Steven Hubbell is Christmas Dinner by Greg Tiderington

I went to see the movie 'Mercy Christmas' at the Screamfest while on my holiday in Los Angeles and I laughed my ass off watching it as the lead actor Steven Hubbell who portrayed Michael Briskett was a natural ham in it playing the title role being a victim to a deceivingly innocent family only turning out to be cannibals and he would be the meal when he thought it was an invitation to have Christmas dinner with the family.
This was his first lead role in a film and I must say that he can get other work after this one by what he did here.
He worked as a crew member for TV and film for camera and electrical department for shows including 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and 'Law & Order LA'

Hopefully he will pursue an acting career as this film is a feather in his cap.
I was overly happy when he accepted an online interview with me and hopefully this will grab attention for others to see him perform in this fun comedy-horror flick. Let's get on with the interview shall we????

At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?

Early on I guess. I always liked to make people laugh and I for sure loved to perform. I spent so much time playing sports that I never really even thought about acting. But the experience I had on Mercy Christmas changed everything.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

Not specifically. But I’ve always loved horror films. My favorite is Halloween. The fact that I got to experience acting in a horror film makes me wanna do more. I just love acting, so i would act in anything that peaks my interest.

What was your first horror film?

'Mercy Christmas'

I understand that it was originally a short before a full feature?

Yes. We did a little teaser about 7 years ago. We shot it in Michigan. Just two scenes. That was my official first acting job and the full feature is my first also.

What was it like working on set of the film?

It was amazing. One of the best experiences in my life. From working with people as brilliant as Ryan and Beth to this awesome cast of talented actors who were completely committed to the movie. Every nuance, every little detail that the movie required we all bought in, and it created this family type atmosphere. It was a really difficult shoot and I wish I could do it all over again.

What was it like when Cole Gleason acted opposite with you being demanding to finish off some work during the holiday season?

I just fed off of him. He’s become a good friend of mine since the movie. Cole was the perfect villain. Without Robillard there is no Brisket, and Cole took Robillard to a whole new level. I can’t think of anyone else I’d like to act across from.

Did you have an experience in the past having a job you hated and just related to that incident?

Sure, being put in those drastic situations you try to draw from anything you can for inspiration. I didn’t really think about a specific job but rather moments that might have made me feel some kind of way.

What was the experience like drinking eggnog with Casey O'Keefe as it looked like you had fun doing that scene?

It was cool. I was really nervous because up to that point I had only done crazy, physical and emotional scenes. I hadn’t done any real conversations where Michael can be Michael. I wanted to get that scene right and I think we did. Casey was amazing through that whole movie. That scene in particular is one of my favorites of hers.

What was it like when you were tortured in the basement or tied up with Christmas lights?

Awful. Uncomfortable, frustrating, physically demanding. Everything you can imagine it was. Funny thing is...all of it was necessary. The movie would never come out as raw as it did without those extreme circumstances

What was it like crying on set with the others whom were victims like Dakota Shepard as Denise while tied up in the basement what was racing through your head to make it so realistic?

It’s all kind of a blur. Those scenes were so intense that honestly it really happened organically. All the actors were so good that it wasn’t hard to create those kind of moments.

Looked like you had a blast being vengeful towards the canniballistic family. Tell us the experience doing that?

Now that was fun. Michael finally got to flip. That fight sequence was a blast. Finally getting to stick it to the Robillard was pretty satisfying. That whole scene is ten pages long in the script and took 3 days to shoot. Ryan is the brainchild of that final fight scene and he knocked it out of the park.

Is there any other memorable experiences on set that you'd like to share with us through the entire shooting of the film?

Ryan and Beth are two of my favorite people in the whole world. Seeing their dream come to fruition right in front of my eyes was so amazing. They deserve all the success in the world. I will also cherish the fact that I got to act in my first movie with one of my best friends as the director. Now that’s pretty friggin cool!

What scene was the most struggling to do?

Any scene with DJ on my back. We had to where a harness that connected us together. Let’s just say it was restricting. We were completely physically drained after those scenes.

What scene did you enjoy doing the most?

The fight scene for sure. The whole thing was fun figuring out the timing and the beats. Working with Taylor estevez our stunt coordinator was fun also. He really taught us some of the intricacies of fight choreography in film.

What was your reaction when it got accepted into Screamfest?

We get excited whenever we get into a film fest. It’s another chance for people to see the movie which is the ultimate goal. Scream fest was a little extra special because it was in our home town, so that was pretty cool.

Is it playing anywhere else?

It just premiered in Buffalo last week and December 3rd it will be at the Portland extreme fest where Mercy is up for Best picture.

When will we expect it to be available?

It’s available now for pre order on iTunes. November 28th is the official release date. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon prime, google play, directv and about 15 other platforms. It will also be available on blu-ray

Have you gotten any feedback from any viewers?

Yeah, we’ve gotten some great reviews. People are really responding positively to Mercy. Hopefully when it’s available to everyone on the 28th, we can get more eyes on it and some more good reviews.

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror movies?

'Halloween' and 'The Strangers'

What show were you in that you cherish to this very day?

'Mercy Christmas'

What show were you in that you weren't proud of and you'd like to change?

Hasn’t happened for me yet. I’m still pretty new to this acting thing.

What are your ambitions in life?

To be a good role model to my kids, put them through college, and wake up next to my wife 30 years from now, and feel more in love with her than I did 30 years before. Also do a Fincher movie.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Waking up every morning excited for what the day holds ahead of me.