Scream VI (2023)


Written & Directed by: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett

Written by: James Vanderbilt & Guy Busick


Melissa Barrera .... Sam Carpenter
Jenna Ortega .... Tara Carpenter
Jasmin Savoy Brown .... Mindy Meeks-Martin
Mason Gooding .... Chad Meeks-Martin
Courteney Cox .... Gale Weathers
Dermot Mulroney .... Detective Bailey
Jack Champion .... Ethan Landry
Josh Segarra .... Danny Brackett
Hayden Panettiere .... Kirby Reed
Liana Liberato .... Quinn Bailey
Devyn Nekoda .... Anika Kayoko

Special Appearance:

Skeet Ulrich .... Billy Loomis

Release Dates: Theatrical: March 10, 2023; Night Visions International Film Festival: March 29, 2023 (Finland)





Mysterious Ghostface killers are starting a new chapter in the big apple while Halloween parties are happening. They slaughter people over there while some of the survivors from the previous flick tries to find out on how to stop the slayings .


The film starts off very mysteriously in which there's a University professor waiting for her date in a fancy restaurant and gets a call from him by telling her that he is lost and can't find the area as well as asking her what horror films she likes along with her trying to find where he is in which she goes to a dark alleyway as this left me the chills that it's really the Ghostface killer as this moment was done very cleverly.
In the story when we first see the Ghostface killer doing away with his first victim he takes off his mask revealing himself before he goes home as this can tease you thinking that this won't be a nysterious slasher flick like in the previous one's by knowing who the killer is in the end. I had a feeling there was more to it and I was right. This situation was a true teaser.
After the opening credits we have a reprising character which is Sam Carpenter from the previous sequel in which she gets counselling on what happened beforehand in which the moments on these two people were well focused and good camera takes with the two of them having a discussion. Plus, she talks about who she murdered and this counsellor gets uncomfortable. During this moment I had a feeling that he may report her to the police or someone like that. This moment really worked in well.
Then a Halloween party happens in which this looked fun to watch but there's some sketchy situations where a fight nearly breaks out and moments like this as well as the kids pointing to Sam calling her the psychotic killer.
Sam and her sister Tara are pinned against Ghostface and try to run away in which they go into a corner store as alot of havoc happens there with the gun shooting. Both of them hide and try to find a way on tricking this killer which kept my eyes peeled to see as to what happens next.
After the two of them manage to survive, they are questioned by the FBI and later on we have our beloved character Gale Weathers asking the two of them questions while she is doing her job as a news reporter. This scene pays a tribute to the very first flick and you will see what I mean when you watch the outcome of this situation.
The rest of the young surviving team is pitted against the killer in an apartment and a fellow acorss from them tries to help them by bringing a ladder across to them which looked very dangerous as it gave me a sinking feeling as to what if this was me trying to get away since I have a fear of heights. It made me wonder if they will all make it or not.
A very sad situation with Detective Bailey grieving the death of his daughter from the killers as this drew me in big time on everything looking natural with the interations of others and dramatically well done.
The rest of the gang tries to stick together by taking a subway only the fact that a few of them are too behind and has to catch another one. Here's where it looks suspenseful and interesting to watch as most of these passengers are wearing costumes going to a Halloween party and guess which alof of them are dressed as? Yup Ghostface. It's a real teaser as the subways lights sometimes flicker making it easy for the killer to do someone in right then. Keep watching this scene if you dare.
The action packs up with Gale is on the phone with the killer on the other end while firing her gun as this for sure showing a great vengeance on what is going on as I wanted to see more of this. Yes folks it looked excellent while watching this outcome.
So far more killings have happened when they go to a shrine of belongings from what the original killers did inspiring the movies in which we remember called Stab. I don't want to give too much away but things look awesome to watch as well with one of the friends beating the crap out of one of the killers which I was cheering on within these moments occuring.
While the killers are revealed to terror and suspense piles up greatly as well as having the tables turned on them as well. It was great watching these scene's but don't want to give them away whatsoever.
Bottom line is that the sequels were losing it's touuch more and more so but however this one kicked ass and the best of the sequels. A huge improvement indeed! It was done in a whole new style. I hope they make another one as the makers seems to be back on track with this one saving the best for last.

The acting is great in which we have Melissa Barrera (Sam Carpenter) having a no bullshit attitude as well as getting to the point. She does this all in great style. Also shows off great serious aggressions. Plus she does a nice job by acting heroic too. Definetely one of the best out of the cast within whatever she portrayed here.
Jenna Ortega (Tara Carpenter) has a great hyped up behavior and bringing it to the extreme. She played the younger sister. Was a great ball of spunk, energy and adrenaline. Also does a nice job with her emotional attitude for the upsetting and scared situations and brings this all to life big time.
Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy Meeks-Martin) seemed to have a decent hyped up behavior especially when she explains the situations from the Stab movies and what's about to happen. However she seemed a bit annoying and over the top. Not a bad actress, she just needed a bit of improvements to tone it downin order to seem natural within whatever she's taking about.
Mason Gooding (Chad Meeks-Martin) was a ful force of nature as well as coming across in a fair fashion by acting outgoing. He was a total ball of energy expecially when he fights off someone else. He packed a punch big time while doing all of this.
Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers) is back as she does a great job with her fast talking and fast action moves. She still has it after all the years of the other flicks. Also does great with her tough and vengeful attitude while firing her gun at anything. I found this moment to be her best performance.
Dermot Mulroney (Detective Bailey) has one of the most effective supporting roles. He offers a great seriousness to whatever he did here. Also was great with his sobbing attitude which looked very believeable. To top it all off he shows a nice versatality with his aggressions and vengefulness.
Josh Segarra
(Danny Brackett) has the right clean cut and fairly brawny looks as the guy next door. He for sure knew his craft as a mr nice guy type of behavior. Plus made his role truly mysterious by making you wonder if he is behind the killings or not. Brought in his characteristics a great deal.
Hayden Panettiere
(Kirby Reed) was another mysterious one making you wonder if she's hiding something and shows it off well. She does a nice job with her friendliness as well as her soft spoken attitude. She is on the ball within everything and had te right looks and appeal.

Body pieces are revealed in a refridgerator.
Many bloody stabbings.
Bodies are battered up.
A knife is stabbed through someone's mouth.

Sven Faulconer and Brian Tyler both composed this piece marvellously in which they have alot of powerful classical scoring for each scene especially for the chasing scenarios. Also some nice sad sounds for the moments when the victims die and say their speech. Some airy light synthesizer music was also used which worked in well too.