Burying the Hatchet with Seattle Horror Film Actor/Make up FX Jason Brooks by Greg Tiderington

Jason isn't to be mistakened as the Hollywood actor by the same name in which he is a performer in Seattle, Washington.
He has gained a reputation by appearing as killers mainly in independent horror flicks starting off in shorts and then moving up to appearing in features including 'The Barn Part II', 'Zombiegeddon' (Not to be confused to the no budget 2003 comedy flick) and the upcoming 'Die-ced' and '2:59' along with many others.
He also has played the killer Jason Voorhees in many 'Friday the 13th' fan films in which he's getting alot of attention while appearing in these types.
Plus has worked behind the scene's by doing special fx make up for many other types of flicks in which there's not a dull moment with this fellow.

At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?


Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

Not until much later, maybe in my 20s.

What was your first horror film?

The first horror flick I acted in was a short film called 'You Dont Get Out' by TBR Video

What was it like doing it?

It was great fun. Loved the process.

Tell me your experience in your other short horrors?

Lots of fun. I started playing the killer and had fun with it trying different characters and creatures.

Now you played Jason in some 'Friday the 13th' fan films do tell us details on what it was like doing them?

It is a lot of responsibility, but was very fun. I got a lot of great feedback and training from the other actors that came before me. And the biggest piece of advice they gave me was to be myself, so I did that. And then I just let it go and have fun with it and it is a wonderful time. I always want to make sure that I pay respect to the character.

I definetely want to hear about your work in 'The Barn 2'?

I played a couple of different characters in that. I replaced my role as Louis in that for a short cameo and then I was Zombie Jesus for the other part. I got to work directly with Ari Lehman and Linnea Quigley, as well as Lloyd Kaufman and others. It was a lot of fun and the cast and crew were great. I wish I could’ve spent more time on that set.

Next up you played an Alien Creature in 'Zombiegeddon'. What do you do in that one?

I wore an amazing costume by a great special effects, costume designer, Joe Castro. I play the main alien in the film that is killing and destroying people, and that are heroes have to fight.

Nice what were your memorable scenes in them?

The campfire and the final battle in the bar were a lot of fun.

Now it went to the Beloit International FIlm Festival. Did you get posititve feedback from viewers?

I actually have not heard any feedback from that. Some people thought it was a great concept and had a lot of fun watching the film for what it is.

Is it available on dvd or streaming?

I believe you can watch 'Zombiegeddon' on Amazon or YouTube.

Now you're going to be in some upcoming horror films. Do tell us what they are and who you play in them?

'Die'ced' is a Jeremy Rudd film that follows deranged killer "Benny" Who dresses as a scarecrow and goes on a murderous rampage. I play the killer Benny.
Kody Newton wrote and directed the horror comedy '2:59' which is a demon possession film based on true events where I play the demon.

What was it like doing them?

Those are the ones I am acting in. I am also doing special FX and makeup on several other films.

What was it like acting in them?

It was a great time playing those characters. I get to create different personalities and play different types of killers with different motivations.

What special make up fx for horror flicks are you doing?

We just finished working on a Jason Hawkins film called "Disappointment Girls" which is extremely gore and FX heavy. We are working on PA Productions film "Laugh" Which is a horror drama in which we are working on several horror and gore FX. Winter Island is a psychological Thriller we did FX for Also worked on Midnight River, another psycological thriller, We also worked on a couple short films called "Come in Stranger" and "Reset"

Sounds great will you be acting in more horror flicks in the near future?

I hope so. We have been so focused on the special fx aspect with my company www.realfictionstudios.com, that I have not had time to pursue the acting parts, but I am hoping to get back into it

Now heres some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror films?

Outside of the 'Friday the 13th' films, I love 'What we do in the Shadows', '13 Ghosts', 'Cabin in the Woods', 'Halloween' 1 & 2, 'Hellraiser', 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' 1-3. I love so many for so many different reasons

What show were you in that you cherish to this very day?

Me? I was in 'Band Wars' and that is a lot of fun, we are filming season 2 now and that will be even better

What show were you in that you weren't proud of and you'd like to change?

I wish we could go back and re-edit 'Zombiegeddon' That was a lot of fun to make and was such a fun concept. Funding did not allow for full proper editing and it did not live up to it's potential but I still love everyone involved.

What are your ambitions in life?

Being able to work in film, be creative, and be surrounded by people I love who support each other and share the same goals in life.