The New York Ripper (1982)


Directed by: Lucio Fulci

Produced & Written by: Gianfranco Clerici, Vincenzo Mannino, Lucio Fulci & Dardano Sacchetti


Jack Hedley .... Lt. Fred Williams
Almanta Suska .... Fay Majors
Howard Ross .... Mickey Scellenda
Andrea Occhipinti .... Peter Bunch
Alexandra Delli Colli .... Jane Forrester Lodge
Paolo Malco .... Dr. Paul Davis

Release Dates: Theatrical: March 4, 1982 (Italy); June 10, 1982 (West Germany); June 19, 1982 (Spain); August 12, 1982 (Netherlands); September 24, 1982 (Hong Kong); May 4, 1983 (France); August 12, 1983 (Portugal); August 29, 1983 (Denmark); Limited Theatrical: October 5, 1984 (USA); Octopus Film Festival: August 26, 2008



A burned-out New York police detective teams up with a college psychoanalyst to track down a vicious serial killer randomly stalking and killing various young women around the city.


When the film starts off it takes place at a beach type of an area where the owner tosses a stick for his dog and the story leaves an impression that this animal is going to bring something back and it certain isn't the stick he tossed for his pet which looked clever watching this scene revealing itself.
An attention grabber is when an irresponible young woman riding her bike and not watching where she's going and getting on a ferry to the statue of liberty which is a great hint that she is next to being done in and no escape with the boat in the middle of the water reaching to it's destination as this was done in fair taste.
When our head detective goes on a mission to look for the killer he walks into a live sex act theatre which was interesting seing live porn as it mostly focused on two getting it in a bed on stage as well as a strange woman
Jane Forrester Lodge watching this and getting aroused while watching this as these situations were a total time waster.
Then after the show is over one of the performers is in her dressing room with a green light shining on her as this leaves another hint that the killer is hiding and watching and a good attack on this victim later on.
Jane is at a rough type of bar watching some pool players and then they sexually harrass her while sitting at her table with close up shots on all of this and yes folks this was another time waster big time.
However a nice situation with another of our lead character's named Fay Majors on a subway and a strange man stares at her and creeping up to her while she runs away which is supposed to lead to making you wonder if this person is the killer but yet we all know that would be too easy since the story isn't finished just yet and we all know in any slasher films that anyone that's revealed is near the end of the story. However she goes into the porn theatre with some strange and deadly happenings which looked well done and have one of the main characters being revealed which is a total brain teaser after we see on what happens after this scene unravels.
Then the strange man from the subway is getting it on with a prostitute at a hotel as she hears on the news about a dangerous killer being described in which she tries to escape as she possibly can while this man is asleep which keeps you in suspense as she was tied to a bed and she tries to find a way on untying herself. Not an easy getaway at all.
When the police tries to track down the killers next deadly deeds on his female victims it starts off with a strange phone call and trying to track it as to where the calls are coming from which almost reminded me a bit of some elements on When a Stranger Calls and Black Christmas but this was alot cheesier and not spooky at all.
Bottom line is that this is an italian film as the makers went to New York for the most part to shoot it and it was utterly pointless and has been done before with the odd effective and mysterious touches. Saves it from bombing for that reason.

Most of the actors in this flick were italian as their voices were overdubbed so it's hard to tell about their talents but I will do my best.... Jack Hedley (Lt. Fred Williams) seemed to steal the show with his performance as a tough as nails detective as he comes across powerfully as someone not to mess with when he confronts somebody else. Seemed to have the right drive for all on what he did here. Had rhe right looks an appeal as well as portray this type of role.
Almanta Suska (Fay Majors
) seemed to have the nice healthy girl looks and does a nice job acting alert on situations as well as reacting emotionally freaked out when the terror strikes her. Definetely a right choice for the role that she portrayed here. She was a total ball of energy.
Andrea Occhipinti (Peter Bunch) also seemed to stand out nicely as her boyfriend showing off a nice sympathetic attitude throughout whatever he does here. He seemed to breeze through his scene's pretty nicely within all that he did. Shows off some nice spunk and energy too like the rest of the cast that was so far mentioned.
Alexandra Delli Colli (Jane Forrester Lodge) delivered her role well with her tense and timid expressions and came across like that very nicely. She for sure did a nice job as someone whom is mysterious within everything that she had to do in her role. Was for sure an attention grabber big time.

A couple are doing a live sex act in a theatre in a bed with a woman's breast and crotch revealed.
A prostitute of the detective that he slept with gets out of bed fully nude.
Prostitute is tied to a bed fully nude.
Another hooker is bare breasted while being tortured.

A piece of a hand is revealed retrieved by a dog.
Many bloody stabbingsbeing cut from the bottom and rising up.
A side of a guys face is shot.

Francesco De Masi composes the music for the film in which he does a superb job in it giving alot of the scene's a 007 type of feel to it all especially during the opening credits used in it. Plus he has a real effective guitar riff for a stalking moment in a subway station which I will never forget and sounds awesome. In many spots there's bass guitar thumping as well as the odd flute and saxophone playing too. Italian composers for a horror film is sure different than american one's and in a good way too. Not always that same old classical score.

[Rosie, riding a bicycle, accidently brushes past a misogynist owner's red Volkswagen]
Red Volkswagen owner: Hey! Watch where you're going!
Rosie: I'm sorry. I was thinking of Boston.
Red Volkswagen owner: You women are all the same! A menace to society! You women should stay at home where you belong. You've got the brains of a chicken!
Rosie: And you're an asshole! Ciao!

Lt. Fred Williams: Would you get me some coffee?
Kitty: Sweetheart! I'm a prositute, not your wife. If you want coffee, make it yourself!

The Ripper: [voice] But you won't understand me, you'll never understand me! You're too stupid! Quack! Quack! Quack!