Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)


Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Sergei Hasenecz


Andras Jones ... Calvin
Linnea Quigley ... Spider
Robin Stille ... Babs Peterson
Kathi O'Brecht ... Rhonda
Carla Baron ... Frankie
Michelle Bauer ... Lisa
Brinke Stevens ... Taffy
John Stuart Wildman ... Keith
Hal Havins ... Jimmie
Michael Sonye ... Voice of the Imp

Special Appearance:

George Buck Flower ... Janitor

Release Date:
Limited Theatrical: January 29, 1988



A couple of women pledges Taffy (Brinke Stevens) and Lisa (Michelle Bauer) wants to join the sorority sisters led by Babs (Robin Stille) but must take alot from the sisters including having their butts whacked by a board and whip cream smeared on them. Next plan is for them to sneak into a mall and go to a bowling alley and steal a trophy. Along with them are three frat boy nerds who snuck into the Tri-Delt sorority.

They do enter the bowling alley and spots a punk that broke in as well Spider (Linnea Quigley) and planned to steal the place. So the rest leave her be and finds the trophy but accidentally releases a demon Imp who was trapped in the trophy for a reason a long time ago for his evil doings.

The Imp grants them wishes only to be fake. He possesses the sorority sisters and the sisters go on a killing spree and it's up to the head frat nerd Calvin (Andras Jones) and Spider to find a way of stopping the Imp's evil doings.


There's many pointless camera shots and conversations between the sorority nerds Calvin, Jimmie and Keith in their room of the sorority house watching a cheesy horror flick and wanting some action. It looked very goofy and quite bland on how it was all done.
Some interesting shots on the sorority sisters Babs Peterson, Rhonda and Frankie putting on make up in a dressing room and having discussions with one another on what they will do to their sorority pledges.
A nice camera shot on both Taffy and Lisa sitting on a couch and discussing about what's going to happen to them in order to get into the sorority which was in fair shape.
Many corny shots on the sorority nerds peeking around the sorority house peeking in a window along with trashy moments on Taffy and Lisa getting their but whacked by a paddle or whip cream sprayed on them by the sorority sisters.
There's also an atrsy close up shot on Taffy from her ankles down and up showering off the gunk on her and having a discussion with Lisa as well as a good shot on a door peeking through with the sorority nerds watching them and getting excited. Plus a nice entrance on Babs pushing them in with great shocked reactions by Taffy and Lisa.
There's a good camera shot looking up on most of the main characters sitting at some furniture with Babs scolding them on what to do with them which seemed very trashy and overly done.
There's some fun camera takes on the sorority sisters sneaking into a mall after hours and running along to go find their hideout to peek on their co-ed's.
A good shot on a bowling trophy lying on the ground starting to light up with steam as well as good camera shot looking up on all the people there by looking down with a cheesy shot on an Imp character standing there and talking.
There's a good shot on the background with a stack of gold bars and Jimmie getting excited and running to it after he asks for a wish.
Also a nice shot on Lisa wearing a lingerae acting lustful for Keith after asking for his wish.
There's also a good shot between Spider and Calvin with Taffy in a background wearing a prom queen outfit and spinning around which looked perfect. Plus there's many other good blocking scene's between the two of them with Lisa trying to get Keith to feel her up which was looking believeably lustful.
A nice camera shot moving into a changing room with Lisa on top of Keith as he reacts well being nervous and Bauer just gets sex crazy with him which seemed to work.
A good cheesy scene with both Rhonda and Frankie having their faces glowing from a surveillance TV screen and Babs backing up to a wall and getting spooked along with a nice shot on these two sorority sisters gasping as well as being turned into horror film character with Babs trying to get out of the room sobbing in fright. There's also good shots on her running away in a mall hallway along with cheesy shots on her falling to the ground after she's electrocuted by trying to open a glass door from the mall.
Good reactions on both Jimmie and Taffy after they find out their wishes are fake as well as both Rhonda and Frankie jumping into the scene trying to attack with Spider trying to battle them off which looked energetic and finally the scene's brought some horror into the story. Plus there's great close up camera shots on all of this.
Good side camera shot on Rhonda using a decapitated head as a bowling ball along with a cheesy shot on the head rolling along. This looked comedically entertaining along with the horror.
There's some fair takes on Spider and Calvin trying to escape in a room with Rhonda trying to get in and attack him which looked a bit energised.
A good distant camera shot looking down in one of the areas of the mall with Taffy trying to hide from Frankie while she spookily tries to call towards her which gives a cheesy horror feel to it but not scary enough. There's an interesting battling scene with Taffy trying to whack her with a metal pole and getting frusterated that she won't die as well as a good shot on this possessed sorority sister lying on the ground with Taffy near her to see if she's dead and then a nice close up shot on Frankie grabbing her ankle.
There's some neat cheesy discussions between Spider and Calvin while trying to hide away from the possessed sisters in a washroom which brought some nice chemistry between the two of them.
There's a nice shot on both Frankie and Rhonda grabbing Taffy on both ends trying to split her in half which looked quite cheesy as well but painful. This was done in a nice horror fashion but nothing graphic revealed here folks.
A good moment with Babs possessed into an Elvira form approaching towards Lisa in the change room acting evil towards her with her words and Lisa herself acting frightened along with a nice shot on Babs holding up a studded black paddle coming right up to her which looked nicely done for how it was done with a cheesy horror flick like this.
There's a pointless conversation in a janitor's office with this person telling Spider and Calvin about the Imp and his background on how he was trapped in the bolwing trophy which tries so hard to be funny but the lines are terrible and the directing is extremely bland I was thinking "Get on with it!!!"
There's lots of perfect camera takes with a struggling battle between Spider and Babs which looked believeably brutal between the two of them.
Some good cheesy shots with Frankie swinging her axe at Spider with her dodging them which looked very energised at the same time.
A good shot on Calvin in the driver seat driving his car and then Rhonda in the passenger seat grabbing him by surprise. There's also a nice shot on the car flipping backwards and crashing.
This was the era that no matter how bad the film was it still went to the theatre's most of the times as this one was one of them but wasn't a success until it came to VHS. The budget on it was very low but not totally made for video quality so it looked good enough to be seen on the big screen.
This film of course was made by the makers of the trashy 1987 monster flick Creepozoids but this time around the film was a parody of other horror films using similar character's in it like Elvira or Bride of Frankenstein. The film didn't seem to make up it's mind as whether it was leaning towards a dark comedy or a horror flick but blends in with both. However the film is neither funny or scary by any means due to a terrible storyline except for a scene when one of these sorority sisters are possessed by the Imp uses a decapitated head as a bowling ball which showed some good timing using both of these elements but it was cheesy nevertheless but in a fun way.
There's nice scenery around the mall and bowling alley too which stars 3 b-film scream queens that had a cult following which these fans will enjoy them performing in. Although the flick was pointless and bombed by many critics there's still something about this flick that makes it fun to watch.
The Imp used in this film looked like a plastic doll plus he wasn't the least bit scary by any means but acted very annoying and geeky.
There are some good horror like moments with the possessed sorority sisters attacking about to kill along with some descent battling.
There's lots of skin in this one with two scream queens from top to bottom which is one of the film's main drawing cards which is quite sad if you ask me making up for a weak plot. Plus there's tons of bad dialogues.
Bottom line is the film is a trashy T&A flick that offers no laughs or frights but there's the odd okay killing in it as well as it seemingly like a pre-Leprechaun type of flick with the Imp doing similar jokes but yet he is not funny nor scary either. It's one of those flicks in a Troma Team horror type of fashion (Except nowhere near as gory) in which they are reputed for putting tongue in cheek with whatever they make and their movies are damn terrible.
On the other hand it's fun to watch for a party flick but not a film meant to take seriously and lots of low production values. A horror film this one would be categorised than a comedy and a horror spoof at the same time. Try at your own risk.

The acting is pretty bad which is to be expected from a type of film like this one but some tried their best effort at it. Andras Jones (Calvin) was starting off playing the head nerd character as he didn't seem overly convincing but seemed to try to pull this type of a character together. He played other roles unlike this one in future shows as he did a much better job too and better known for his work in them than in this one.
This is for sure a must for any fans of b-film scream queen Linnea Quigley (Spider) in which she plays a punk and looking wild like and totally coming off as a bad ass in the film. However, she is sometimes too forceful with her aggressive actions which seem way too laughable. A great presence with her during her first appearance by getting aggressively sarcastic towards her fellow actor when he first spots her and then she tells him about her stealing the place along with others showing up and her mocking them. This performance for an example at times seemed a bit too forced. Yet she steals the performance in this film so that's a good pointer on her behalf as well as showing some good energy too. She's good playing a bad girl type of role in film's regardless.
Robin Stille
(Credited as Robin Rochelle) (Babs Peterson) did a fine job in her first film Slumber Party Massacre but however seemed to lack a bit in her role as the head sorority sister babs in which she tries to act emotionally scared as well as getting stuck up at the sorority house but seems quite sloppy by doing both of this. During this time she was drinking alot and was not sober during many of her shootings on this film. However, when she becomes a possessed Elvira like character she really knew how to act evil and violent too in which I will give her credit for doing this.
Carla Baron
(Frankie) showed some nice timing when she becomes a possessed sorority sister halfway through the film as a Bride of Frankenstein character in which she really knew how to sound creepy with her voice sounding ghoulish as well as nice hissing which she seemed to study that part well.
Michelle Bauer
(Lisa) was almost crowned a b-film scream queen when this movie was released although I never found her to be a good actress she seemed to pull this one off okay since it was noted to be a badly acted flick regardless with her calm speaking and behavior as well as really knowing how to act lustful when the Imp turns her into one for one of the sorority nerds wish. Of course she acted in adult film's during the beginning of her career so she had experience doing these kinds.
Brinke Stevens
(Taffy) seemed to do okay in her role and this one defineltely credits her as a scream queen too which she was being crowned to be one too while the release of this and really comes across nicely with her acting skills with the cheesy plot in all her scene's of the film.
Hal Havins
(Voice of the Imp) really lacked in his role as he was overly melodramatic and quite annoying in which he does the same in Night of the Demons although he is a bit better in that one but not that much. He really doesn't have a knack for acting in my books at all.

Plenty of nudity in this film which covered the weak plot.
It shows Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer's characters naked from top to bottom in a bathroom while cleaning off whip cream and other gunk that was smeared on them during a hell night ceremony.
There's more nudity with Michelle Bauer in the bowling alley when she tries to seduce one of the frat boy's in a change room.

A frat boy's head is decapitated and later used as a bowling ball
Someones head being chopped off with an axe as the head fly's in the air hitting a glass door.

There's the odd bass violin chord strumming for the comedic parts when the frat kids are sneaking around the sorority house or doing other comedic events. We hear some cheesy synthesizer playing which sometimes worked along with the odd screeching sounds too as well as a synthesizer beating type of a drum and other funky sounds too. Guy Moon composed this all and used alot of the music from his composing in Creepozoids too.

There's many cheesy 80's songtrack pop bands used in the film which seemed to work quite well but the song that stood most in my mind was "Sex" by BOOM BOOM with the nice rhythm beats to it which was used during a nude scene between Taffie and Lisa while cleaning themselves up after doing some pledge work.
There's also a really cheesy song for the opening and closing credits titled "Here in Darkness" by Bob Parr with tinkling synthesizer playing with the song which really sounded dumb for the movie I have to admit.

Spider: What is this, Midnight Wimp Bowling League?
Taffy: Who are you? The Bride of Dracula?
Spider: Oooo. Jump back. Prom queen on the loose. Or is it high school hookers?

The Imp: Old Uncle Impy is just a little bit cranky. No fun being locked up, especially in a bowling trophy.

Uncle Impy: Such a sour face.
Spider: Stuff it, you little prick.
Uncle Impy: Uncle Impy will ignore that remark but he'll remember it.

Frankie: You'll never be a Tri-Delt sister now Taffy!!!!

Spider: It's too bad we had to kill her. I really liked the outfit she had on.