Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 2 (2022)


Directed by: Brinke Stevens

Written by: Kent Roudebush


Glory Rodriguez .... Bitsy
Audrey Neal .... Ginger
Hannah Tullett .... Devon
Kelli Maroney .... Auntie Snake
Nathan Blair .... Turkey
Jessie Gill .... Sarah
Katie O'Neill .... Tiffany
Justin Lupo .... Dinger
Luka Parente .... Bart

Special Appearances:

Brinke Stevens .... Taffy
Michelle Bauer .... Lisa

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: January 1, 2022 (Canada)




The Pi-Ep sorority house has new pledges and have to put up with what the head sisters do to them along with more perverted boys trying to spy on them.
Head sister Sarah (Jessie Gill) tells them to go to the same bowling alley, where the evil Imp created murder and mayhem, and to get the trophy to bring it back to their dorm.
However, a catfight between the pledges Bitsy (Gloria Rodriguez)
and Ginger (Audrey Neal) causes them to knock this trophy down releasing this Imp as everyone there has no choice but to grant a wish that brings more murder and mayhem.


I had a bad feeling on seeing this flick in which it starts out with the opening credits on scene's taking place with a bowling ball hitting pins as well as some sorority pledges doing some aerobic workouts. I just rolled my eyes.
Then there's discussions with the pledges on what to do which of course happened in the first flick which was alot better than watching the outcomes of this. However, there's an amusing moment with a tough girl threatening the sorority sisters as to what will happen if she gets her butt whacked. One of the only good moments here.
Next up, we see the sorority head mistress coming into the picture which is of course Auntie Snake whom is the sister of Spider in which this character doesn't reprise her role in it which is a bummer. Auntie Snake mentions her but it was hard to understand as to what she was talking about. Of course within these conversations there's flashbacks to the original which is more worth watching than seeing this one.
While the pledgers have to do what was told to get into the sorority we spot lots of skin like in a shower scene as well as beforehand having whip cream sprayed on them. This looks like a retelling of the original. Ho hum!
Of course like in the first there's the boys that are in their house across from them trying to make a peek at them doing this stuff but however there's better technology compared to the original as they install an eye cam in the eye on one of the girls' stuffed animal so they can watch it on their eye phone. However, all of this looked pointless to watch.
While the boys get busted they are told to go to the bowling alley like in the first flick to bring a trophy back to them. The head sister Sarah explains as to what happened there before which seemed to sound mildly impressive and necessary for a sequel.
Of course when they go to the alley they party by drinking and are bowling which was well shot but the moments were lagging.
While Bitsy finds the trophy Ginger goes into a cat fight with her as there's not much of a reason for them to get into a brawl in which this was an excuse for them to knock this object over for the demonic imp to appear. 
Interesting cheesy effects comes out of the trophy as well as a couple people from it whom were killed in the original comes into the picture but the moments with all of this happening was incredibly corny to it's extreme while watching the outcome of this.
Then people don't have a choice other than to make a wish when the Imp appears as his rubbery object looked just as phony like in the original. One of the guys wishes to be a famous rapper but isn't as to what he expected and boy is it horror comedy cheese within what we spot here.
Ginger gets her wish for the guy of her dreams which looked nicely done with the lusting and then something backfires on her which I must looked well done in a cheesy horror fashion.
More madness occurs as the survivors try to escape which doesn't look as suspenseful as intended. However with one of the head sorority sisters is accidently killed, then she suddenly becomes deadly when she awakens as the terror seems to improve a bit and I do mean a bit. Not a whole lot though.
Auntie Snake comes in to try and save the day as I was mildly impressed but when she finds a way to put an end to this imp things looked too obvious and not enough complications to finish the madness like any horror story would.
Bottom line is that the story was way too rushed and shortened for what mightve been fun to watch. The original flick was bad but in a campy fun way but this one bites the big one and almost looked like a bad remake. This is sad indeed and the horror is barely coming into the picture to top it all off. If you haven't watched this flick yet trust me, you're not missing out.

The acting is of course pretty bad just like in the original.... Only certain one's to mention here.... Ah yes leading actress Glory Rodriguez (Bitsy) I would say was the best in the whole cast on this one. She seemed to show a perfect tough girl type of attitude. Showing off a great no nonsense type of personality. Does well with her battles against the terror surrounding her. Had some decent energy into her role.
Audrey Neal (Ginger) seemed to have the sparkly looks for a sorority pledge but sometimes is over the top and annoying with her whiney behavior. Seems to show it off pretty good on the camera within her performance but that's about it.
Kelli Maroney (Auntie Snake) plays the head mistress and boy does she show it off with her hissing words. She really knew on how to get to the point within what she's talking about. Acts believeably heroic when trying to battle the imp which was my favourite performance that she did in this flick. She was way too good to be in this one.
Nathan Blair (Turkey) definetely had the hunky boy next door looks. He delivers his lines very well and coming across as one of the most mature and decent ones. Shows off some good characteristics as the leading male actor. He for sure did his job quite nicely and could tell that he would be one of the survivors in the story.
Jessie Gill (Sarah) played the head sorority sister whom was a bit over the top but not terrible as she had a whiney and hyped up voice. Seemed to do a fair job when she commands the others as what to do and had a bit of a wicked speaking in her voice. Does well when freaking out from the terror. Shows a nice evil and possessive behavior while trying to attack someone. So she deserves good credit.
Luka Parente (Bart
) seemed like a natural ham in his supporting role even if the story isn't funny itself. Does an impressive job by acting like a dorky and outspoken one. Shows good spunk and energy while annoying others. Shows it off as someone who likes to have a good time.

Various sorority pledges are showering full bodies exposed during different times.
Also bare breasted one's lying near their bed in their dorm.
One of them at the bowling alley is barebreasted while fornicating the man of her dreams due to her wish from the imp.

Girls head is sliced open while being whacked with a bowling pin.

Jerry Smith composes this piece which isn't anything too special as he has string plucking for the comedy that's used in it. Personally I think sounds like that is too overrated. Has the odd upbeats too which wasn't my cup of tea. However, during a wish for a man out of a sorority pledge's dream sounded fantasic with smooth syntheasizer music in which it totally had an effective 80's type of vibe. This moment stood out the most.

During the opening credits we have the same track from the original which the song is titled "Here in the Darkness" by Bob Parr. It's a catchy intrumental theme song but doesn't do the trick for this flick.