Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996)


Directed by: S.S. Wilson

Written by: S.S. Wilson & Brent Maddock


Fred Ward .... Earl Bassett
Christopher Gartin .... Grady Hoover
Helen Shaver .... Kate 'White' Reilly
Michael Gross .... Burt Gummer
Marcelo Tubert .... Señor Ortega

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: April 9, 1996

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Years later a bunch of carnivorous underground worms known as Graboids threaten the Petromaya oil refinery in Mexico as an owner Señor Ortega (Marcelo Tupert) and an admirer Grady Hoover (Christopher Gartin) pays a visit to one of the people known as Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) to hunt these things down along with the help from a geologist Kate Reilly (Helen Shaver) and Earl Bassett contacts Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) to help them out in which they discover that there's more to these creatures than what they expect on how they breed and regenerate when they get older making them more deadly and impossible to kill.


The beginning of the film seems necessary as we spot an oil worker trying to stay off the ground when the ground starts up with a graboid trying to get at him which is a nice start for a sequel. Also it's impressive when two people named Grady and Señor tries to pester Earl Bassett from his deserted area on talking him into finding some graboids in which seems entertaining when Grady looks inside his place and even spots a graboid arcade game adding a nice touch here.
There's real neat moments when Grady and Earl go out to the deserted area to try and track down a graboid in which they have a tracking device as well as using a toy remote control vehicle as a bait for it. Plus good shots on this thing swallowing it with the two of them panicking to set off the object to let the dynamite explode which is on this toy. You kinda wonder or not if they'll be too late for this to happen. Good shot and effects watching this thing explode from underground with gobs of it flying in the air and landing. Alot of this looked fun to watch too.
However, the story starts to get a little boring and pointless when they keep hunting as well as their vehicle being towed by one of the objects in which this was supposed to look semi suspenseful but however seems awfully cheesy and corny to watch.
Things look impressive when we spot the graboid stopping it's attack and looking sick which makes you wonder as to what has happened here and then later on spotting something that exploded out of it's stomach the next day which makes the scene even more mysterious and wanting you to find out as to what is going to happen next.
There's a nice night time moment when both Earl and Burt discover some torn up vehicles and things are very still which makes things creepy when they look around to spot anything as this leaves you an impression that something is about to leap out and attack. There's some good effects here when we do spot something terrifying.
There's also an impressive situation with our hero Burt Gummer talking to Earl on the phone as well as a good camera shot on a trophy of a deer head as well as a graboid head which seemed pretty funny while spot this moment here.
Also there's a nice one liner coming from Earl when everyone spots Burt's armored vehicle with his sarcasm on this person being worst than a graboid which is a nice start off for another character reprising to do some battling with these monsters from underneath the ground. Also there's good serious situations by Burt telling Earl what has happened over the past 6 years on his split up with his woman and other stuff.
There's neat effects when we spot a new form of graboid during it's regeneration walking along the ground and trying to find something to attack. The effects look slightly cheesy for that time being but yet nice fast actioned moments here.
There's also a great moment with Burt having one chained up from his vehicle which is a nicer look on what it is as well as spotting what it does when it's caged up.
There's even a moment with one of the character's named Kate walking past a window and then a graboid crashes through as this almost makes you jump. Yet it misses out a tiny bit and needed some improvement.
There's also a moment with someone being attacked by one of them on the other end of the window in which this was supposed to look intense but yet this seems way too cheesy to be taken seriously.
The action seems to pick up though when everyone tries to find some way to trp these things and trick them in which more suspsenful situations come up when they know about what can happen with what they have for them to use in order to breed which gives you a sinking feeling that things will become alot worst here.
It's also neat to spot them becoming very smart in order to try and find a way to get the survivors by climbing on top of one another when they are on a roof of a factory or moments like that. It kinda looked funny too and in a good fashion.
Bottom line is that although we get to see more on how the graboids turn out in this one like what we see a caterpillar turning into a butterfly makes it seem interesting and more attractive to spot these creatures. However the story is a little pointless and nowhere near as adventureous like in the first even if it tries to hard in order to do so. Plus made on a lower budget as well. Not a bad movie by any means. Just needed a bit more inspiration that's all.

The acting is at an even pace in which we have a reprising role by Fred Ward (Earl Bassett) as he comes across perfect with his seriousness along with a good and blunt attitude. He shows a perfect closed minded attitude too in the beginning of this flick which looked pretty convincing here. He also does well with his excited reactions when he discovers that a graboid is on their tail showing some good energy here. Plus he does well with his well mannered behavior too in other spots which looked believeable as well. He was a good character actor indeed.
Christopher Gartin (Grady Hoover) seemed to know his stuff fairly well as a dweeby type in which he seems to come across clear as someone who is persistent and annoying as hell. Yet he sometimes overdoes this and is a bit too much. He is too over the top sometimes. But he has the right dweeby type of looks as well as showing a good hyperactive energy to his appeal too which is a nice bonus for him here. However he isn't the greatest actor I need to stress nonetheless.
Helen Shaver (Kate 'White' Reilly) however I found to be the most annoying cast of them all with her high pitched whiny type of speaking in which she tries way too hard to develop her characteristics and yet fails in order to do so as the main woman in the flick. She tries to come across as the key role to the story but misses every minute on this moment. I just found her to be a bit wooden with whatever she did here. Oh well not everyone can play a part.
Michael Gross (Burt Gummer) reprises his role and still shines on terrifically as a witty fellow who loves to use weapons on these deadly creatures. He shows a great charm to his presence as well as speaking quiite clearly into what he says. He also does well with his frusterated attitude too along with showing alot of great energy with his struggles by trying to get away from deadly situations too. He was the main attraction as always to this flick.

Chomped off hands are revealed
A guys legs are being chewed off
Numerous graboids are blown to bits

The music still seemed to fit in well with the deserted accoustic guitar strumming as well as the odd spanish sounds too. Plus there's wonders with the synthesizer playing but yet alot of it sounded pretty cheesy too. However there's some good groaning sounds with it for when the creepy moments start to occur on the graboids which fits in perfectly. There's even good low sounds too which sounds nicely for a low budget type of feel to this film all composed by Jay Ferguson. There's of copurse the odd classical composing too which often works in movies regardless and sounds just fine here.

[Coyote howls]
Grady: Is that a Coyote?
Earl Bassett: Yup.
[it howls again]
Grady: Man he better keep quiet.
[another howl cut short by the sound of the coyote being eaten]
Earl Bassett: Yup.

[about a groaning Graboid]
Earl Bassett: Must be sick.
Grady: Probably ate someone that didn't agree with it.

Earl Bassett: That ain't no Graboid, it's something more dangerous.

Grady: You mean they've been acting so smart because they're so stupid.

Kate (White) Reilly: What's he doing? Has he got some kind of plan?
Earl Bassett: Burt always has a plan when he does something. Well... usually.

Earl Bassett: [loses at rock-paper-scissors] No!
Earl Bassett: Rock rips through paper!
Grady: Huh?

Burt Gummer: [Earl has set a bomb to blow up a garage containing the Shriekers] Earl! Earl, the bomb, how long did you set it for?
Earl Bassett: Oh, I... I don't know, I just punched in some numbers and threw it in the back of your truck!
Burt Gummer: [horrified] You WHAT? That's 2,5 tons of high explosives, Earl!
Earl Bassett: You mean that's not enough?
Earl Bassett: Oh Burt, don't tell me it's not enough!
Burt Gummer: Not enou... Never mind, just run! Run!