Scream 2 (1997)

Directed by: Wes Craven

Written by:
Kevin Williamson


David Arquette .... Deputy Dewey
Neve Campbell .... Sidney
Courtney Cox .... Gale Weathers
Jerry O'Connell .... Derek
Laurie Metcalf .... Debbie Salt
Jamie Kennedy .... Randy
Timothy Olyphant .... Mickey
Liev Schreiber .... Cottom Weary
Elise Neal .... Hallie
Sarah Michelle Gellar .... Cici
Duane Martin .... Joel

Special Appearances:

Jada Pinkett Smith .... Maureen
Omar Epps .... Phil
Marisol Nichols .... Dawnie
Tori Spelling .... Herself
Heather Graham .... 'Stab' Casey
Luke Spelling .... 'Stab' Billy
Rebecca Gayheart .... Sorority Sister Lois
Portia de Rossi .... Sorority Sister Murphy
David Warner .... Drama Teacher Gus Gold
Rebecca McFarland .... Theater Girl

Release Dates: Theatrical: December 12, 1997; Fantasporto Film Festival: February 23, 1998

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A year after those awful incidents on the murders a fact based movie on all of that called Stab is premiering in a local town and two couples Phil (Omar Epps) and Maureen (Jada Pinkett Smith) decide to go and watch it but are murdered from another ghost faced killer while things go wild during the showing with the audience participating.
Sidney (Neve Campbell) and Randy (Jamie Kennedy) are now in college and trying to move forward but this killer wants to play a game with them in which they go to the aid of other survivors known as Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) who try to do anytrhing to find out where the killer will show up next after he makes a call to them before he gets them.
Everyone at the university is not to be trusted as Sidney encounters one of her classmates Cottom Weary (Liev Shreiber) gets strange and aggressive towards her when he questions her about the murder cases and her charming boyfriend Derek (Jerry O'Connell) even gets disappointed with her insecure behavior.
To top it all off one of the dancers in her musical rehearsal tried to kill her right there. She can't seem to escape the madness anywhere that she goes to and more people around her are starting to drop like flies.


This sequel was almost as good as the first film but this time things are a bit different since the kids are now in college and at sorority's too plus they're famous from the murders since some filmmakers made a fact based movie called Stab in which the film opens up with a couple going in to see it and get a free ghost face costume too. I just think to myself this would be great if it was so common for a theatrical premiere to get this type of stuff. There's a good moment with Maureen and Phil as a couple watching the premiere of the movie and acting like a believeable couple. There's also a nice moment with a couple getting popcorn and the girlfriend telling the boyfriend it's nothing to joke about since the movie was fact based.
Of course when they're watching the film the story is fabricated showing the first victim about to take a shower before going to watch a video of her favourite horror film. This really does go to show when someone makes a fact base show they throw in other stuff to make it look entertaining so it will make the viewers watch all of it.
There's a nice moment with the ghost faced killer going to the seat next to Maureen as well as her touching him and looking at her hands realising it's blood with a shocked expression on her face as well as him stabbing her and she wobbles up to the screen which looked nicely done along with the screen showing 'Stab' Casey being stabbed. Then a nice wide eyed shot on Maureen and a good shot on the audience staring at her with good close up shots on them removing their masks staring at her in concern. Then a good close up shot on her falling down with blood oozing out of her mouth. All of this was perfectly done making it effective for the start of this sequel.
Of course when she gets killed in a theatre as you think to yourself how can this killer get away with so many witnesses but yet so much excitment is going on with people pretending to act like this since it was a party that no one would notice what was real or not.
There's a great moment with Phil going into a washroom and then later on putting his ear next to one of the metal objects in the washroom and then a great shot on the ghost faced killer on the other side stabbing through and hitting his head with a nice shot on him falling down in his own blood.
Then there's the prank phone calls from fans trying to threaten the real Sidney with her catching on to them since she has a call display in which is very common for almost everyone these days.
There's a good moment with Sidney being preoccupied on some duties while Debbie Salt pesters her telling her she loved her book with a nice moment on her trying to brush her off which looked powerfully done.
A good moment with Deputy Dewey having a nice concerned discussion with Sidney on what was going on with a good camera shot between the two of them talking.
A good moment with Dewey being angry towards Gale Weathers and getting a bit firm with her which looked very well done as well as a camera shot looking down over his head with her trying to talk to him smiling and trying to give him a kiss.
There's also some hack n slash sorority house murders too which seems to make the scene's necessary since back in the 80's this was common for a killer to go to. After all the Scream movies are a tribute to old school horror flicks.
A good shot on Cici sitting in her couch and watching TV while she takes a phone call. Then there's great camera shots on her in the halls and her getting scared trying to run outside to make a security call as well as a nice silent moment on her walking back in the hallway and then one of the sorority sisters approaching her with a good screaming reaction which totally makes you jump out of your seat. Then a nice shot on them having a conversation with a background shot on ghostface running inside from the outside door.
A great moment with Sidney going to the sorority house and then picking up the phone that's ringing there with the creepy voice and her nervously speaking telling him to show himself and hanging up with a great shot on the ghostface killer trying to attack her as well as spotting Derek on the other end of the door pounding on it with a good shot on a knife stabbing through it.
There's a great moment with Gale having a no bullshit attitude to try and find out what's going on at the sorority house and confronting someone.
Then the survivors from the last film try to get together to track this killer down including receiving a call from one of them at a park and looking for anyone with a cell to see who this killer is which looked pretty clever for the killer to still catch one of them without figuring out where he will be at and yet it works.
It keeps getting better and better as there's even a moment with the killer trying to kill Sidney disguising himself as one of the dancers for a musical during a rehearsal so you can't trust anyone since everyone is a suspect including Sidney's faithful boyfriend.
A nice discussion with a drama teacher talking nicely towards Sidney with good angle shots on the two of them sitting in seats at a theatre rehearsal which looked nicely done.
There's a terrific camera shot looking up and in other angles on Sidney performing a song with others swarming around her as dancers and then a good shot on one of them wearing a ghost faced mask with her freaking out which looked suspenseful too along with him trying to stab her.
There's terrific close up shots on both Randy and Dewey at a table outside discussing that a killer could be a woman and discussing horror films about it showing their faces and excited expressions bringing on a terrific pace with all of this.
A good moment with Derek trying to talk to Sidney about what happened backstage with her acting insecure about stuff and then a good close up shot on him looking disappointed which looked impressive making you wonder if he was a suspect to the murders.
There's great shots on Gale, Randy and Dewey trying to look for people with cell phones to try and track down the killer watching them in a park which looked exciting as well as great moments with Randy himself trying to mock this killer while hunting for him talking on his cell phone as well as him standing next to a van which leaves an impression that this isn't a good idea thinking the killer is inside and about to drag him in like you see in some slasher flicks like this one.
There's a great moment with Derek coming up to Sidney at a school cafeteria and talking to her as well as a good camera shot looking up on him on a table singing "I Think I Love You" which looked very lifelike along with shots on the students clapping their hands to his singing.
A good moment with Cotton Weary cornering Sidney and speaking silently towards her as well as him getting aggressive with great close up shots on this making this scene look a bit intense.
There's nice shots between Gale and Dewey making out near a theatre and then a good shot on a TV screen activating with the ghost faces killer watching them and running away with them trying to chase after this killer along with good dark shots on them looking in different areas of the theatre.
There's a good shot on someone in from of a car with the ghostface driving at full speed trying to run him over as well as a great shot on the car smashing with gruesome results. Also a perfect shot on Sidney trying to get herself out of a car moving over and about to climb out of the window with a nice close up shot on her hand about to remove the mask which makes you cringe wondering if this killer will wake up.

There's also a moment with this killer passed out due to a car accident with Sidney and her classmate in the back of the car trying to get out and like most slasher films don't kill this killer while trying to get out or almost unmasking them to see who it is showing very little intelligence on these two characters.
Of course near the ending was great with the killers revealed and seemed to borrow the similar chemistry in the first Friday the 13th flick. You will see what I mean when you watch this but it's not at a summer camp.
Bottom line is this film isn't as gruesome as the first one, not as much discussing about retro horror films with this killer based their murders on them and less humoress but yet still offers some jumps when you least expect it during some still and quiet moments throughout the story and can be adored by the same fans of the first film.

The acting is still in great shape as David Arquette (Deputy Dewey) is at it again with serious injuries that are healing as he almost acts like that he has cerebral palsy. He is less humoress this time. He still brought some funny characterisitics even when he tries to be serious which works and brings on a great charm to his role nevertheless.
Neve Campbell
(Sidney) also returns since she is the main icon for the film as she portrays a great tough as nails attitude not taking crap from this killer now. She also knew on how to behave insecure and paranoid with all that's happening as well as being very energetic with her battles too which showed great enthusiasm. She does well witha prank caller and getting smart on this and giving this person a warning.
Courtney Cox
(Gale Weathers) was another perfect reprising one in the film looking hotter than ever as well as getting bitchier too. Plus she really knew on how to be serious with her no bullshit attitude with the murder cases. a great reaction on her screaming in terror after she opens a van door. She still portrays a great heroic type for the film as well as really getting in your face about stuff. Talent is what this gal has.
Jerry O'Connell
(Derek) brought on everything in this film. His good looks, charming guy next door attitude and his caring emotions too. I always enjoyed watching him perform in shows since that kids Canadian TV series My Secret Identity. He brought out a great outgoing attitude with tons of energy to his role as well as showing some upsetting emotions in which he was a perfect key role as a suspect in the film.
Laurie Metcalf
(Debbie Salt) shows a good pesturing behavior in her part of the film as well as having a calmness to certain spots of the story. She also acts high strung at times too which works very well along with having real aggressive energy too in scene's I'm not allowed to discuss as it would be a spoiler. All in all I liked her role in this and she proved she can make it into movies than playing Jackie in TVs blockbuster Roseanne.
amie Kennedy (Randy) also reprises his role and is less geeky in his part bringing out alot of outgoing attitude with all that he's doing and acting full of life along with getting to the point on stuff. He drew attention big time for this sequel than in the first flick.
Liev Schreiber
(Cotton Weary) shows a real soft speaking type of behavior as well as coming across a bit creepily and aggressive by making himself a perfect suspect in the film yet you know it's too obvious. He was a perfect key character to the flick and knew his craft quite well with this role.
Of course we can't forget about our beloved Buffy character Sarah Michelle Gellar (Cici) who is only in the first quarter of this film but yet she knew on how to act nervous in her role of the film as a sorority sister and shows alot of good freaked out energy too. She was also in I Know What You Did Last Summer so it seems necessary for her to be in this one too. Maybe next she can be in a sequel of a Halloween remake.

A side of a guys head is stabbed in a washroom as well as him falling in his own small pool of blood.
A woman is bloodily stabbed in a movie theatre.
A guy's arm is bloodily stabbed.
A guys body is bloodied in a van.
An officer is slaughtered on front of a car in an accident.
A person is brutally stabbed with blood smeared on some glass.
A person is bloodily shot on a crucifix looking object.
Another person is bloodily shot a few times with blood splurting out.
A person is shot in the head.

Alot of the same thing like in the original but a bit more powerful with the horn playing as well as the violin music. Plus there's some odd chanting sounds too as well as some dark creepy edges during certain moments. Also some heavy drum beats and metal clanging too as usual for 90's slasher flicks like this one.

As for the soundtrack we have a couple of 90's bands doing 70's cover songs for example:
There is a frat scene with one of the college students being tied up with his schoolmates of the song "Right Place Wrong Time" performed by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in which kinda sucked.
Halfway through the closing credits we hear "I Think I Love You" by Less Than Jake in which is very fast paced and incredibly thrashy sounding in which I'm sure that David Cassidy would've thrown up hearing this version of his classic hit even if he hated doing this kind of music for the TV sitcom he starred in.