Grizzly (1976)


Directed by: William Girdler

Produced & Written by: Harvey Flaxman & David Sheldon


Christopher George .... Ranger Michael Kelly
Andrew Prine .... Don Stober
Richard Jaeckel .... Arthur Scott
Joan McCall .... Allison Corwin
Joe Dorsey .... Charley Kittridge
Charles Kissinger .... Dr. Samuel Hallitt

Release Date: Theatrical: May 21, 1976




A vicious male grizzly bear kills and buries many victims in the deep forest mountains. He quickly moves to a state park which is populated by hikers, tourists and campers.
A tough forest ranger named Michael Kelly (Christopher George) tries to hunt it down along with his assistants named Don Stober (Andrew Prine) and Arthur Scott (Richard Jaeckel) but he is being stopped by a park supervisor named Charley Kittridge (Joe Dorsey) and many drunken hunters as they all seem to get in the way and the area is becoming a circus woith these people.
The grizzly kills many people there including two rangers but Michael and his people tries to tranquilise the bear before it does other damage to locals there since this beast is also terrorising people in their own houses.
However, to their surprise the bear is more powerful than they imagined.


There's a nice peaceful beginning spotting a helicopter driving over the peaceful mountains in Georgia which seems to be a nice start off for this flick almost giving it a summertime feel to it all.
There's a scene with two women camping and having a discussion which looked a bit off as if it was overly dubbed but the shots looked not too bad here. Also there's a good camera shot with a heavy breathing on a bear going through the tree's ans spotting these two. Also there's a good shocking moment when this grizzly moves in for the kill with a good camera shot panning on one of them rising up and screaming with paranoid looking eyes. Yet when we see the bear claws slashing someone you could tell that it was a prop.
There's some nice interesting discussions between the main character's Ranger Michael Kelly and Allison Korwin in which seems to work in well with the charming attitude they have off of one another as well as them getting serious on situations with what is happening at the forest.
Nice situations with Michael, Arthur and Don discussing on how to track this bear down along with good moments on Don describing on what they're after which was nicely written in for a horror flick such as this one. Plus good shots around the forestry where they are standing within all of this.
A nice shot on a woman walking on a log underneath a water fountain and being slashed by the bear with great shots on the streaming river turning red which adds a perfect gruesome touch to all of this.
A good camera shot focusing on campers as well as them singing songs at a bonfire in which this looked good and still as well as a woman going into her tent which all of this seemed too peaceful as you suspect that something is going to happen. A great shot on this woman being picked up and being spun which looked good and suspenseful to watch plus a bit shocking too. Quite a memorable scene for this flick.
Lots of good close up shots with people like Michael and Don in the forest at night preparing to shoot this beast as things looked strongly done with all of what is happening here.
Plus we spot a nice shot on what we may think is a bear creeping up on some redneck hunters but then we find out that it's something pretty cute which was nicely put in until later on what their plan is for a bait.
A nice shot on a lone hunter running away in the woods showing great terror with him going at a high pace in fear. While watching this you kinda wonder if he will manage to get away or not.
We even spot a situation with a forest ranger on a watch tower in the mountains and the grizzly shaking it as this was supposed to look terrifying but I was laughing my ass off it was that hilarious. Nothing wrong with a failing scene like this moment as you can get a kick out of this situation.
In another scene we have a little boy playing with his rabbit and his Mother telling him to stay nearby as this looked pretty cute and heartwarming but it suddenly looks disturbing for sure when the grizzly comes to attack this child and mother. You don't see a kid involved about to get slaughtered in which this worked in perfectly for a real shocking moment here. The whole scenario can be hard to watch without a doubt.
There's a great moment with the greedy park ranger Charley Kittridge not wanting this animal killed along with an argumentive scene on Michael in which their situations looked intense and powerful as you'd wanna hit this mayor for making these rules which seems to be a bit in common with a beast killing people and a certain person wants to keep it alive. It still has the great chemistry with this flick that's for sure.
There;s even a total hard to watch shocking moment while we spot Arthur riding his horse and what this grizzly does that makes that memorable scene in The Godfather look a bit tame. Yes it offers all sorts of horror violence with this grizzly making this bear very invincible like. Yet alot of this seemed a bit corny to watch as well.
Bottom line is that this is a low budgeter but sometimes enjoyable and other times it lacks a good strong plot. I enjoyed Day of the Animals better and this one was by the same makers too.
It very much resembles to other types of movies with killer animals being more powerful than the average one in a horror film. That's what the good part of this movie is since it's so out of the ordinary.
If you like cheesy outdoor horror films with killer animals then watch this one but don't expect an excellent plot.

The acting is fairly good for it's time but however some of the smaller cast members are awfully stale with their performances.
Cult icon, the late Christopher George (Ranger Michael Kelly) always seems to perform well in his films and if you are a fan of his horror films then you may very well enjoy this one as he plays a great tough forest ranger showing perfect aggressive attitude to his character since he's mainly typecast as those sorts of roles in his films. Does very well with his aggressive attitude on the phone making an urgent report about the killings. Plus he shows a perfect frusterating type of attitude while talking to others. Shows a nice versatality showing a nice charm to his behavior with a woman and makes himself react believeably uplfiting with what he has to discuss too. Knew his craft well by having a no nonsense attitude when he is seriously talking about plans or going on a mission. He does a great job with his intense anger in another scene almost getting violent which he really brings this moment out incredibly. I found this to be one of his best performances with all the shows I spotted him in and deserves perfect credit for this. In fact I found him to be the best out of the whole cast here.
Richard Jaeckel (Arthur Scott) shows a good eccentric type of behavior as well as coming acorss as someone who is a little hyped up which shows off nicely here. Plus shows a great focus with his explanantions on the grizzly in which he builds some good characteristics here. Does well with his struggling behavior and paranoid reactions while being attacked too which he brings it out here perfectly. He had the right scruffy type of looks which is another great plus to his role and did everything with nice style onto the camera here.
Cast also features many locals or people near the area of Georgia like Joe Dorsey (Charley Kittridge) who does a perfect job as an arrogant park supervisor and is a true character actor by all means. He shows off a nice sterness along with being firm by what he talks about in which this comes off as someone who is blieveably hard headed and closed minded too. He also does a great job with his serious expressions along with a perfect intense type of yelling later on in the flick and standing out with his perfect greedy type of behavior too. He drives this all out that you almost feel like hitting him as he lived to play this role in every aspect here.
Joan McCall (Allison Corwin) has that heathy and wholesome girl next door type of look but can she act too than just show off her looks? She doesn't do too bad. She's not up for an award with her supporting role in it but I've seen worst. Does a good job with her concentration with what she talks about which is a good pointer for her. Plus she does a nice job showing off a good natured type of attitude too along with knowing how to stress a situation too which isn't too shabbily done here. Knew on how to get serious when necessary too as this shows off nicely.

The grizzly slashes many people to pieces as well as a horses head and legs. It's quite graphic looking with lots of blood. True horror violence.

We have some good ole southern great outdoors style orchestration by Robert O. Ragland almost giving a Disney feel to it but by any means this film is not suitable for children. There's the nice soft clear violin music which sounds very professional. Also we hear suspenseful trombone and high flute playing during many situations with the grizzly attacking as this also sounded quite powerful and different to listen to as well. In certain spots we do hear some harp playing flowing in well with the story too. Plus some nice western harmonica playing for some scene's like a fellow riding his horse in the great outdoors on a field with the sun shining which blends in marvellously too.

Ranger Michael Kelly: Well let me tell you something Kittridge, while you've been sitting around here on your fat ass, I've made this forest part of me!
Charley: You listin here...
Ranger Michael Kelly: No you listen. Those campers are in my jurisdiction, now I'm going to deal with it the way I've seen it fit. Now you just try and stop me!

Charley: Kelly, you're a maverick. We don't have room for mavericks!

Don: Well let me tell you a little story boy. A long time ago their was a tribe of Indians up here in these woods. They were all laying down in these parts... or something I can't remember. Any way these herd of grizzlies smelt them out. They came in an they ate them. They thorn them all up. Little children, sick ones everybody! Their were few braves to go out on the hunt. They came back and them grizzlies turned on them! So their you got yourself a little situation. A whole herd of man-eating grizzlies. Just running around tearing up them Indians!
Arthur Scott: That's kind of hard to believe Don.
Don: Unless of course you happen to be one of them Indians!

Kelly: But there's something I'm not doing!
Allison Corwin: Sure you're not killing the bear!

Don: Let's give that son-of-a-bitch bear a run for his money!

Ranger Michael Kelly: Bears don't eat people!
Dr. Hallitt: This one did.

Don Stober: If ya feel a wet snout in ya face, whatever you do, don't move. And don't kiss it back 'cause it ain't me.