Antropophagus (1980)


Produced & Directed by: Joe D'Amato

Written by:
George Eastman


.... Julie
.... Andy
.... Maggie
.... Carol
.... Henriette 'Rita'
.... Daniel
.... Arnold
.... Klaus Wortmann / Antropophagus

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 9, 1980 (Italy); October 7, 1980 (Papua New Guinea); October 21, 1980 (Greece); December 21, 1980 (Serbia); February 1981 (Mexico); February, 1981 (Mexico); February 20, 1981 (West Germany); Limited Theatrical: June 8, 1981 (India); October 9, 1981 (U.S.A.); Iceland Film Festival: March 28, 1998; Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival: October 3, 2006



A group of tourists become stranded on an uninhabited island where they are stalked by an insane, violent, and grotesque killer that slaughtered the town's former residents.


While watching the first bit of the film with a couple enjoying their time on an island I knew I was in for a dull flick in which one of them that's swimming gets pulled underneath and is murdered which didn't look convincing. Then the mysterious shots on the killer going to shore to do in the next person. Ho hum. We've seen this many times before. Sorry.
Afterwards there's pointless moments on a group of friends doing events and having a good time which also looked lame to watch as well as them going on the boat and taking a trip to the island but what grabbed my attention is that one of them
named Carol is messing with some fortune telling cards and sees the card that explains death. Still this didn't look too entertaining.
There's a mysterious moment though when one of them lifts a bucket but a shocking surprise happens before this mysterious killer drags this victim as I was hoping more exciting horror will happen but it doesn't get much better than this let me tell ya.
Yet when the other group of friends explore the deserted mansion it does look a bit creepy especially when night falls and there's a thunderstorm adding great horror touches to this but nothing too suspenseful happens as it was slow getting to those moments.
A cute moment when the gang goes to the cellar and spots a kitten running across a piano and then a supposed shocking moment happens with one of their friends bloodied screams and raises a knife in the air but this to me didn't make any sense whatsoever.
However there's a nice mysterious moment when Maggie tries to run away from Julie and locks her up which made me wonder as to why she did this.
Great shot on a blind friend Rita is looking scared in a dark room as well as one of the friends closing her door and then the camera panning in the dark to a corner and then a flash of lightning reveals the killer whom is Antropophagus as I admit looked perfectly creepy as I will admit that's the best part of the story.
The next day occurs and some odd shocking moments like a revealed woman that was hung and a corpse with rats around them. Plus they go to an area where they reveal a file of dead bodies along with Antropophagus slowly approaching them with a knife in hand but it lacks from that spots including a flashback on this maniac revealing his wife and child which was even more confusing but yet a bit shocking. However, this didn't tickle my fancy at all.
Some good action packed conclusions with two survivors running up to an attic to try and escape from the killer which in most slasher flicks isn't a wise choice as well as one of them being attacked with the killers hand crashing down from the roof to grab this poor innocent victim which looked very intense and wondering if this person will be the next to die.
Suddenly when you think it's all over with the last survivor it seems too obvious that the terror is still going to happen and it looked struggling to watch as to how this person will manage to escape that takes place in a well. Yet this didn't look too convincing either.
Bottom line is that this is a pretty fucked up film that didn't go anywhere as I took an interest to Italian flicks. I saw the cut version in which here is titled The Grim Reaper. The original version offered more sick stuff. It was weakly plotted and dull to watch. Nothing was going for this one and a total waste of time.

The acting is in foreign language for the most part but I can see on what I can dig up on who stands out here... (Julie) seemed to show off her stuff pretty well as she seems to portray the right innocent girl next door type of appeal as well as showing off some decent energy within whatever she did here. Seemed to have decent timing within all that she did here.
(Andy) had the heartthrob looks to his role and seemed to get into his mode in a fair fashion and shows off some good motives by what he did here. It was hard to tell his talents as like most of the cast his voice was overly dubbed.
(Carol) added some spunk and adrenaline into her role in which she comes across as someone whom is mysterious and a bit odd as she shows this off nicely. Also does a nice job acting anxious about certain stuff too.
(Henriette 'Rita') seemed to show her talents pretty well as someone whom is blind as she studied this part pretty well along with her expressionless and timid attitude. She really knew on how to act freaked out or spooked by a situation. Shows a nice quietness to her role too.

Meatcleaver is stabbed through a teens head while lying at a beach.
Corpses are revealed with rats around them.
Neck is bitten and bloodied.
Woman is bloodily stabbed in the stomach on a raft during a flashback sequence.
Head is bloodied while someone drags this victim up.
Pick axe is impaled in the killers chest.

Marcello Giombini is wonderful for the most part but during the very beginning he didn't seem to impress me but then later on he knew on how to really get into everything like when the gang was on the boat to the island it sounded more unique than in other films as well as some good intense classical music in certain parts which reminded me on something that you's hear in Friday the 13th. There's nice synthesizer music as well as some flute and organ playing in certain spots too.