Satan's Schoolgirls (2004)

Written, Photographed, Edited & Directed by: Ted W. Crestview

Executive Produced & Written by:
Terry West


J. Scott Green .... Father Thomas
Suzi Lorraine .... Sister Helen
Kerri Taylor .... Tammy
Jane Scarlett .... Julian
Shannon Moore .... Karen
Brandy D'Vinn .... Lily

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 1, 2004




A well intentioned minister named Father Thomas (J. Scott Green) decides to signs on for a quiet summer school session at a rustic school for girls in the country, he gets more than he bargained for.
He meets up with four troubled girls who have a passion for lust as one of them named Karen (Shannon Moore) is a lesbian who loved to perform strip teases and tried to get it on with the other girls and others try to get it on with anyone around them.
To top it all off Sister Helen (Suzi Lorraine) seems to punish them but in sleazy ways since she seems to be a part of their game.
This summer school is possessed by demons as years ago a sacrific happened there by a satanic killer and this killer seems to possess the people around this place by killing these girls.


Man oh man when I saw what this was shot on I knew I was in for trouble. I mean there's an awful scene with someone doing a satanic cult which doesn't look gothic at all like it was supposed to have and then later on as time goes by we see a preacher Father Thomas getting off looking at some pornographic pictures which I'm sure Jimmy Swaggart would really get a kick out of.
It also shows some private school girls talking bad about a yard worker which almost seems to borrow a bit from the 1980 classic Prom Night but folks this film is not a knock off of that film but alot worst since it looked amateurish.
There's some cheesy shots on the preacher being tortured which looked a bit intense and painful looking.
Of course there's scene's with a lesbian doing a voodoo type dance with some music topless wearing her dress and then the head Nun who looks way too young to portray this role punishing her for doing this which really lacks as well as getting her aroused. I mean this scene makes no sense at all.
The film shows a distance shot on Karen dancing topless in her room as well as the camera closing and and a nice shot looking up on her grooving to the music with an interruption on Sister Helen and a good shot on Lorraine going under Karen's dress and getting aroused.
There's of course girls hanging out with this lesbian doing a strip tease as well as Sister Helen getting perverted by spanking her with a ping pong paddle. There's a shot looking up on Sister Helen doing a strip tease with the other actresses watching unamused which looks like a total bore. Plus, there's the yard worker fornicating with one of the other girls doggystyle and I am thinking to myself when is the horror going to come into this as I thought I was watching a soft core porn dud.
Well it eventually comes in with some slaughterings exposed which was supposed to look dark and intense with someone witrnessing this and it looked so cheap.
We spot a moment with Lily getting uncomfortable when Karen tries to touch her breasts which lacks big time. Then there's a corny camera shot zooming in on Karen with her getting afraid which looked incredibly terrible as well as her wide eyed reactions with a machette to her neck. This even looked more awful and too planned out.
A nice shot on Tammy having a bad dream with her tossing and turning along with Julian trying to wake her up and talking calmly to her telling her that they have to get out which is the best moments so far.
There's also a mysterious killer coming in to murder that sleazy lesbian with a machette but this scene is no Friday the 13th whatsoever.
Then the excitement really goes on when a sacrifice is about to happen with the main minister possessed but folks none of this was convincing whatsoever and it's amazing what some friends can do by shooting their own video and this is exactly what it looks like.
There's some cheesy shots on Sister Helen acting vicious towards Tammy as well as well as Father Thomas approaching and acting nasty by stabbing her which looked a bit tacky and lacking. There's also a wide shot focuing on him by acting crazy and vicious which looked a bit better with the energy but not much.
There's some interesting camera shots on Father Thomas out in the woods with Tammy tied up crying which doesn't look impressive at all as well as him about to do a sacrificice with more wide close up shots on him acting crazy.
This doesn't get any better folks.
Bottom line is this film looks like that it should've been out on the Playboy channel but very late at night when not many people are awake to watch this offering alot of perverted nudity and punishments. This is something you'd definetely want to skip since it barely had a plot to it and not the least bit scary either.

The acting is so terrible. Lead actor J. Scott Green (Father Thomas) seems to be the only one who can just pass by playing his part as a minister in which he shows an okay seriousness to his part in the film. He seemed to study this role a bit but he is no award winning material. When he goes crazy he is sometimes a little too over the top.
uzi Lorraine (Sister Helen) who played the Nun tried her best to act sleazy and abusive with her actions but yet she seemed to try way too hard with her work on all of this and came across as quite wooden. She tried to be as aggressive and energetic as possible though. There's a scene when she scolds someone which looked unnatural.
Jane Scarlett
(Julian) seemed to draw attention as a senstive one who is bothered easily by the sleazy stuff as well as acting soft spoken. She was not too bad but yet when she tries to act uncomfortable it seems too obvious that she's trying to act it out instead of it being natural.
Shannon Moore
(Karen) seemed to be the attention getter as the lesbian in the film but yet she tries so hard to act butch which almost works but not enough effort as well as her getting aggressive and crude she is so unbelieveable by doing that too. She seems to know how to do a strip tease well though which is saying very little.
Also she cusses someone out which lacks big time.

Amy Margaret's breasts are revealed as a victim during a sacrifice.
Margaret is full nude wearing something over her head when she is about to strike a perverted preacher over the head.
Shannon Moore
is topless wearing a dress doing a demonic type of dance
Moore's butt is revealed during another segment with her butt ghetting whacked by a ping pong paddle.
Moore does another strip tease for the other girls fully exposing her breasts.
Brandy D'Vinn exposes her breasts while taking a shower as well as turning around exposing her butt and then a full nude shot top to bottom.
Kerri Taylor
is tied up during a sacrifice and her top is lifted up exposing her breasts.

An object is stabbed though the side of a preachers head
Some bloody stabbings
There's some body pieces revealed like an arm and a foot
A woman is stabbed through the chest very bloodied
A machette is cut through a woman's neck in a shower

There's some motor whirling sounds for a nightmare sequence which sounds a bit off and trashy sounding. There's also some piano playing too which tries to make the scene's effective but it doesn't work. There's also some dark synthesizer sounds as usual for a bad flick like this all put together by Andy Ascolese, Marco Fratto and Frank Garfi.