Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004)

Produced & Directed by: Grant Harvey

Written by: Stephen Massicotte & Christina Ray


Katharine Isabelle .... Ginger
Emily Perkins .... Brigitte
Nathaniel Archand .... The Hunter / The Indian
JR Bourne .... James
Hugh Dillon .... Reverend Gilbert
Adrien Dorval .... Seamus
David La Haye .... Claude
Tom McCamus .... Wallace Rowlands
Matthew Walker .... Doc Murphy

Special Appearance:

Brendan Fletcher .... Finn

Release Dates: Fantasia Film Festival: July 10, 2004 (Canada); Munchen Fantasy Filmfest: July 25, 2004; Frankfurt Fantasy Filmfest: August 10, 2004; Berlin Fantasy Filmfest: August 17, 2004

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In the 19th century of Canada both Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and her sister Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) are riding on their horse in the snowy forest and while their horse runs away after they both encounter a strange native hunter (Nathaniel Archand), they both take refuge in a Traders' Fort but one of the girls named Ginger is bitten after she encounters a deformed boy as she couldn't describe him.
Ginger doesn't feel too well and doesn't know where to turn and also discovers that the Fort is becoming an under siege by some salvage werewolfs.
Ginger and Brigitte are also tormented by some of the people at the Fort to top it all off and encounter strange nightmares too.


The makers behind this piece was very powerful with his work in this film showing great action throughout the film.
A nice opening with werewolves attacking others and then it goes to both Ginger and Brigitte riding on a horse in the snow.
A scene looked very effective after Brigitte has her leg gets caught in a bear trap and then a dog comes up to her is if to attack her. It makes you wonder if this dog was a wolf at first by how it sneered and growled.
A battle sequence between the Hunter and Ginger looked dynamic in the snowy forest. The scene's here looked sharp and powerful looking like a warrior knowing his craft as to know he has plans to someone powerful against him.
A real effective situation when both Ginger and Hunter are introduced to Hunters family and an elderly woman warns them of what they're getting themselves into as this was well focused and a nice odd on to the scene making things truly spooky and mysterious.
Great intense moment when Brigitte and Ginger enter the Fort and are halted by a nasty guard named James as this leaves a nice psychological feel on someone not making them welcome there and not someone you'd care to have in your life. Also great creepy hoowling moments that everyone hears and the two girls wonder what it is all about and are told what they are as this leaves a good chill down your spine as well as certain nasty one's kicking someone out there to be slaughtered as this was a nice wicked moment on someone being cold.
Another well focused moment is when Doc Murphy helps the girls putting leeches on them and testing them to see if they're okay or not as the scene was well dramatised.
Great dark moment with Ginger getting scared and walking through the dark halls with a candle after hearing something which shows nice timing as well as her spotting a child in a corner and she slowly walks towards him as this leaves an impression that something freaky is about to occur leaving a chill down your spine.
One of the best moments was with Ginger and Brigitte against James with his abusive attitude towards them when they try to leave the Fort and then the terror happens with the werewolves outside dragging people in to eat up as the reactions were perfect.
We see a nice dream sequence between Ginger and the Hunter now revealing as the indian making out together after she shows him she has been bit.
Perfect moment with Seamus going up a ladder and peeking through a door in an attic after hearing something as by how this was all done really makes you too scared to watch on what happens next since it leaves an impression that will make you jump out of your skin while waiting for something to happen.
Great cold moment when Doc Murphy forces Finn to put a leech on him to see if he's been attacked by a werewolf as well as the crazy results on the leech which psychs you out while watching and having a bad feeling that this person will kill him. This also looked very well done.
A great serious discussion between Brigitte and supporting character Wallace Rowlands on the situations of what is happening which was also seriously dramatised.
There's a moment that looks truly intense when James is hitting and strangling Brigitte on her bed and it looks so real too as you want to kill this freak for abusing women like this.
We also get a great shot on Brigitte in the foggy woods crying out and looking around as she experiences terrifying events too.
We see a real touching moment between Ginger when she confronts Brigitte that she will become a werewolf soon.
More nice psychological elements when they go back to that elderly lady on what to do as she tells them there's no cure as well as them persistently trying to convince her on doing something which reminds you of bad moments and no help is out there to make things better.
Terrific moments on the girls challenging Hunter to a duo as well as him getting brutal towards them which makes you hoping that he will get his in the end. Plus a nice close up shot on Ginger coldly telling him something with her fangs revealing which is a classic moment in this story.
Nice special effects with the werewolves coming in to invade the fort and killing others as the terror and action really combines well into this situation.
Bottom line: This one was the best of them all and showing the ancenstry of Ginger and Brigitte during the time when they burned evil people at the stake. The story was very powerful and totally different than the first two films by any means. It has powerful dialogue and intensity of the surroundings in this story.

The acting is powerfully good and this has to be Emily Perkins (Brigitte) best performance as the younger sister since she is very different in this role by being tough when she needs to be and adventureous too. She reacted very well acting like she was in intense pain after her leg gets caught in a bear trap. She shows a nice evil and powerful look after staring at her onscreen sister and then strikes to shoot someone else in this scene. Also does a good job being vicious towards someone else with a gun towards them.
Katharine Isabelle
(Ginger) has good energetic appeal to her part and shows great disturbing emotions when she is bitten and doesn't know how to cope with it. Reacts nicely to being scared on stuff as well as being convincingly timid too. Shows nice energy with her anxieties too. Does well with her cold and vicious speaking when slowly turning as well as doing well being forceful while struggling against someone else.
She was perfect crying on set after seeing a child being shot while he is a quarter way transforming into a werewolf.
Nathaniel Archand
(The Hunter / The Indian) really pulled off his part as a mysterious native. Knew his craft with his battling and showed perfect fast paced moments as this person was a man of many talents while doing this. Plus shows off a good calmness in his speaking and showing a great seriousness too. Well polished character actor.
JR Bourne
(James) lived to play a redneck asshole in the film as he was one of the best actors in this film as one of the warriors at the Traders Fort. He really makes you love to hate him. Shows alot of energy by really getting into your face as well as great blocking when strangling someone or being physically violent to someone else. He for sure was a true force of nature and studied his role superbly.
Hugh Dillon (Reverend Gilbert) also played a good obnixous one with his arrogant attitude in which he shows a good powerful aggression with his speaking and motives. Stood out incredibly well with his supporting role in which he comes across well commanding others in a negative way. Makes you hope he will get his in the end too by how he came across.
om McCamus (Wallace Rowlands) was marvellous playing a kind hearted and tough as nails character as the father of his child who was turning into a werewolf. I liked his character the best in the film. He definetely drew in a good serious attitude when getting into a certain discussion. Also does well by being demanding towards another fellow by pointing a gun at them. Reacts well by howling in pain when attacked by a werewolf.
Matthew Walker (Doc Murphy) shines it off nicely as a scientist as well as showing off a good mellow type of behavior into all that he did as well as being deceivingly innocent. Also with all of this brings it on to showing an intimidating side when demanding someone to do something when he suspects they're going to be a werewolf. He was good by being cold but not acting vicious which really shows off a creepy moment with this fellow.

Lots of bloodshed.
Werewolves are mangled.
A werewolfs head is impaled on a sharp stick

Alex Khaskin offers great classical composing as there's some catchy low weepy bass violin composing especially used in the sad moments as well as great windy effects and fast paced music too. Plus there's the odd bangings and thumpings too which works every time for a horror flick. Plenty of low drumbeats pounding away and giving a good echoe effect as well as certain native indian woodwind music for certain scene's that sounded perfectly necessary. Many versatile moments and a variety to choose from for each scenery taking place.

Ginger: [after Hunter whistles at them] Did he just whistle at us?
Brigitte: I'm sure he meant the dog.

Ginger: Something bit me

Brigitte: [lying in Ginger's lap] Ginger, I'm cold.
Ginger: I'm not.

Ginger: [after being hit by James] You hit like a girl!
James: Well, we've got all night to fix that.

Ginger: Come closer... it's a secret.
[smiles through canine teeth]
Ginger: [whispers] they're coming.

Reverend Gilbert: You've let a pair of little girls destroy us! You never could see how they lied, and tricked, and tempted you into oblivion! Just like that bitch wife of yours!
Wallace Rowlands: Forgive me father
[stabs Reverend Gilbert]
Wallace Rowlands: for I have sinned.