Raw Meat (1973)

Story & Directed by: Gary Sherman

Written by:
Ceri Jones


Donald Pleasance .... Inspector Calhoun
Norman Rossington .... Detective Sergeant Rogers
David Ladd .... Alex Campbell
Sharon Gurney .... Patricia Wilson
Hugh Armstrong .... The Man
Clive Swift .... Inspector Richardson

Special Appearance:

Christopher Lee .... Stratton Villiars/M5

Release Date: Theatrical: September, 1973



At an abandoned subway tunnel in the UK which caused an explosion a man who survived the explosions seems to feast on regular passengers at a nearby station.
A young couple named Alex Campbell (David Ladd) and Patricia Wilson (Sharon Gurney) are scared to go to a certain station where all of this is happening since they spot someone seriously hurt and then ended up missing afterwards.
Suddenly this maniac kidnaps Patricia and keeps her at his hideout and Alex gets anxious when he realises that she's not around and is risking his life to look for her down at the subway tunnels.


A good conversation scene between Inspector Calhoun by acting cocky and obnoxious towards Alex Campbell who acts frusterated while being questioned about a situation with the camera sometimes circling around them.
A good close up shot in an abandoned tunnel with some water dripping and then a rat eating on a chewed up arm with suddenly the camera zooming on both the Man and his mistress as a canniballistic couple with her suffocating half to death along with good artsy gruesome shots on some corpses half eaten. Next we spot a nice shot away on the abandoned tunnel's. All of this looked very dark and creepy.
We show many creepy shots on the Man getting depressed and going around his area grieving which makes the scene look totally twisted.
There's a good moment with tunnel workers at a subway with them having a conversation and then the lights go out and suddenly one of them appears with a blade in their head which is close to a jumping moment as well as the Man approaching and attacking the others which looked very horror like and high paced energy too.
A good moment with both Alex and Patricia Wilson getting off a subway at a station making sure nothing dangerous is happening and then trying to get something they left off the subway with Alex himself not getting off on time and then a good close up shot on Patricia waving to him with a good jumping moment on the Man is grabbing her.
There's many great shots on Alex walking through the town trying to search for his girfriend and then calling at the closed subway station with the gate closed and nice spooky abandoned shots around the subway area with his echoing. There's a good moment with someone trying to talk to him calmly and him acting aggressive with him which looked very well done that you don't wanna break his patience and get rough with him.
Many good scene's with the Man by getting anxious and stomping on a bunch of rats and a close up shot on him eating one as well as acting freaky towards Patricia and her crying and getting scared showing alot of good energy there. There's also a great shot on her running away through the tunnel passageways as well as him holding a lantern calling out "Mind the doors!".
We have a nice shot on him finding her kneeling down near a corner and him approaching her trying to touch her and her shrugging him off.
A nice shot on Alex walking through some abandoned subway tracks trying to look for her.
A good shot on him running towards her and then a good jumping moment with Armstrong coming from nowhere leaping on him and a nice struggling scene between the two of them.
There's many good effective shots on Calhoun,
Detective Sergeant Rogers and Inspector Richardson spotting the chewed up corpses and looking a bit shocked.
Bottom line is that the story sounds creepy and it is creepy in some spots but yet it can give you a headache with all that's happneing there and is very slow during the beginning too. It ratede higher than a bomb due to it being effective plus it was original too (Later on critics would say that this was overly done since more like this one was made later on). I am almost convinced this is what inspired other horror flicks like C.H.U.D. and a bit on the prologue of My Bloody Valentine. I found those flicks alot better though.
It is interestting to see what goes on with anyone who lives in an abandoned subway tunnels in the UK and how dangerous it can be. There are some gruesome artsy moments on the cannibalism as well as the odd jumps and scares with this cannibal attacking. But otherwise you may want to skip this one and watch the film's I mentioned since you'd get alot more out of them since this film remained very obscure and remained a minor cult flick.

The acting is not too bad as Donald Pleasance (Inspector Calhoun) really brought terrific energy to his role in the film acting very aggressive, cocky and obnoxious in which I am convinced that it impressed John Carpenter to play Loomis in Halloween. He brought tons of energy to his role in this one and deserved good credit. He brought it out so well he reminds you of one of those closed minded Inspector's you don't want to deal with.
David Ladd
(Alex Campbell) brought his nice guy charm to life and his good looks to the film were another good drawing card for the hero of a horror flick. He brought alot of character and really knew how to act panicky and anxious too along with knowing his blocking for every scene in the film.
Sharon Gurney
(Patricia Wilson) really drew her part in well as she knew how to act disturbed and intense being an innocent victim for the film. She looked good for the part to top it off and brought a nice innocence to the picture as if you'd want to protect her.
Hugh Armstrong
(The Man) really knew how to act creepy as the canniballistic killer in the film acting as if he was on some heavy duty drugs the way he lead his lifestyle too. He almost seemed like a zombie of some sort.

Many shots on half eaten corpses and chewed off arms
A guy's head is hacked by a blade
A person is stabbed through with a borken piece of wood from a broom
Rats are devoured and stomped on
The Man looks gruesome with sking torn off his head

There's some cheesy but neat artsy low sounding music by a trombone and keyboard playing too which gives the film a gruesome sound with all that's happening in the tunnel's with the canniballistic moments. We also spot the odd hearbeatings too. All of this was performed by Wil Malone and Jeremy Rose.

[repeated line]
The 'Man': Mind the doors!