Pieces (1982)


Directed by: Juan Piquer Simon

Written by: Dick Randall & Joe D'Amato


Christopher George .... Det. Lt. Bracken
Lynda Day .... Mary Riggs
Frank Brana .... Det. Sgt. Holden
Edmund Purdom .... The Dean

Ian Sera .... Kendall James
Paul L. Smith .... Willard
Jack Taylor .... Prof. Arthur Brown
Isabelle Luque .... Sylvia

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 23, 1982 (Spain); September 23, 1983 (USA); December 7, 1983 (France)




A demented kid who is obsessed with pornography butchers his Mom with an axe and 40 years later a chainsaw killer is hacking away co-ed girls at a college campus while putting together his pornographic jigsaw puzzle but can't find out who the killer is so two detectives named Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) and Sgt. Holden (Frank Brana) go on an investigation but finds out the body parts are missing on each corpse in which he plans to make a pornographic puzzle of his own using body parts.
One of the workers there who is a landscaper named Willard (Paul L. Smith) is a possible suspect but after being framed the killer keeps on hacking these girls away.
Bracken goes to the aid of the agent at the campus who's a tennis athlete named Mary Riggs (Lynda Day) and a student hoping to be an officer named Kendall James (Ian Sera) to find out the killers indentity.


I found the killing scene's with the chainsaw not too convincing or the victims screaming too realistic at all but maybe cause most of it is overdubbed.
There's a discussion between Sylvia towards Prof. Arthur Brown in a hallway asking him about her breasts and how they look right or somewhere along those lines which looked extremely trashy.
We have good shots on the killers gloves talking out a puzzle and different takes putting each one together after he kills someone.
There's some good shots on the killers footsteps walking in the hallway or corridors and then activating his chainsaw.
A cheesy shot on Willard cutting some trees with a chainsaw along having a conversation with Det. Sgt. Holden which looked cheaply done too.
Terrible discussions that surround Det. Lt. Bracken, Holden and the Dean in an office trying to solve the unsolved slaughterings at the school.
We have a good first time conversation between Bracken and Mary Riggs on asking for help but again they often do well together.
Good shots on Mary playing tennis with her competitor along with cheesy shots on the audience looking back and fourth on the ball.
A good shot on the hooded killer walking into an elevator with a chainsaw hiding behind his back.
There was a good shot on a chainsaw sawing open a wooden door and coming in for the kill.
A good scene with Kendall James by trying to talk to Mary on a couch with her almost paralyzed.
We spot a good camera shot on the Dean attacking Kendall with a knife with him struggling to stay alive.
Bottom line: UGH!!! a terrible film from start to finish but for some gorehounds they considered this one a cult classic but probably cause it starred the two married couple's Christopher George and Lynda Day.
Made on a terrible budget with bad sound quality too filmed in Spain which they don't have as good of a budget like in other countries so they write a bad plot and cover it with tons of graphic gore and nudity to keep the viewers attention. It is mysterious on who the killer is though but it doesn't make up for this film at all in which they tried to make this film as original as possible. Of course they even put on their poster "You Don't Have to go to Texas... for a Chainsaw Massacre" which shows it all that this film is classic trash.

The acting is quite bad but they are performed by alot of local Spanish actors with their words dubbed by American actors.
Cult icon Christopher George (Det. Lt. Bracken) should really be ashamed of his work on this film as he's done better films than this as this is probably his worst film and one of his last one's too before his death. He did the best he can to play a detective with his usual growly voice.
Lynda Day
(Mary Riggs) seems to ull off her part well showing a good character and great intense energy too showing everying that she's got.
Does well screaming intensely after spotting a slaughter showing great expressions. In another part does well acting drugged. Also quarter way though does well almost acting paralyzed.
Frank Brana
(Det. Sgt. Holden) seems to have the perfect look for the head detective in the film and the right attitude too so another point for this fellow.
Edmund Purdom
(The Dean) on the other hand was quite bland with his performance in the film and did nothing for me.
Ian Sera
(Kendall James) was average in the film as the head co-ed but his part was necessary for the horror film and the odd time was impressive with his work too when he shows his intensity. She
does well by getting sick after spotting a slaughter in an elevator and really knew how to behave intensely.
Paul L. Smith
(Willard) was alot better as Bluto in Popeye and you can tell he had limitations for playing a role like that but he was ok as a suspect. However he was awfully cheesy with his actions.
Yet we have a great blocking on him when he physically bashes the actors as police officers trying to arrest him.
Jack Taylor
(Prof. Arthur Brown) had a good serious attitude as the part of the professor at the school nad showed good serious expressions too.

There's a puzzle of a full nude woman.
A blonde takes off the top of her bikini to go swimming in a pool.
A guy gets out of bed fully naked to look out a window and his girlfriend shows a tit shot while in bed.
There's a corpse of a breasted woman.
A tennis player is taking a shower bare breasted at times exposing her butt and briefly shows her vagina while changing. She is fully breasted while running away from the chainsaw killer.

An abusive mother is bloodily hacked by a saw along with her sawed off head in a closet.
A co-ed's head is chopped off by a chainsaw.
Pieces of another co-ed's body is spotted near a swimming pool.
A dancer has her arms sawed off in an elevator.
A woman is bloodily stabbed on a waterbed.
A tennis player is sawed in half in a change room.
There's a bloody ending but that would spoil it.

We have some excellent windy synthesizer music during most scene's of this film as well as the odd cheesy chiming music and a quarter way when they solve who the killer is great adventureous music which is the only good thing with this turkey composed by