The Girl Next Door (2007)


Directed by: Gregory Wilson

Written by: Daniel Farrands & Philip Nutman
Jack Ketchum (Book)


Daniel Manche .... David Moran
Blythe Auffarth .... Meg Loughlin
.... Ruth Chandler
Madeline Taylor .... Susan Loughlin
Graham Patrick Martin .... Willie Chandler Jr.
Austin Williams .... Ralphie 'Woofer' Chandler
Benjamin Ross Kapman .... Donny Chandler
Michael Zegen .... Eddie
.... Mr. Moran
Catherine Mary Stewart .... Mrs. Moran

Special Appearances:

Kevin Chamberlin .... Officer Jennings
William Atherton .... Older David Moran
Mark Margolis .... Homelss Man Hit By Car

Release Dates:
Montréal Fantasia Festival: July 19, 2007; London FrightFest Film Festival: August 26, 2007; Sitges Film Festival: October 16, 2007; MOTEL X - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 6, 2008





A new kid in town David Morgan (Daniel Manche) meets his childhood crush Meg Loughlin (Blythe Auffarth) whom is neighbors with him as her parents were killed in a car crash in which her and her crippled younger sister Susan (Madeline Taylor) lives with her Aunt Ruth Chandler (Blanche Baker) whom is an evil and abusive woman in which he doesn't know what to do when she does her wicked deeds to these two girls.


The story is off to a nice start with present day and the main character Davis Moran as a full grown adult crossing the street and spotting a sketchy looking homeless man suddenly getting hit by a vehicle which was quite disturbing to watch. Then later on he takes action to this emergency and then goes into a story of his childhood and the terrors that happened as this seemed nicely fit into the story.
Things looked quite natural when he is a child and meeting his first crush Meg Loughlin and their discussions together before the opening credits starting to appear.
After realising that she is living with her aunt due to the death of her parents he meets one of her cousins Ralphie 'Woofer' Chandler as he places a worm on some red army ants as this definetely leaves an impression that he's a nasty one.
Davis tags along with them and their neighborhood friends to a wooded area to play a some sort of game of hide and seek as their interactions were rebellious like which is another good sign that the family is somewhat rebellious.
Then he meets Meg's Aunt Ruth as she hosts them with beer and cigarettes as this time I was convinced that this woman is off her rocker especially on how this evil bitch treats Meg abusively.
Then things get disturbing when Ruth accuses of Meg being a whore along with whacking a brush on her crippled sisters butt making everyone watch her do this as this looked beliveably evil and intense for what she does. Not a pretty site at all and quite cringing.
Davis has a son and father talk about asking him if it's okay to hit a woman which looked nicely done in with their discussions together as well leaving a hint that he wants to hit this evil Ruth for what she's doing.
The horror hots up big time when Meg is bined in a basement where she and her sons torture her such as stripping her down and making the others watch which alot of viewers may find alot of this hard to watch as well as her sons raping her along with their friends from the hide and seek game in the forest coming by and later on cheering for all of this to happen. Alot of this looked believeably demented. Also might I add in between these moments she is still bined for the night and having to sleep that way which is insane torture.
With all of this I was hoping that this bitch will get what's coming to her later on and if you're brave enough to watch this flick don't turn it off as things do a turn around.
A sad and touching discussion near the end of the film between both David and Meg with good camera shots on the two of them while she is very weak and in pain after the horrible incidents that had happened to her.
Bottom line is that this was very well done and is a Last House on the Left type crime horror as this was hard to watch indeed for all that goes on here. Definetely worth checking out if you can take this kind of story. Might I remind you that this was a fact based story. Two thumbs up.

The acting is powerful and well performed in which Daniel Manche (David Moran) brought it all in as the nice boy next door offering a good charming type of behavior. Also does a nice job acting uncomfortable when he spots the horrifying incidents. Plus showed alot of great energy for the struggling moments too. He was a true character actor and can go places.
Blythe Auffarth (Meg Loughlin) does well with her flirtatious behavior and having somewhat a bubbly type of attitude for her happy moments. Plus was great by offering a nice versatality when she is frightened or acting intense by sobbing or reacting to the terror that strikes her in which she totally acted beliveable while doing all of this.
(Ruth Chandler) was the best in the cast as the wicked one in which she studied this role inside out. Has a nice aggressive behavior along with acting perfectly forceful by what she does. Was great by acting obnoxious and violent as well. A perfect horror character actress.
Madeline Taylor
(Susan Loughlin) does a nice job as the crippled innocent kid in which she does well with her soft spoken type of personality as well as doing a giood job by acting timid and helpless. Also shows a nice emotional attitude when she is being abused in which she was believeable by behaving like this.
Michael Zegen (Eddie) seemed to shine off in his supporting role as somewhat a tough guy who likes to have a good time as he really brings his rebellious attitude to a total grasp. I liked what he had to offer and had the right looks and appeal to the camera in his dynamic performance.
TV soap star Grant Show (Mr. Moran) brought some nice spunk into his role as a family man. He shows off as a healthy nice guy type of role and shows a nice open minded attitude along with doing a nice job by having a nice mellow conversation.
Tony award winner stage and screen actor Kevin Chamberlin (Officer Jennings) had a nice brief supporting role in which he does well with his calm and serious attitude as well as getting stern later on when he sees something wrong. He did a good job playing a lawman.

A breast and butt shot is revealed while someone is bined in a basement.

Ron Shore composes his music smoothly with good calm sounds for the beginning of the flick and uses some versatile moments such as having some strong clear violin music for the effective moments used in the film which was catchy.

Ruth Chandler: Take a lesson, boys. Listen close. This is important. All you gotta do is be nice to a woman, and she'll do all sorts of good things for you.
Take Davy here. He was nice to Meggy and he got himself a painting.
That is what you got, isn't it, David? I mean, is that all you got?
David Moran: C'mon, Ruth.
Ruth Chandler: I know you're a little young, but, um, these days you never know.
Huh, girls these days are just plain easy. That's their problem. Promise them a little something, and you can have whatever you want half the time.
Trust me. I know what I'm talking about.
Look at your own father, Davy. He screwed half the women in this town. Everyone knows it. You own mama knows it.
Oh don't be ashamed. At least he's the hard-woking sort, provides a decent home for his family.