Saw X (2023)


Edited & Directed by: Kevin Greutert

Written by: Josh Stolberg & Pete Goldfinger


Tobin Bell .... John Kramer
Shawnee Smith .... Amanda Young
Synnøve Macody Lund .... Cecilia Pederson
Steven Brand .... Parker Sears
Renata Vaca .... Gabriela
Octavio Hinojosa .... Mateo
Paulette Hernandez .... Valentina
Costas Mandylor .... Hoffman

Special Appearance:

Michael Beach .... Henry Kessler

Release Date:
Theatrical: September 29, 2023





John Kramer (Tobin Bell) has devastating news that he has brain cancer and only has months to live.
His doctor's daughter Cecilia Peterson
(Synnøve Macody Lund) refers him to a clinic in Mexico.
Later on he finds out that his whole operation is a scam and he plays his deadly game to the people who set him up.


The beginning looked well focused as we see our beloved John Kramer after getting therapy for his cancer that he only has months to live as this made me wonder if this will be the last of the Saw legacy.
Then he goes into group therapy which looked well focused on others discussing their situations with nice camera shots on the whole scenario.
During these moments things look slightly confusing in which we spot a victim in Kramer's game in order to survive as this person has to torture himself in order to try and survive in which he has to turn a knob and intense pain happens with him. Well shot moments during this and can make you cringe while watching this outcome.
Kramer is asked to fly down to Mexico and gets a life from a cab driver Diego but is caugh by surprise by thugs making out that he is being kidnapped. However, things aren't what they seem here which is a brain teaser and will see what I mean here.
Then when he arrives to his destination there's a nice calm welcoming feel to this person which seemed natural while watching all of this. Plus there's a scene when he helps make a bike for a little boy showing his caring side which we haven't seen in the previous sequels. Very well crafted.
You wonder if the horror will happen??? Trust me it does and boy does it ever after he finds out that he's been scammed by these people. Get ready for a terror on these people!!!!
He plays a game with the cab driver Diego in which he has to torture himself when there's a ticking timebomb on both of his arms. The shots looked good and graphic along with things looking painful. Made me watch carefully wondering if he will complete Kramer's game and survive.
The rest end up being kidnapped with the aid of Amanda Young. In one of the kidnapping moments Cecilia Pederson is going to her building and things are dark and quiet as this moment is genuinely spooky since it leaves the story a feel that someone is watching her along with her looking on the TV monitors in which a situation almost made me jump out of my seat.
The kidnapped people are together in different types of objects making them by having no hope of escape and are forced to play the game so we're in for the terror in which one of them has to do something to her leg to free herself which is torturous to the extreme and boy is this moment ever graphic compared to the near ending on the original one. Definetely hard to watch!!!!
Another one has to do something to his skull with real fast action camera shots on all of this in which this psyched me out and got me boggled. It looked incredibly intense to watch all of this unravel. A greatly crafted situation and well written into the story as this moment was different to watch.
With all of this happening one of them named Parker breaking into the clinic but is chained up. Yet when he frees himself he turned the table on Kramer and Young when he threatens to shoot them if not. This was also a different scenario compared to the previous flicks and I was cheering on but had a feeling that he will not succeed. Well all I can say is that Parker is a badass and so is another fellow whom made out was innocent as well. I won't give it away though. These final moments are full of adrenaline and excitement too. Kramer definetely has a vengeful taste with his own devices that's for sure!!!
Bottom line is that this is probably the best sequel on the whole Saw legacy in which there's no twists to this one and was entertaining to watch on the big screen. I would recommend this one offering tons of horror violence for you gorehounds along with the tension towards the victims that were used in Jigsaw's game. The near ending is clever too on the people who though they could get away but a tape is awaiting for them on what to do.

As always the performances are great in which we get to see a versatile performance on Tobin Bell (John Kramer) by being a cancer victim in which he shows off a mellow and laid back type of attitude. I really liked on what he portrayed here showing towards others that he's not such a bad person after all. Does well with his icy speaking as well as showing some gasping action when he falls for being a victim himself. Two thumbs up as always for this guy.
Shawnee Smith (Amanda Young) offers a great seriousness in her part. She shows an expressionless type whenever she her part in Jigsaw's game. Definetely offers a versatile behavior when the terror strikes her by acting upset and fearful.
Synnøve Macody Lund (Cecilia Pederson) was probably the best out of the cast in which she shows a nice heartwarming and calm behavior. Defientely has the right attitude to portray a doctor in this one. Plus has a good accent for the job. Also offers a terrific versatile personality later on by acting evil and wicked with her words and actions. A true versatile actress without a doubt.
Steven Brand (Parker Sears) drew a great seriousness to his role as well as acting believeably arrogant and ruthless too. Was terrific by getting into someone's face and being perfectly demanding towards others. Had the right looks and appeal for this kind of role.
Renata Vaca (Gabriela) shows off a nice and welcoming behavior and making this moment realistic. Was perfect with her soft spoken attitude. Knew on how to act timid as well as being intensely scared with her sobbing behavior when having to play Jigsaw's game.
Paulette Hernandez (Valentina) however was the best with her fearful behavior as well as acting insanely mad by what she has to do. Shows off a great and wild sobbing attitude. She definetely made her supporting role very noticeable.

Eyeballs are plucked out from a machine
Persons skin is torn off while trying to free himself from an attached time bomb
Leg and arm is sliced off
Someone is forced to to saw the back of his head and pick at his brain
Face is burned

Charlie Clouser outdid himself again as this was probably his best work in which there's great hissing sounds and whooshing as well as banging music. Has some great high pitched intense violin music. Other great classical sounds too. Plus there's the odd vocal hjarmonising for the necessary scene's. He even had a touch of old school sounds for the near creepy moments which showed off some great timing. Sometimes there's echoey piano playing and as mentioned in other reviews sounds too overrated and wasn't for me. Yet, the rest of the score made up for all of it.