Slaughter High (1986)

Writen & Directed by: George Dugdale


Caroline Munro .... Carol Manning
Carmine Iannaccone .... Skip Pollack
Donna Yeager .... Stella
Gary Martin .... Joe
Billy Hartman .... Frank
Michael Safran .... Ted Harrison
Jon Segal .... Carl Putney
Kelly Baker .... Nancy
Josephine Scandi .... Shirley
Simon Scuddamore .... Marty Rantzen

Release Date: Theatrical: November 14, 1986

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A beautiful and popular girl Carol Manning (Caroline Munro) makes some moves on a nerd Marty Rantzen (Simon Scuddamore) as he thinks that she has the hots for him and leads him into the girls washroom making him take all his clothes off as a joke since it's April fools day as her friends catch him there taking pictures and videotaping him as well as dunking his head in a toilet and flushing it.
Later on he is given what looks like marijuana as he smokes it while finishing off school work in a science class and gets sick by losing control which causes a fire with the equipment around his along with acid being splashed on his face causing him to end up 6 months in a hospital getting plastic surgery.
Ten years have passed and a group of friends are invited to their reunion not knowing who invited them at their school which is now abandoned as one of the friends Skip Pollack (Carmine Iannacone) claimed that Marty lost his sanity after his plastic surgery treatment.
While the friends are partying and having a good time the clock strikes midnight which means that it's April the 1st and one of them Ted Harrison (Michael Safran) drinks what seems like a can of beer only to find out that it's acid and his stomach explodes.
While the rest try to escape they realised that they are locked in and that Marty is turning the tables on them for humilaiting them as they try to survive till 12 noon but are slayed away one by one by a bath of acid, electrocutions or hangings. All of this is created by a killer weraing a jester mask in which one of the students wore while humiliating Marty before the tragedy happened at the school.


One of those cheesy films with alot of stale dark comedy that isn't very funny which seemes to spoof other horror films both slasher and non slashers.
There's a cheesy discussion between Carol Manning trying to come on to Marty Rantzen which looked very hokey and cheesy.
There's many good camera takes on the mean kids grabbing Marty from the shower and flushing his head in the toilet which looked believeably humiliating with bullies against a nerd.
Of course there's some cheesy elements of Carrie used in it with kids picking on a misfit nerd Rantzen and pulling a prank on him with a gym coach making them do push ups too. Good camera takes on the coach scolding the teens with camera shots slowly zooming on each of them as well as shots on them doing push ups.
a good close up shot on Rantzen in a science room smoking a joint and trying to light it with a bunsen burner as well as him coughing and choking plus good shots on things spilling with a fire happening as well as acid crashing down and landing on his face. Then there's some tense moments with him being scarred alive by an accident in a science room showing good effects on some fire explosives which looked quite intense but yet there were odd moments when this was supposed to scare you and in most moments it doesn't at all except to see the results on him. Plus a good shot on a highschool hallway with the flames burning from the doorway.
A good shot on the science room with a fire happening as well as a good shot on Rantzen on the floor with the side of his face scarred screaming in a rage which looked quite spooky.
A good shot on him taken away in a stretcher with a shot on the teens zooming by as well as a good close up shot on Carol looking at him apologising with a nice shot on his hands grabbing her throat which was supposed to be a jumping moment but that failed.
The highschool ten years later that's abandoned looked incredibly creepy in which the set designers deserve a pat on the back and then a thunderstorm occurs which seems a little too obvious as well as fake sounding thunder, but yet the dark hallways with the lights on had a perfect touch to the film as well as candles in certain areas of the abandoned classroom while these formers highschooler's are partying out which almost makes you feel like watching a highschool version of Friday the 13th.
A nice camera shot looking down on two vehicles parking at the closed down school as well as a camera shot inside a school window staring outside which leaves a nice impression that someone is watching them.
A great close up shot on Joe wearing a Jason hockey mask inside the school to try and scare others which seemed quite impressive.
Good shot on a locker that belonged to Rantzen along with others talking about it daring one of them to open it as well as a good jumping moment on a rat jumping out as well as good scared reactions on the teens.
Also a good moment with Skip Pollack
by telling the story about Rantzen and about him going crazy during his plastic surgery as well as looking for revenge trying to joke around and scare the others which looked well done.
A nice shot on Ted Harrison drinking a can of beer as well as his painful reactions after drinking it. There's a good camera shot looking up on him after he rips his shirt open and his stomach bulging.
There's lots the odd shocking moments with deadly pranks like mentioned on these characters plus we have a long bathtub scene with a woman cleaning herself up from some blood and of course a couple has to get it on with one another in a bed even if they know they're trapped in the school with a killer on the loose seeking revenge which makes it look like a typical no brainer slasher like anything else you've watched back during this era.
A nice dark shot on one of the women walking through a hall spotting a picture of Rantzen on the wall and appraching closer with a good close up shot on arms breaking through the walls which looked creepy and a good moment for a horror flick.
There's a great anxious moment with Stella losing control of the murders screaming towards Carol and Skip accusing them of doing the joke towards Rantzen. This was high on energy and well done making it effective for a slasher flick.
A nice moment with Stella running away as well as her running outside and spotting uncredited supporting the killer wearing a Jester mask and trying to get away from him and then falling into a dirty water pit with good shots on her trying to struggle to get to the top and then a nice camera shot looking up on this maniac putting his foot on her head and pushing her back down.
There's lots of good dark shots surrounding Carol trying to prepare for the killer holding a bat as well as a shot of a basketball rolling towards her in which offered that nice horror tradition before the killer comes out to attack. There's also good shots on lightbubls blowing out with the killer coming in for the kill with a wooden pole along with a nice shot on Carol trying to escape walking backwards and running away.
A nice shot on Rantzen standing in a classroom with mist floating around and thenthe teens rising from the mist as zombie's walking towards him giving it a good change of situations with the film.
Great shots on the hallway with the lights turning on and off as well as the staircases with the cast trying to run away which looked like a total Friday the 13th type of direction with the good dark low budget direction with this.
Alot of the scene's was cloned heavily from an obscure supernatural 1978 trashy flick Redeemer: Son of Satan which was also known as Class Reunion Massacre when it came on to VHS. There's also alot of touches on the 1980 film Terror Train since there was a prank on a sorority pledge whom was also a nerd that went wrong and seeks revenge on everyone else by killing them. I also saw a bit of Prom Night too with the low production values even if that movie was by far a better one.
Bottom line is the film is very 80's cheese and fun to watch like others that came out during this time which were so bad it's good but and came out the same year as April Fools Day, but it doesn't take itself seriously at all with the corny dialogues and performances by these characters. It's a cult favourite to people who enjoy non mainstream low budgeters but not a classic in any format. Plus there's a twisted ending too which almost seemed to borrow a bit off the Elm Street flicks. (Watch this movie and you will see what I mean).

The acting is quite cheesy and some of it a bit bad but they try the best they can do as most of the cast members remained virtual unknowns which seems to be normal for a low budget slasher film. Trashy cult scream queen Caroline Munro (Carol Manning) seemed quite okay playing the Jamie Lee Curtis type of character in the film although she looked too old to play a teenager in the prologue of the film. She sometimes lacked energy with her screaming or getting freaked out in alot of spots of the film though. She was never a terrific actress and so far I found this one to be her best horror films since the others were big time turkeys. This character seemed to mold around the types of roles she portrayed in other horror flicks.
Carmine Iannaccone (Skip Pollack) came across nicely in the film as a goofball although sometimes he tried too hard in certain spots but seems to pick it up a bit. He can pass being considered a character actor and does well in his prologue as one of the mean kids playing tricks on outsiders and not really outgrowing it ten years later. So he knew a thing or two by portraying this part.
Donna Yeager
(Stella) brought some good intensity in her part showing alot of great energy to her role and could see her getting more work by having supporting roles in low budget flicks or even bigger budgeted one's just moving on her way up but she sadly never did. She shows great fear in her part and was a real key role to the plot. A great reaction after she spots a yearbook on markings of pictures finding out that she will be the next vicitm with her running away and behaving more energetic which looked great.
For the one's that lacked a bit that's worth mentioning:
Kelly Baker
(Nancy) just seemed to have the lustful looks which works for a victim in a slasher film but she seemed incredibly annoying in her part always whining when she talks. However, she was meant to be one of those types. She didn't do much for me though and was a bit too melodramatic.
And last but not least the late Simon Scuddamore (Marty Rantzen) who played the main supporting character of the film Marty Rantzen as he was overly melodramatic as a nerd during the prologue in the film in which you picture his part in those awful made for video comedy dud's with all what he was doing. He didn't seem to pull it off naturally. But wait, ten years pass in the film and he played a demented nerd seeking revenge in which he seemed to do okay and came off nicely as a horror character in the film. Still he's no award winning by any means but he does fine for a cheesy low budgeter slasher flick like this one. He seemed to study who the killer was in My Bloody Valentine while delivering his lines on his revenge. A shame he took his own life before it's release.

There's a full frontal nude body shot on Simon Scuddamore in a shower of the girls' room getting caught as a practical joke as well as a butt shot on him being dragged out and having his head flushed in a toilet.
Josephine Scandi
is bare breasted while taking a long bath.
Kelly Baker
is bare breasted in bed as well as a butt shot on John Segal while fornicating with her.

Marty Rantzen's face is scarred in a science room.
Ted's stomach is ripped open after drinking acid which he thinks is beer with his insides spilling out.
A woman's skin is torn apart in a bath full of acid.
Two people in a bed are electrocuted to death with their bodies fried.
Skip has his head whacked by an axe.
Carol has her stomach stabbed by a wooden pole.

We have Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini doing the music for this one using alot of the same elements too with the killer coming after their victims with the high picthed violin screeching sounds along with the low trombone playing and high pitched horn music too. It's like watching a Friday the 13th film but in an abandoned highschool.
During some comedic scene's of the film we hear some silly funky close to disco music during the gymnasium scene's and so fourth. There's some low electronic cheesy horror sounding keyboard playing which was interesting to hear as well as some of the theme song clarinet music too.
Plus we listen to a cheesy 80's type songtrack theme song composed by him during the opening and closing credits which we hear high pitched synthesizer music that sounded slightly corny but neat at the same time.

Marty Rantzen: I showed ya!!! April fools!!!! April fucking fools ya motherfuckers!!!! I showed ya! Me Marty Rantzen!!!!