Halloween Ends (2022)


Executive Produced & Directed by: David Gordon Green

Written by:
Paul Brad Logan, Chris Bernier, Danny McBride & David Gordon Green


Jamie Lee Curtis .... Laurie Strode
Andi Matichak .... Allyson
Rohan Campbell .... Corey
Will Patton .... Frank
Kyle Richards .... Lindsey Wallace
Jesse C. Boyd .... Officer Mulaney
Michael Barbieri ....Terry
Destiny Mone .... Stacy
Joey Harris .... Margo
Marteen .... Billy

Special Appearances:

Joanne Baron .... Joan
Michael O'Leary
.... Dr. Mathis

Release Dates:
Sitges Film Festival: October 6, 2022; Theatrical: October 13, 2022





Michael Myers is nowhere to be found after the last slayings but Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is writing a memoir about him and is waiting for his next mission so she can find a way to end his madness once and for all since the locals find her a freakshow.
A misfit 21 year old Corey (Rohan Campbell) is constantly being picked on and accused of a murder while babysitting a child until he meets Michael himself and then begins on a vengeful mission to kill the people who wronged him.


A very well done beginning revealing on what happened last time as well as clips from the original cult classic. And then a cheesy but enjoyable start off to a babysitter who happens to be a misfit young man Corey as the parents of this child tells him the fears of Michael Myers which was nicely written in along with him being alone with this little brat who makes him feel unwelcome and tells him that Michael only kills babysitters and stuff like that.
Then Corey notices that this boy ends up missing and cautiously tries to look for him in which this moment for sure brings a chill up your spine but won't give anything else away as it turns into a prank and then leading to something deadly which is a nice start before the opening credits start to happen.
Then the story begins with Laurie writing a memoir about Michael on her computer as this seemed to really bring up the attention as to where on earth is this maniac hiding?
One of the best moments in this story is when Corey is being cornered with bullies and what they do to him in which looked a bit intense as well as Laurie coming in and telling them off which I enjoyed this moment and offered great timing with these stupid kids calling her a psycho due to her reputation on being Michael's main victim. Plus things look cool when she tells Corey about seeking revenge and what they both do which I cheered for this moment.
Then he meets up with Laurie's granddaughter Allyson in which they have a nice romantic discussion which works well in a horror film with two young people and end up going to a Halloween party which looked energised and well done. Plus he encounters the mother of the child he babysat and she goes crazy on him which looked out of the ordinary which I thought looked nicely done.
The bullies still don't seem to leave him alone as they start to act violent and in his face about everything which is a goiod cringing moment as well as what they do to him that made you wonder if they murdered him or not. Definetely a nice psycholical moment.
With all of the outcomes for what we've seen so far I was thinking when is Michael Myers going to spring back to action as it's taking forever but he does for sure as the situations look clever when Corey has situations with this masked maniac since we've never really seen situations like this in any of the films so this is a nice change indeed.
This gives Corey an idea after accidentally killing a homeless old man as he sees what Michael does after someone harrasses him and much more in which this was a great moment to see on what makes Michael tick as well as Corey slowly becoming like that too as this was very different indeed and in a good way making moments still becoming more and more clever with these two characters.
Laurie geos to a pub where Lindsey Wallace is bartending and tells her about Corey seeing how evil his eyes are compared to Michael which really looked impressive as I was thinking that the evil is in Corey now as I was thinking another boogeyman is on the rage this Halloween.
While we get more into the story Laurie has a long talk with Corey and aggressively tells him to leave her granddaughter alone as their interactions looked strongly powerful especially when he tells her he won't let anyone have her grandchild as it made me wonder if he will kill her too.
Suddenly it's Halloween as Corey fights Michael for his mask and we get a brief spot on what he somewhat looks like but not fully. Then things really get rolling.
In the meantime Laurie tries to convince Allyson not to see Corey anymore telling her that he is dangerous and of course this young lady gets aggresive and defensive blaming her for what happened to her in 1978 after being attacked by this masked killer as this was well written in as well as their emotions towards one another as this looked strongly done.
Then the terror begins when the bullies are lured into into a salvage yard and boy I was cheering when the slaughtering begins as I was cheering out loud since I had my fair share of bullies myself in which all of this looked brutal on what was going on here. Slasher fans will love this big time.
Then there's a teasing moment when we all think that Laurie is going to take her own like which looked truly convincing but this caught me by surprise and the action begins as there's alot of powerful moments especially what she does to try and put a stop to Michael in which I cheered big time and we also see somewhat on what he looks like after his mask is removed.
The ending was done marvellously and although we thought there'd be an end to this masked maniac in previoud endings of the films I would love to see Michael coming back after the ending of this one as there'd be no way. Watch this movie if you dare and you will see what I mean.
Bottom line is that this was a unique sequel and worked fairly well but not as good as the previous sequel and at times it almost lost it's touch but it still earned a 3 bat rating as the story picks up and surprised me. This movie and the previous sequels worked in well much better than the other one's as this was bringing back alot of the characters from the first one and ending the series once and for all.

The acting was still well performed in which Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) does a nice job by being strong and brave about stuff in which she brings a nice focus into everything. Also does well by acting tough and vengeful. Plus shows a nice emotional attitude along with her aggressions which looks believeable too. Shows a great powerful personality when she goes in for the kill as it was her best performance throughout all of her scene's.
Andi Matichak (Allyson) seemed to come across nicely with her spunk and energy as she was clear within her speaking. Shows a good niceness to her role as she was believably open minded. Also does well with her emotional attitude. Does well with her characteristics.
Rohan Campbell (Corey) delivered his role marvellously as an outcast in which he draws in well with his troubled attitude along with trying to stand up to himself as this really shows off well by doing all of this. Also shows off a great raging attitude when turning into a killer as he studied this part quite nicely. Plus had the right looks and appeal as a somewhat misfit 21 year old.
Will Patton (Deputy Frank Hawkins) really shows off a nice charming personality by what he does showing off a great friendliness into everything that he did here. Had the nice guy looks which was a nice plus to his role. He definetely shows off alot of great enthusiasm.
Kyle Richards (Lindsey Wallace) shows off a perfect outgoing attitude like she did in the previous sequel as well as speaking clearly within what she says and well focused too. Does a nice job reacting to situations too. It's nice to still see her in action.
Michael Barbieri (Terry) had a real effective supporting role as the head bully in which he really brought his arrogant and nasty behavior to the extreme as you feel like hitting him that he's such a shit disturber. Looked good and tough too. He was a true character actor and can go places.

A boy is bloodily mangled .
Hand is stabbed by a broken drinking bottle.
Homeless man is bloodily stabbed.
Man has a bag over his head and is bloodily stabbed..
A DJ is messed up with his face stabbed and a violent bloodshed.
Bloody gun shots are revealed as well as a brief slit throat.
Kitchen knives are stabbed in a persons hands and impaled ina counter as well as a slit throat..
A body is disposed  in an industrial shredder and boy is it graphic and full of horror violence.

The music was composed once again by three different artists as there's a great variety of taste in this. It was of course done by John Carpenter as well as his son Cody along with Daniel A. Davies as there's some sad violin playing for those types of moments and some piano playing that suits other scene's. However, there's some of the modern echoey piano music the odd time as I hate it. Also there's some dark music which works in well along with an updated piano playing of the typical Halloween theme music which sounds fairly okay.
Briefly during the first roll of the closing credits Blue Oyster Cult's classic hit "Don't Fear the Reaper" was a great tough since it was briefly played in the first flick and seemed very necessary for the final end of this flick. I cheered.

Terry: Hey, guys. Would you look at this? I mean, a psycho meets a freak show. This is a match made in heaven.

Laurie Strode: You know, there are two kinds of evil. There's the evil that exists as an external force that threatens the well-being of the tribe. Survival depends on understanding and awareness and fear of physical threat to our daily lives. The other kind of evil lives inside of us. Like a sickness or an infection. It's more dangerous because we may not know we're infected.
Corey: Am I bad person? Are you?
Laurie Strode: Well... we're both fucked-up. I want to help you, Corey. Let me help you. Or let me find help for you. You can't have her. Allyson is not equipped for this relationship, and I will not let her get hurt. So stay the fuck away...
Corey: You started this! You brought me in! You invited me! But you're the one to blame. "You want to do it, or you want me to?" If I can't have her... no one will. You want to help Allyson? Let her live her life. She has me now. You should give in. You should surrender to that feeling you had the first time you ever looked into his eyes. You secretly hope Michael comes back for you. I'm the psycho. You're the freak show.

Corey: [to Michael] You're just a man in a Halloween mask. What are you gonna do now?

Laurie Strode: Did you really think I'd kill myself?

Frank: Michael.
Laurie Strode: He's dead.
Allyson: Not dead enough.

Frank: Time for Haddonfield to start healing.
Allyson: Let's show them all.

Laurie Strode: I've said goodbye to my boogeyman, but the truth is, evil doesn't die. It changes shape.