Trick R Treat (2008)

Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Michael Dougherty


Dylan Baker .... Steven
Anna Paquin .... Maria
Brian Cox .... Mr. Kreeg
Quinn Lord .... Sam / Peeping Tom
Lauren Lee Smith .... Danielle
Jean-Luc Bilodeau .... Schrader
Britt McKillip .... Macy
Samm Todd .... Rhonda
Anna Paquin .... Laurie
Alberto Ghisi .... Chip
Moneca Delain .... Janet
Tahmoh Penikett .... Henry

Release Dates: Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: Octboer 7, 2008; Screamfest LA International Horror Film Festival: October 10, 2008; Fangoria Convention: October 13, 2008; Fantasia Film Festival: July 9, 2009; Fantasia International Film Festival: July 29, 2009; Toronto After Dark Film Festival: August 14, 2009; After Dark Horrorfest: August 20, 2009; Fantasy Filmfest: August 22, 2009 (Germany); MOTELx Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 6, 2009 (Portugal); Fantastic Fest: September 24, 2009; Lund Fantastisk Film Festival: September 26, 2009; Pusan International Film Festival: October 9, 2009; Screamfest Horror Film Festival: October 16, 2009; Irish Film Institute Horrorthon: October 22, 2009; Sainte Maxime International Horror Film Festival: October 31, 2009

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There are four different stories in the same town on Halloween night as a woman isn't into Halloween and gets killed by a little type of child monster named Peeping Tom (Quinn Lord).

Meanwhile one of the girls named Janet (Moneca Delain) is a college virgin and tried to lose her virginity but is wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume with her sister and two girlfriends and they invite some guys for a party in which she doesn't thinks that suits her to impress the guys.

An overweight kid named Charlie (Britt Kelly) seems to get his jollies out of smashing jack o lanterns and then meets up with his school principal Steven (Dylan Baker) who offers him a candy bar only to find out that it's poisonous and realising that he's very disturbed on anyone who disrespects the dead and the traditions of Halloween.

Four teenagers lead by a bitchy teen named Macy (Britt McKillip) invites a misfit named Rhonda (Samm Todd) to join them in their journey to an abandoned rock quarry where a tragic accident with the school bus with eight troubled children happened thirty years ago. 
They all dress up as ghouls in order to scare her but then the tables turn on them as the ghouls from that accident happens to be real and only Rhonda can help them escape from the damned area as she gets the last laugh.

Meanwhile, a stalker in the woods follows Janet to her party who happnes to be Steven dressed as a vampitre as he is looking for fun and games but then he is in for a terror as Janet and her friends aren't who they think they are.

During an earlier time, Steven's cranky old neighbor named Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox) tries to scare trick or treaters away from his house and is not into the Halloween spirits and gets a visit from Peeping Tom which isn't a pleasant one at all.


There's a good moment with a delinquent preteen picking up some jack o lanterns and smashing them to the ground and then later on looking nervous after he is spotted bythe main character Steven and then there's a good discussion between the two of them with Steven acting menacing by carving a jack o lantern along with a scene where this kid  is eating a candy bar and then choking on it along with a camera looking up on him puking out his guts which looked quite gross and well done.
We spot good shots on Steven  digging his body up with good shots on a child  peeking out his window as his son calling for him and nagging at him to make a jack o lantern which was funnily put in while he tries to bury the body. There's also a good struggle during this moment between Steven  and this troublemaking kid when he tries to kill him with a shovel which looks disturbing.
Then there's a good shot on Steven  holding a knife behind this back while going to a den with his son  to carve a jack o lantenr and then a good shot on him raising the knife high in the air which makes you cringe.
There's a good moment on the character Macytelling a story about a tragic accident of a bus falling off a cliff into an ocean which looked well done as well as showing the flashback shots on it all making it look very dark and gloomy as well as a nice shot on the bus ladning into the ocean which looked incredible.
There's many good scene's with Rhonda  being chased by the kids dressed as goblins trying to scare her with terrific shots on her screaming and trying to escape as well as her falling with a nice shot looking up on the teenagers and then one of them named Schrader trying to calm her down after she freaks out telling her it was all a trick which looked good as he was well put in as a nice kid next door type out of the ugly teens around him.
Then there's great shots on the actual ghouls coming up towards the cast with both Macy and Schraderpleading her to let them through after they're trapped and screaming in fright that the ghouls are real which looked very energetic. 
We spot a nice scene with Steven dressed as a vampire at a party and acting sleazy towards two young ladiesdoing strip teases and then slowly killing him with good close up shots on all of them turning into vampiress' and werewolves attacking him.
There's a nice shot trick or treaters ringing a door bell and then a nice shot on the dark houseway with a big growling sound with the kids running away along with a cute shot on a dog entering in a costume. There's a good shot on Mr. Kreeg spending time with the dog in the costume he put on to scare trick or treaters which offers some laughs on how it was done.
There's a good creepy dark moment with Mr. Kreeg trying to enter his hallways of the house to his room hearing some strange groaning sounds which leaves a nice spooky impression. 
There's also good shots on him trying to hack away Peeping Tom while he is attacking him and then a good shot on Mr. Kreeg screaming in terror while there's a shot on Peeping Tom holding a sharp sucker about to plunge it down on him.
Bottom line is that this film is what you'd see with all the characters you'd want in a halloween flick which is of course a serial killer, vampires, werewolves amd ghouls from a legend. Of course we can't forget about Peeping Tom who will come and get you if you don't deliver candy to kids on Halloween night. Yes it's got everything. Is it scary though? Well... it was at times during some dark moments but it's more funny and offers some laughs. The film was quite cute for grown ups too.Michael Dougherty brings a nice touch with his work on the film showing that his direction was as good as his writing to make it a perfect Halloween film adding both dark comedy and the odd terrors too.
It almost seems like a horror anthology mixed with Pulp Fiction type chemistry showing what happens beforehand during the middle of it's run. How dies the anthology type come through? Well it takes place with everyone in the same area but different events are happening. The film had good effects and was well done plus it was shot in my local area of British Columbia along with many local cast members which I respect the filmmakers for doing so instead of casting the leads from Hollywood and bringing them up here.
A movie worth watching on Halloween night but don't expect to get scared by it.

The acting was well performed as lead actor Dylan Baker (Steven) brings out a good dark comedic character in his role as a demented schoolteacher. He does well with his lines seeming very untrustworthy. He definetely leaves a nice impression on portraying a twisted and disturbed man.
Brian Cox
 (Mr. Kreeg) knew his stuff as a grumpy neighbor in the film with his good growly voice and bringing on a total bitter attitude. He also really knew how to scream intensely with his struggling moments as well as his screaming terror in the film to top it all off. He was a true character actor.
Child actor Quinn Lord (Sam / Peeping Tom) really brought on an annoying charm as the son of a killer in the film as well as portraying Pepping Tom in which he's supposed to be creepy but his costume looked way too cute. However he brought on a good rage when he did this role and was quite menacing too.
Jean-Luc Bilodeau 
(Schrader) was very charming in his role playing a kid next door type who seems to be the black sheep out of the mean kids crowd and was believeable by being outgoing and friendly. He had the right looks too for this part to top it all off. Does a good job with his calm attitude.
Samm Todd 
(Rhonda) was a real attention grabber by playing a mysterious misfit who does well forcing her words out and acting very shy. She left you an impression that something bad will happen if you mess with her bringing that part of her across really well. She also was great by showing no expressions to her face. Does a good job by screaming and freaking out. There's a nice moment on her looking expressionless and then showing a good wicked expression.
Britt McKillip 
(Macy) had the beautiful looks and the nasty attitude as a teenage pranskster and knew how to portray this role incredibly well since she had me convinced. She seemed like a bully from the film Carrie by how she portrayed this and I have to conratulate her for doing a good job since we need someone like this.

A few women played by Becky FranklinWanda Ayala and Amy Esterle take off their tops exposing their breasts while doing a striptease at a Halloween party.

A body is all sliced up
A decapitated head of a delinquent is exposed
A body is being eaten

Douglas Pipes does wonders with his orchestra as he really made it sound very old fashioned like with the violin playing and the nice chants used for the opening of the film. It wasn't something easily put together and made it sound very good.

Steven: Wait. There's another tradition. 
[looks at Charlie
Steven: Always check your candy.