Spell (2020)


Directed by: Mark Tonderai

Produced & Written by: Kurt Wimmer


Omari Hardwick .... Marquis T. Woods
Loretta Devine .... Eloise
John Beasley .... Earl

Release Date:
Netflix: October 20, 2020




While a family man Marquis T. Woods (Omari Hardwick) is on a plane to his fathers funeral the whole family is caught up in a deadly storm.
He wakes up in a farm like house all by himself in which he encounters a strange woman Eloise in which she claims that she can nurse him back to life. However, he realises that there's something evil about her as well as the rest of the locals there.


While the story rolls along with the family getting ready for their plane trip to a funeral there's of course some kids not behaving which seems natural for the phases they go through especially when their plane lands for gas and their mother chastises one of her daughters which was a real attention grabber.
Nice horror touches with the people at that station acting very eccentric as well as the family man Marquis asking for the john and he realises it's a run down outhouse which pays a Wes Craven tribute that we all remembered watching.
While they're flying in their plane we spot a terrorising thunderstorm as things grow extremely powerful and intense as this made me watch carefully as to what's going to happen and having a sinking feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Greatly effective for a horror start in the film.
Suddenly things become extremely mysterious for Marquis and where he is in which he's injured as well and meets some strange people especially a mysterious woman Eloise talking to him as well as some creepy situations with a hulking member being forceful to this poor victim.
What's really attention grabbing is when Eloise introduces to Marquis is a some sort of a voodoo doll explaining that it's him. This was definetely chilling as well as wanting to watch for more as to what will happen next while things start to unravel.
Marquis tries to escape from his window onto a roof on a heavy rainy day as this made me watch in suspense and terror especially the fact that he's injured. Has alot of good tension in this scene as well as peeking through a hole in another roof onto what he spots which is a cult ceremony of all twisted sorts. It involves a cat and not a nice scene for cat lovers. These moments looked well done and a perfect moment for a creepy horror flick.
The next day things really end of getting suspenseful again when he tries to sneak out the front door of the home without anyone catching him in which this is so common for a horror flick as you wonder if he will survive as well as him in the deep dark woods in the soaking rain as this looked action packed along with what was going on in this scene as this was a great setting.
Without trying to add spoilers to this review I must discuss on him finding his cell phone and trying to get help and then we spot with what Eloise does with that voodoo doll which looked highly intense and struggling.
Great action when Marquis tries to chase after a police car but I got the sinking feeling that this officer isn't who he seems to be either as this was a great touch in the story.
The mystery with his family unfolds as well as turning the tables on this demented bunch of people which was the best of the story ever in which it offered decent special effects and wanting to cheer him on in which all of this looked horror fun.
Bottom line is that this was a well done film but at times a bit slow and needs a bit more inspiration. Seemed to pay a tribute to some cult classic horror flicks along with some of the horror remakes too like Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Children of the Corn and American Gothic. It's okay for what it was and not a bad flick at all. Just needed a bit of a push with the continuing story that's all.

The acting is quite good in which Omari Hardwick (Marquis T. Woods) delivers a great strong performance as the family man in the flick along with doing a good job by reacting intensely to painful situations along with getting emotional or freaking out when he gets hyped up while trying to escape the madness that surrounds him. He certainly brought all of this to life big time. Was very powerful within his struggling or getting vengeance near the end of the scene's which shined off greatly.
Loretta Devine
(Eloise) stood out greatly with her odd and eccentric behavior as she has the right speaking voice to someone who seems deceivingly kind but at the time not someone that you'd care to trust. She really shows a great creepiness when she acts aggressive. Plus does a nice creepy job when she is preaching in a scene and acting perfectly evil. A nice character actress this woman is.
John Beasley (Earl) had a great gruff no nonsense type of behavior in which he adds a perfect emotionless and serious attitude. Definetely knew on how to get into a rage or act aggressivelty whenever that was necessary. He shows some decent energy within his performance.

A spike is stabbed in someone's foot
People are burnt alive.
Odd bloodshed.

Ben Onono does some nice work on this piece as he offers some low sounds as well as some high tones with it too. Great deep buzzing sounds here and there for the real creepy moments. Of course there's some suspenseful classical music too which sounds nice and clear.