Girls Gone Dead (2012)


Produced & Directed by: Michael Hoffman Jr. & Aaron T. Wells

Written by: Ryan Dee,
Michael Hoffman Jr. & Meghan Jones


Katie Peterson .... Rebecca Foster
Shea Stewart .... Missy Pratt
.... Mandy Rhodes
.... Kelly Morris
Ryan Keely .... Jessie Scott
.... Eric
.... Darren

Special Appearances:

Julie Kendall .... Rosemarie Foster
Jerry Lawlor .... Sheriff Jackson Cole
.... Sheriff Pratt
Ron Jeremy .... Himself
Beetlejuice .... Himself
Linnea Quigley .... Willie
Shawn C. Phillips .... Jared
.... TV Evangalist

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: July 17, 2012





College students Rebecca Foster (Katie Peterson) and her friend Mandy Rhodes (Brandy Whitford) goes away for a spring break vacation at a resort run by stuck up popular girls whom were her highschool cheerleading friends lead by Missy Pratt (Shea Stewart) but then they realise that one by one they end up missing in which a killer in a hood and wearing a mask is slaying people one by one with a battle axe.


The beginning was supposed to look mysterious taking place at a church ceremony with a somehwat virgin stripping down and then being sacrificed which looked a bit shocking with the low production values that were going on here which almost worked but just not quite. Still it sticks out in an okay fashion but of course we firgure out that it's someone having a nightmare.
The somewhat fun begins with both Rebecca and Many driving to a resort for their spring break as well as stopping for gas and a middle aged man being surprised to where they're going which of course works in for a horror story but it isn't effective enough.
Some pointless conversations with the other sorority girls as we spot some stuck up situations which stood out a bit and making you think that they will all be victims later on when the murders take place. Yet fun moments when they are in a pool and doing some stripteases which makes you want to jump into their game while watching this all occur.
Many annoying TV advertisements such as Ron Jeremy and Beetlejuice's party with lustful women as well as someone preaching on TV in which all of this looked corny but at the same time while watching these moments looked pretty flashy as well.
But later on things looked entertaining when the group of girls go to the Willie Coyote area only to realise that there's no guests which of course makes things mildly mysterious but there's slapstick moments with the employees there serving these girls with drinks and they get hammered in which it could've looked more natural but hey this is a b-film adding comedy into the horror. However, things looked corny when one of them spots an overweight guy and hallucinating that he's a hunk and comes up to him and shaking her stuff which looked utterly silly to watch. Also many cornballish moments with the owner Willie trying to entertain others with singing and other types of entertainment offering a convincing slapstick timing thoughout on what we see going on here.
Yet when she goes to make out with him the excitement starts as we see the killer walking by which is a near surprising moment as well as a good slashing moment on what this maniac does as it was cheesily entertaining and the fans can get a kick out of spotting this moment occur.
While the story continues there's a moment that grabbed my attention is when a deputy pulls them over and it happens to be the lead stuck up girl Missy's ex boyfriend Darren and she tells him off for stalking her and so fourth in which he appears in other parts of the story as this is supposed to make you think later on that he's a possible suspect for the killings but it needed a bit more inspiration.
We see more on the happenings at Ron Jeremy's pool party which looked campy style fun making the partying almost natural with people having a good time but there's a pointless moment on someone doing a Tit T Cam on one of the beautiful women on a top floor of the bedroom which was a time waster and then the killer comes in to do everyone in that's involved on the top floor which was almost well done but then it turns out that things lack a bit. But what grabbed my attention is that we see someone about to get away trying to dive off the balcony and trying to land into the swimming pool to save his fall as I wondered if he will make it or hit the concrete floor.
Impressive moments when two people are about to get it on in a bedroom and the guy goes to the bathroom cause he can't get excited as this is a perfect moment for the killer to do the girl in which seemed to fit in well when he goews back into the room to find out on what's under the bed sheets.
Well done moment when Rebecca is making out with a stuck up guy and he gets turned off by her when she isn't ready for what he wants and he insults her which looked realistic for those types of jerks we all knew in our lives and then a good moment with a nice guy next door Eric coming into the room and showing her sympathy and talking to her which was one of the best well done moments in this flick.
Another great slashing moment is when a hammered redneck goes to his vehicle and the killer attacks him in which gorehounds and slasher fans alike will enjoy on how this victim gets dispatched which had nice dark shots and nicely drawn in as the results looked great.
The showdown looked terrific when Rebecca tries to survive the killing spree happening at their resort as we think on who the killer really is with some of these people going crazy but there's a different twist afterwards which is a clever brain teaser as well as having a hard time killing this person which works often in a slasher flick. These moments looked mildly powerful.
Bottom line is that this is a major improvement for Hoffman making the film totally watchable with a better storyline compared to his previous work like in Spring Break Massacre or Sigma Die. However he still uses college students having a spring break which seems like a repeat of those one's and needs to have a different storyline which is one of my main criticisms here. Has some effective situations like mentioned and better romantic moments with some of the main people too.

The acting is done in a mediocre style in which lead actress Katie Peterson (Rebecca Foster) had the pretty looks as well as the somewhat nice girl appeal along with a senstive and calm atttiude along with speaking innocently too. But however there were moments that she lacked in which when she was crying which looked terribly amateurish. She tries to pump up the energy when the suspense hits her but sometimes just didn't cut it just right. Her looks did most of the talking as one of those innocent types in a slasher flick. Oh well.
Shea Stewart (Missy Pratt) lived to play a head stuck up former cheerleader as se had the gorgeous looks as well as a nice in charge attitude by what she was talking about. Seemed to show off a powerful force of nature and acting convincingly cocky by what she was doing too. Knew on how to act sarcastic and manipulative too. Plus seemed to do an okay job acting frightened when she tries to survive the massacre's.
(Mandy Rhodes) showed off some spunk and enthusiasm as the simple minded type who likes to have a good time as well as coming across as someone sneaky about stuff. Offered someone whom is easy to get along with and fairly wise too. Had the right appeal for all of this.
(Kelly Morris) seemed to perform off nicely as a whiney bimbo type as well as showing a good stuck up type of attitude. Was energetic in whatever she did here. She was for sure someone whom was convincingly annoying with how she spoke and how she came across too. Studied her part fairly well to play this type of a role. Her looks needed a bit of an improvement though but not too much as I've seen worst.
(Eric) does well as the nice guy next door type of fellow in which he was believeable as someone whom is sympathetic along with showing a nice romantic and charming type of persona into everything that he did here. He looked a bit grungy though but yet had the nice guy looks blended in too. He seemed to pull off his characteristics nicely.
(Darren) was quite stiff playing a dipstick deputy as he was too forceful with his aggressions but he isn't overly terrible either. Seemed to draw attention in an okay manner but needed some tips on how to improve on certain characteristics. Had the okay looks to play this role though so at least there was something out of him on this part.
Now for the cameos in this flick:
Julie Kendall
(Rosemarie Foster) seemed to show off a nice versatality into her part as someone who seems like someone mellow and caring but near the end really lashes out by acting wild and crazy as you could tell that she really got into her role a great deal and was worth mentioning.
Jerry Lawlor (Sheriff Jackson Cole) offers a nice sarcastic type of personality as well as coming across as perfectly stern when confronting someone. Shows a believeable difficult tyoe of attitude along with someone who you don't want to work with while going on a mission. He had the perfect middle aged looked and appeal. A nice character actor.
Porn legend Ron Jeremy (Himself) was a fair ham by hosting his party showing off some spunk and energy. He was corny with his performance but that was the main purpose by what he was trying to be. Really got the ball rolling as a party animal as well as showing okay aggressions with his griping but could've been a bit better.
Scream queen Linnea Quigley (Willie) was a little too over the top with her Aussie accent as someone trying to be a female Corcodile Dundee as it wasn't too convincing but it fit her part though and seemed to be at a hyper pace and jumping into action pretty good. I think the intention was to be over the top so she does the trick and seemed to be perfectly hyped within all that she did here.

This film offered plenty of skin galore so I will do my best to cover most of it.
A woman full stripped top to bottom is preparing for a sacrifice in a church.
Different times some former cheerleading friends do a flash showing their breasts in a swimming pool.
Someone does a striptease during a tit t cam performance.
Others flash their breasts in other situations of the story.

A heart is torn out of a woman during a church ceremony.
Sliced heads are revealed from a battle axe.
Insides are spilled out of a body.
Rednecks hands and feet are chopped off.
Head is chopped off.

Ryan Copt made his composing sound very professional for the killing moments in which there's low powerful deep trombone playing and high screeching sounds which works in for the most part. Also there's whoosing and rusty sounds to the story which sounded horror entertaining along with some crashing noises too which was right on the ball of things. Yes he deserves good credit for these situations.