fast action moments on this happening. This adds a great touch to any childhood memories of being scared of your own basement and this sets a perfect example with what we see here.
There is really nice scene's with Brigitte and Ghost mingling together at an old cabin as things looked perfectly still by all that is happening during these situations but it seems to be a litle overly long.
Nicely intense moments with Brigitte when she is slowly changing as this makes you wonder if she will turn into a werewolf. Also a good argumentive moment between her and Ginger standing ghostly towards her and discussing their differences.
Perfect dark moments with Brigitte throwing Tyler outside and then being attacked by a werewolf with her watching at the top window of the door which is a great touch to a werewolf flick.
Perfect shots on Brigitte and seeing how her face has changed which was impressive as well as great sdtruggling battles between her and the werewolf along with perfect runaround of the house and Ghost trying to survive the madness along with Alice trying to help her. of great action involving these moments.
Bottom line is that the makers knew what he wanted in this film to make it look extremely intense and mysterious. I enjoyed this sequel a bit better than the first one as they made the moments a little darker and mysterious. Has good effects and great performances. Some scenes will make you jump too plus it was a bit psychological with some of the events in this film and very disturbing to top it all off.

The acting is still incredibly well done as Emily Perkins (Brigitte) reprises her role and knew how to be more aggressive and violent after the last incident which makes her performance truly powerful. Does well reacting to sticking a needle in her arm and things like that. She does well with her discussions between her onscreen dead sister. Also seems to show great intense and aggressive looks to her character whenever someone crosses her or makes her angry. A nice reaction on her when a werewolf throws her to a wall. Shows a perfect freaky fierce expression on her face in the bathroom of the cabin when someone opens up the bathroom door.
Tatiana Maslany (Ghost) does a perfect job as a loony little girl trying to be friendly to everyone and can act heartwarming too. Does well by being too nosety about stuff as she shows off a believeable annoying type of attitude by all of this coming to life. Shows great energy and hype with a ton of spunk and charisma into everything that she does here. Reacts well to being freaked out when trying to survive the terror that's surrounding her. She studied this part inside out.
Eric Johnson
(Tyler) does well as a bit of a stuck up teen at the institution trying to volunteer his time there. Shows off a good sleaziness when he had to be that way. Plus knew a thing or two by getting in someone's face when stressing a situation which makes you want to smack him. Also does well with his conversation when trying to help someone inject a needle in their arm. Also does well screaming intensely when being attacked at the end of his performance. Had the right looks and appeal to his role which was a nice bonus.
Janet Kidder (Alice Severson) seemed to do well with her sharp attitude as well as being level headed working at the ward. Also does well acting surprised in a scene after experiencing a gunshot towards her and getting to the point. She seemed quite energetic into all that she did in her role and had the right looks for the role which was once again a good choice for being cast into this part.
Of course we can't forget about Katarine Isabelle (Ginger) returning as a dead sister s and she herself stood out well with her scene's as she acts believeably ghostly. She does well with her still attitude. Plus had a great coldness to her speaking and knew on how to act perfectly evil without overdoing it. Had a nice seriousness to her speaking and just getting to the point with stuff.

There are some leg slitting by a dissecting knife.
People are chewed up
A dog's head is decapitated (Gross)

Kurt Swinghammer's music seems to blend in with the film quite well and does a good job with it. There's many unique sounds for the fast uptempo beats for the chasing around and the terrors striking too. Also alot of good whooshing and windy sounds along with the groaning types adding perfect to the dark story unravelling. Plus many other good low sounds in the scenes. This person was a great choice for a flick like this one. Not your typical classical scoring as it's nice to have a change in a movie.

Koral: Dr. Brookner, if she doesn't shut up, I swear I'll make her drink her piss... again.

Beth-Ann: PING!
[throws penny at Ghost's head and laughs, everyone else joins in]
Girl: This is getting so boring.
Beth-Ann: It's an ancient game, the throwing of pennies at the local moron or midget!
Brigitte: I can't see the TV
[laughing and throwing continues]
Brigitte: I said I can't see the TV!
[grabs Beth-Ann and slams her into a wall]
Brigitte: Would you like me to throw YOU at her head?

Ghost: Do you turn at the full moon?
Brigitte: You watch too many horror movies.
Ghost: I'm not allowed to watch horror movies, or technically, to read comics. Or eat gluten - I'm too impressionable.
Brigitte: Why does that not surprise me?
Ghost: Well, not the gluten thing - that's just digestive

Ghost: So was that the one that bit you?
Brigitte: I wasn't bit, my sister was. And no, it wasn't the same one.
Ghost: Well - Well, where did it come from? The infinite darkness?
Brigitte: I don't think so, Ghost... more like the suburbs.
Ghost: If you weren't bit, then...
Brigitte: I infected myself with her blood. I thought I could make her stop if I was like her.
Ghost: I always wanted a sister. Where is she now?
Brigitte: She isn't, I stopped her.
Ghost: You killed your own sister?
Brigitte: There wasn't much of Ginger left in what I killed.
Ghost: So - So what'd you use? A silver bullet?
Brigitte: A knife. They're not superheroes, Ghost.

Brigitte: [looking at elongated ear in mirror, moves back to show Ginger sitting on a chair] Ginger?
Ginger: We really need to talk. These last few days, I've been feeling very left out, watching you hang out with all your cool, new friends.
Brigitte: It's starting. [Isabelle, Katharine@Ginger

Ghost: It's gonna find, you isn't it? You know the fact that it didn't kill you tonight... that means something. Maybe he's like you, and it's not in his nature to kill, and he secretly wants...
Brigitte: Ghost, he wants to mate with me.
Ghost: Oh...
Brigitte: Don't try too hard to visualize that.

Ghost: [firing rifle] Go back to the darkness!
Alice: Ghost? You shot at me! What the hell?