Slumber Party Massacre (2021)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Danishka Esterhazy

Written by: Suzanne Keilly


Hannah Gonera .... Dana Deveraux
Frances Sholto-Douglas .... Maeve
Mila Rayne .... Alix
Alex McGregor .... Breanie
Reze-Tiana Wessels .... Ashley
Rob van Vuuren .... Russ Thorn
Jennifer Steyn .... Kay Thorn

Release Dates:
Fanastic Fest: September 27, 2021; Made-for-Cable: October 16, 2021; Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival: November 6, 2021 (Belgium)




A group of sorority sisters go in a spring break trip but their vehicle is stalled and being repaired at a gas station so they locate at a cabin till they can travel again. Yet what they don't know is that many people were murdered there by a driller killer whom is supposedly dead. Or is he!?


During the prologue if the story things seem to look well set on a cabin by a lake in the woods as well as the sorority girls partying inside the home. Plus we have a perverted boy peeking in their window in which this looked like a good target for the killer to do him in. However all of this was done before so the settings within all of this looked pretty obvious.
Yet while the girls in the cabin finds out about the driller killer Russ Thorn, things get a bit intense and wild when they try to struggle against him as well as what they do to him thinking that he is dead which is a nice start off before the opening credits. I must admit that some of this looked fairly well done.
Present day happens with some sorority girls go on a trip during Spring break. Someone hides in the back of the vehicle in which this was supposed to make your heart race but doesn't do the trick. Next their vehicle needs to be fixed when they enter a gas station. While being there they spot some eccentric employees as this was a nice moment to add into the story making things creepily mysterious.
What made more things chilling is when they discover a vehicle that looks familiar and are ready to leave the film reveals a strange shape peeking through from a doorway which makes you wonder if it's Russ Thorn or not.
They are lead to the cabin where all the murders begin before their vehicle is fixed. This defientely looked clever for a slasher flick as we know they will be confronted by the killer.
When one of the employees enter the area of the cabin he meets up with this mysterious person as there's a nice teasing camera shot so he won't be revealed just yet which works well in a slasher flick.
Perfect dark setting when the outcast sorority sister Alix walks though the deep dark woods towards the lake and spots something gruesome in a vehicle as this was all well shot and set.
The girls goes to the boys cabin by trying to warn them but they decide to peek in their window to see the entertainment and one of them has a guitar that's shaped exactly the same one the killer had in the original sequel. If you saw SPM 2 you will know what I'm talking about. Plus they have a torn pillow fight with feathers flying in the air as this also pays a tribute to the sequel but in that one it was the girls doing all of that with some of the boys peeking in. These situations weren't as fun to watch like in the sequel.
However, things become a turnaround when the girls try to warn them and a surprise attack from Russ happens and then the power goes out which was a total trip out and well done in which you wonder as to what happened to that victim.
Then it's a fight to stay alive from this maniac in which there's more great shots with our lead character Dana Deveraux trying to act non fearful towards Thorn next to the cabin which had a nice dark horror feel to it all but this killer however didn't seem intimidating within what he does. Yet it makes you wonder if Dana herself will survive dueing this situation.
The final moment occur when we see Dana trying to put an end to Thorn and boy does it get brutal as I was cheering on big time. Also made me wonder if the story ends soon. I was thinking to myself that the story to this flick was way too short.
We're in for a big surprise as the mysterious killer comes into the picture at first trying to kill the rest of the survivors with a nail gun and then they spot Thorn's corpse missing. This for sure leaves off a spooky feel to the story.
The story then packs a punch greatly when the mysterious killer is revealed in which it's a no barred fight to try and put an end to this maniac's evil doings. All of this was well done making you want to cheer big time for the hero showing no mercy against this demented person.
Bottom line is that this remake had a better plot instead of KILL-KILL-KILL like the original and offering not much skin at all. Yet it isn't as campy fun as the original so both flicks are equal and not better than neither one of them. It also seems to clone the Friday the 13th movies. Unlike other flicks by trying to do this, it seemed to work in an okay fashion and having a decent dark setting with it's decent budget.

The acting is is decent for the most part unlike in the original. Hannah Gonera (Dana Deveraux) really knew on how to have a tough as nails attitude when trying to fight to stay alive and got into this type of mood fairly well. She also does well with her speaking and coming across as the smartest out of the group of girls.
Frances Sholto-Douglas (Maeve) offered some great adrenaline by acting intense as well as having great freaked out expressions. She really knew on how to react to the terrors surrounding her as well as being crazy. She deserves some fair credit to all of this.
Mila Rayne (Alix) seemed to offer alot of spunk into her part as an outcast as well as doing a great job with her fast speaking and hyperactive attitude within what surrounds her. Had the right looks and motive for this role. Sometimes she is a bit over the top like when she warns about the killer to others which needed a bit of improvement. However she isn't terrible by any means.
Alex McGregor (Breanie) shows off a good and sharp behavior as she knows on how to get to the point with stuff. Does well by acting kind of cocky along with showing off an intelligent type of behavior. Looked good for the role which was another nice plus.
Rob van Vuuren (Russ Thorn) however as the driller killer acted a little too over the top with his insane expressions or his brief speaking. He seemed to try way too hard and didn't make it very convincing at all. Oh well.
Jennifer Steyn (Kay Thorn) however does her job great and mysterious in which she was a memorable supporting role as she does well with her gravelly speaking as well as having great thrusting energy near the end of her performance by just acting creazy or insane on what she is doing. She studied this part incredibly well.

A guys butt is revealed while taking a shower

Many victims are drilled through their throat and necks
Remains of a corpses eyes are plucked out
Face is mangled and slaughtered
Bloody stabbings
Throat is bloodily slit open
Nails are stabbed

Andries Smit does a nice job composing the music for this flick as he has some nice screeching, tapping, hissing and metal scraping sounds for the near suspenseful situations. Also for the opening credits he reuses the cheesy organ theme from the original which added some updated class for this flick.