Grace (2009)

Written & Directed by: Paul Solet


Jordan Ladd .... Madeline Matheson
Gabrielle Rose .... Vivian Matheson
Serge Houde .... Henry Matheson
Samantha Ferris .... Patricia Lang
Malcolm Stewart .... Dr. Richard Sohn

Release Dates: Sundance Film Festival: January 16, 2009; Gérardmer Film Festival: January 29, 2009; European Film Market: February 5, 2009; Fantasporto Film Festival: February 21, 2009; Glasgow Film Festival: February 21, 2009; Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival: March 14, 2009; South by Southwest Film Festival: March 14, 2009; AFI Dallas International Film Festival: March 27, 2009; Phoenix International Film Festival: April 3, 2009; Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: April 13, 2009; Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival: April 15, 2009; Calgary Underground Film Festival: April 18, 2009; Imagine Film Festival: April 21, 2009 (Netherlands); Independent Film Festival of Boston: April 25, 2009; San Francisco International Film Festival: May 1, 2009; Seattle International Film Festival: June 5, 2009; Neuchâtel International Fantasy Film Festival: July 2, 2009; Fantasia International Film Festival: July 12, 2009; PiFan International Film Festival: July 20, 2009; New Zealand International Film Festival: July 23, 2009; Albuquerque International Film Festival: August 7, 2009; Limited Theatrical: August 14, 2009; Fantasy Filmfest: August 19, 2009 (Germany); Toronto After Dark Film Festival: August 21, 2009; Thun Film Festival: September 18, 2009; Reykjavik International Film Festival: September 20, 2009; Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival: October 3, 2009; Shockers Film Festival: October 8, 2009 (Ireland); Dublin Horrorthon Film Festival: October 22, 2009; Sheffield Horror Film Festival: October 23, 2009; San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film Festival: October 31, 2009; American Film Market: November 9, 2009; Fancine Fantastic Film Festival: November 21, 2009















After a terrifying car accident and the death of her husband, a pregnant woman named Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd) delivers her dead baby in which she was going to call her Grace but is convinced on reviving her and is successful in doing so and is returned to life but Madeline isn't feeling well at all as her baby is hungry for human blood as an appetite. Madeline must make a decision on how to feed her revived child even if it means sacrificing others in which she starts to slowly lose her mind big time by staying inside her house until someone visits her.


The story seems to start off nicely including an artsy sex scene between the characters Madeline and Michael which seemed to fit in well for the story.
Then there's scene's with flies zooming around a house as well as landing on some food which makes you wonder as to how this will fit into the story since we all saw the cover of the movie poster. But the suspense piles up later in between this married couple driving in their vehicle and then a terrible crash happens which seems almost disturbing to watch wondering if her unborn child will be okay but yet afterwards it shows her sitting outside of her car behaving strangely as this made the story very mysterious.

The story shows more shocking moments with Madeline reacting not too well in a corner store and then blood pours out between her legs leaving a nasty impression that she's going to have a miscarriage. These moments mentioned seemed to borrow a bit from the movie Saw IV and making it look just as disturbing too.
Then when she goes into labour the setting seemed a bit intense with all that's happening as well as holding her baby which looks almost dead and pretty gruesome to see in which this was nicely put in wondering what she will do with it.
The story makes you wonder if it is an actual horror flick or a suspenseful drama as it seems to go a little overly long with Madeline trying to struggle to keep her baby alive as well as protecting it with flies in which this keeps you in suspense when a fly lands on little Grace's face and briefly goes into her nostril. This makes you wonder if she will suffer from this.
There seems to be a nice peaceful moment with Madeline bathing Grace and singing to her and then discovering that she is having bloody rashes and crying again which really disturbs the peaceful moment making it upsetting to watch in which you'd think that there'd be a nice moment with the two of them.
Things seem to go wrong for them as they both seem sick and unhealthy but what's more creepy is when she fills a baby bottle with blood from a bunch of meat that she bought at a supermarket which made me cringe as to why she would do this.
There's a lustful scene between Vivian and Henry Matheson as it didn't seem to make any sense as to why this fit into the story but this seemed impressive to watch making the scene silent and very peaceful as well as still too.
There's also a moment when a family doctor named Richard Sohn ringing her doorbell and she looks through the peephole but reluctant to answer and I was thinking to myself "Answer the damn door. He's there to help you get better!!!" But of course she doesn't in which this seems to be a nice drawing card to the film that something is seriously wrong with her.
After this there's a nice still discussion with Richard talking to Vivian on her demanding that she must see her estranged grandbaby as it made me convinced that we will get to the bottom of things and her mysterious upbringing along with her health issues too. This looked well written on how all of this was coming together.
The story looked good when Vivian finally gets emotional by bringing Richard into his home confessing that she's sick in which this seemed to come in well together thinking that maybe this basket case of a Mother will be saved. This looked necessary to see what he's trying to do to her by testing her heatlh. Then suddenly a baby cry occurs and he is convinced to see the baby saying he's sick and she tries to stop him telling him the baby is just cranky which seems to have a nice psychotic twist to all of this in which she goes into a rage by killing him. Then I was convinced that this is definetely a horror flick as well as using his blood to feed her baby. It looked twisted for sure making you watching for more since the story seemed to pick up a bit more here.
There is a good moment when Vivian visits her and tries to be nice asking to see her granddaughter with a good blunt answer from Madeline refusing which seems to be impressive that Vivian is going to be the next victim.
The suspense piles up big time when Vivian tries to hide from Madeline while snatching the baby but spots the corpse of Richard on the bathroom floor wondering if she will scream or not while hiding in a shower holding up a hammer for protection. I found this to be pretty scary wondering if she will survive. Plus there's good moments on Vivian walking backwards down a staircase holding the baby and hammer which makes you wonder as well if she will stuble and fall.
After Madeline is unconcious on the floor Vivian closes in to check up on her which is a stupid move in any horror film cause that's when the maniac will spring into action showing they're not really dead.
The ending was very twisted which can open a door for a sequel but if one is to arise it probably won't be anytime soon.
Bottom line is this story tried to be as original as possible but yet it tries a little too hard. The story is quite slow till quarter way through in which it seems exciting but then towards the end is a bit of a disappointment. It's quite shocking nonetheless.

The acting was quite good but only certain actors stood out in my mind so I will give this a whirl.
Jordan Ladd (Madeline Matheson) really put alot into her role in which she certainly knew on how to act like a basketcase as well as her disturbed attitude and emotions too. She showed alot of good energy whenever she acted anxious or when she went insane as she draws everything together as someone who is very disturbed.
Reacts nicely in a panicking mode on the phone trying to make a call in which she seemed natural by making an emergency phone call. There's a nice panicking reaction on her while watching her baby in a cradle with a fly landing on the baby and does well acting shocked on what is happening. Does well going to a store and buying a bunch of meat and acting anxious about it. Also does well staring at a peephole from her door and then sliding down to the ground with good depressing expression in which she really looked out of it. Acts well by crying towards someone else in which this looked believeably emotional. Nice reactions on her pleading towards her fellow actor and trying to stop him from seeing on what is crying. A nice aggressive reaction on her being negative towards her onscreen mother in law on seeing the baby as this looked quite strong and well done. Does well panicking and acting anxiously calling to her.She also had the perfect looks to portray this role which was a nice bonus too.
Gabrielle Rose (Vivian Matheson) certainly was very sharp with her characteristics and had a good clear voice in her role portraying a nice mother in law type of behavior and not letting an ounce of her acting skills down at all making her concerned behavior very believeable. She also does well whenever she had to spring into action when the suspense starts up for her. Shows off a nice pleasant talking towards her onscreen daughter in law about seeing the baby. Does well speaking coldly and aggressively towards her by holding a hammer in her hand while backing down some stairs. Great suffering reactions on her after being bitten on the neck.
Malcolm Stewart (Dr. Richard Sohn) shows a great seriousness into his part of the film in which he comes across very nicely with his role as a medic. He's good at getting to the point with stuff and had a nice low voice for when he's talking which came across very nicely. He also looked perfect portraying this type of role coming across perfectly to the camera.
This is about it folks. Everyone seemed to perform nicely onto the camera but these three are the one's that stuck out the most with what they did in the film.

Stephen Park has his butt exposed while fornicating in bed
Gabrielle Rose exposes her breasts lying in bed by pulling off her top
Jordan Ladd shows her breasts all bitten up in the end

Blood spills out on the floor in a store through Madelline
A baby is born looking a little tattered
The baby has bloody looking rashes
Madelline has some bloody rashes near her breast
Blood pours out of Dr. Richard Sohn's head
Madellline cuts Sohn's arm for blood
Madelline bites Vivian's neck and blood pours out
Madelline's breasts are chewed up

There's good heavy jungle drum type of beatings the odd times which seems to make the scene's suspenseful and effective as well as toned out screeching violin music too. There's also good long hear beat sounds for the real dark moments when certain characters are trying to look for the baby and something deadly is going to happen along with good metal rusty scraping sounds too as this blends in perfectly as put together by Austin Wintory.

Madeline Matheson: Wait!
Vivian Matheson: Get away from us.
Madeline Matheson: Please, you don't understand. She's special. She needs... special food.
Vivian Matheson: You're sick. Get back!
Madeline Matheson: Please! You'll kill her.

Madeline Matheson: She's teething.