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Welcome everyone to our radio plays as each episode packs alot of suspense and terror with a new chapter every time. A great time to listen to it during late at night for a bedtime story for those who love to be scared before going to sleep. The series started in late January of 2007.

Written by: Laura O'Connell
Directed by: Heath Horejda
Sound & Recording by: Dave Cockram and Heath Horejda

Greg Russell Tiderington .... Andy
Sheryl Thompson .... Jane
Quey Phillips .... Tara
Richard Floyd .... Old Man
Chad Riley .... Bar Man
Bruce Pollock .... Narrator

Poster Design by Gregory and Brian Milne -www.vancityangels.com

 A group of tourists stay at a resort hoping for some fun and romance down in Ireland but they run into an old man who tells them the tale of the fishermans widow who haunts the place and although they don''t believe the story thinking it's just to scare people for staying out late the terror starts to unravel. (Part One of Two)

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