The Single Girls (1974)


Produced & Directed by: Beverly & Ferd Sebastian

Written by: Ann Cawthorne & William Kerwin


Claudia Jennings .... Allison
Jean Marie Ingels .... Phyllis
Cheri Howell .... Shannon
Joan Prather .... Lola
Greg Mullavey .... George
Edward Blessington .... Bud
Victor Izay .... Andrew
Albert Popwell .... Morris

Release Date: Theatrical: April, 1974




A group of swingers at a Caribbean resort are having a great time with one another in which their minds are set for sex. They go to the beach, party, tease each other and goes to events.
However, a mysterious killer is involved doing some of them away and everyone's a suspect.


OK so the beginning along with cheesy credits involves the lustful women swimming and doing summer type of activities like swimming or on a boat etc. Then suddenly a mysterious killer with a speare gun kills one of them and puts dirt on her in which this leaves off a hint that this is for sure a horror flick. While we roll along in the story it's very slow for the other horror subjects are about to arise.
Suddenly a boring discussions with the women and men talking about their desires for one another. Yet nicely focused camera takes on all of this. Suddenly they put out the lights and try to touchy feely one another as this was a total time waster.
However, during a scene afterwards with everyone at a lounge, when one of them has a deep conversation with Lola towards Bud with her desieres towards them it blended in very well and a great focus between the two of them.
More corny moments including someone having a hard time getting her shirt on and so fourth which was unfunny to watch for more time wasters. I'm thinking to myself "When will the horror come into the story again?!"
A mysterious person runs past outside near some of the girls' glass door as this hints some suspense here but it ends up as a disappointment in which I was hoping for some terror to unravel.
Another suggested horror moment is when Allison plans to sunbathe nude near a rocky point at a beach as it made me wonder if the killer plans to do her in since this is a simple target in a horror story. Not much luck so we get more of a lame storyline while watching things unravel.
Yet the horror is soon to come as the women agree to do a blindfold game with the guys as one of them gets jealous and a fight breaks out as this looked a bit intimidating while watching the outcome of this. Some of these moments almost leads to wondering if this person could be a possible killer himself.
In aother part of the segment finally the horror kicks in as one of the blindfolded women are where the corse is lying in dirt from the first flick. Plus we see another corpse. While she is leaded to a mysterious person into a greenhouse is where she's about to meet her maker. I was like "It's about time something happened!!!"
This mysterious figure goes into the women's room of the resort and tears up their clothes and hides in a closet holding a knife as this was supposed to give you the chills but it fails nonetheless.
Night falls once again as Lola is waiting for Bud to show up as this leaves a cringing moment and just when things look disappointing by thinking the killer won't show up it catches you by surprise as I admit this was briefly effective to watch.
When Allison goes into a cave with her friend and carrying a torch we get the surprise as to who the killer really is as this was supposed to look strong for a horror flick but this looked a little too over the top as it's been done before and in a better style too.
Bottom line is that this was one of those awful exploited grindhouse drive in type of flicks. Don't get me wrong as some of those are entertaining but not this one as it has a bad plotline and just passes as a horror. It was meant to be a comedy too but I forgot to laugh it was that unfunny. I can see why this one was obscure. Trust me on this one to avoid.

The acting is very dated and mediocre. Let's take a look here .... Ah yes, the late cult actress Claudia Jennings (Allison) seemed to breeze through well in her role as an intelligent one of the pack. Seemed to come across well with her lines and what she has to do. Also shows off a good courageous attitude when she's pitted against the killer by acting patient. Seemed to work hard on her performance in this scene.
Cheri Howell (Shannon) shows off a hyperactive and bubbly attitude which she was a ball of energy. However near the end of her role she was a bit too much and not coming across naturally. Had the right appeal for this part though. She had a truly mysterious attitude which worked in a fair fashion.
Joan Prather (Lola) seemed to get into her role quite well and was probably the best in the cast. Does well with her words when talking to someone and seemed to get into this big time. She had the right good girl looks and the decent attitude too. She was passable as a character actress.
Greg Mullavey (George) certainly had a sharp attitude as someone whom is smart about stuff as well as showing some fair energy like the rest of the cast. Looked like he studied for his part inside out and probably the best male actor.
Edward Blessington (Bud) drew across perfectly as the hunky guy next door as his looks and appeal for this was a plus. Shows off an okay outgoing attitude. He shows off as someone whom is believeably likeable who wants to have fun.
Victor Izay (Andrew) does his part in a memorable fashion as an older eccentric type of behavior. He for sure was convincing as a possible killer by how he reacts with his strange and charming behavior. His looks were another plus as well for this type of role.

Someone takes off her top at a rocky point in a beach as her breasts are briefly exposed.
Breast fully revealed during a shower scene and later on a butt shot when she gets dressed.
Two women undress and gets dressed with breasts and butts revealed.
A shirt is opened with breasts revealed in anight scene out in a forest.

Peter J. Elliot composed this piece with fair style. Has a disco type of taste to it which was common for exploited flicks such as this one. Some groovy guitar and synthesizer playing for the beach scene's which suits it pretty well. Also some mild suspenseful music for the mysterious killer which sounds okay as well. Odd mellow piano playing for a makeout scene with the synthesizer music was well composed.