Trucks (1997)

Directed by: Chris Thomson

Written by: Brian Taggert
Stephen King (Short Story)


Timothy Busfield .... Ray
Brenda Bakke .... Hope
Aiden Devine .... Trucker Bob
Roman Pohora .... Thad
Jay Brazeau .... Jack
Brendan Fletcher .... Logan
Amy Stewart .... Abby
Victor Cowie .... George
Sharon Bajer .... June
Jonathan Barrett .... Brad
Rick Skene .... Trucker Pete

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: 1997






A group of tourists go to the area of an infamous Area 51 zone which is renowned for it's UFO sightings and realise that some trucks are stopping in the middle of the road as well as driving on their own too which is the possibility caused by a toxic spill in the city and starts to kill the residents in their small town as the survivors reside in a small truck stop diner which the vehicles all circle around and try to find a way on killing them too.
They all have to work together by finding a way to destroy these vehicles or a solution to escape from them but one by one they are taking their chances of survival with all that they try to do and very difficult to outsmart these trucks.


There's many great camera shots with the trucks on the roadway as well as trying to attack someone.
We especially have a great shot on a supporting character named Jack taking pictures with a truck speeding up towards him and then everyone goes in a panick craze with terrific shots on the truck smashing through a car and speeding away.
We also spot a nice camera shot on a truck smashing into a transformer and the truck exploding into black smoke.
There's many good shots on the trucks circling around a diner with some of the supporting cast trying to escape from the vehicles and running inside the diner for safety.
We have some good lusftul moments between the characters June and Brad in their room while the terrors with the trucks are goin on outside.
We have a good comedic moment with someone being attacked by a toy truck along with his angry reactions and good terrifying moments on him being hurt and a great shot on the truck constantly plowing him in the head when he's on the ground.
There's a good moment with both Trucker Pete and Trucker Bob acting aggressive towards some of the other people at the diner ready to brawl which looked impressive.
There's a good shot with both Logan and Abby in an underpass and a truck dumping dirt to try and block them with a nice screaming reaction by Abby which almost makes you jump.
A nice moment with Ray running in the middle of the area outside and vehicles about to charge at him and then stopping.
A nice shot on Brad being attacked by a vehicle in a garage while struggling to open the garage door and later on with the vehicle speeding away. We also have a great devastating reaction by June totally losing it and crying hysterically with the other supporting cast trying to hold her and take her to another part of the diner. This was a nice touch.
A good shot on Abby at a phone booth and a truck heading towards her with a good shot on her screaming and then another great blocking scene that involves Jack pushing her out of the way and then a good close up shot of him looking startled as well as the vehicle charging in.
A nice distance shot on June acting like a basket case trying to walk away from the diner with the rest of them screaming at her to tell her to watch out with a truck charging towards her.
A good aggressive reaction on Trucker Bob after realising his truck is coming to life and speeding away along with him trying to get his truck by running outside.
Bottom line is that this sort of remake on Maximum Overdrive is more loosely based on Stephen King's novel which shows alot of class but most of the story is very different
Made on a low budget and a cable TV show proves it a worthy horror / sci fi flick at the same time along with some cheesy effects and good scenery too with some black smoke in the air during a truck accident and explosion too.
The film however looks a little more dated than in Maximum Overdrive which seems a little strange but of course this one didn't have as much big name actors like in the original flick. Still the story is very watchable and everyone does their best too.
It's very psychological too being trapped and nowhere to go like in Cujo with the mother and son trapped in their car from a dog with rabies in which Stephen King shows his versatity to writing similar topics with each novel from teenage bullies like in Carrie or Christine to being cornered or it's your life like in Cujo and this flick.

The acting is not too bad as lead actor Timothy Busfield (Ray) shows some good characteristics with his nervous emotions along with his aggressions too.
Brenda Bakke
(Hope) however didn't do too much for me which she seemed to perform a little too wooden as the lead actress.
Aiden Devine
(Trucker Bob) played the perfect temperamental redneck truck driver at the diner and does well with his violent aggressions too. He was a believeable obnoxious asshole pardon my language.
Jay Brazeau
(Jack) is fair bringing on the humor with his character as an old hippie tourist which I found him to be the typical clown of the bunch.
Brendan Fletcher
(Logan) brought his charming part to life as a teenage kid who's curious about stuff and brough alot of characteristics to life with what he played in the film.
Amy Stewart
(Abby) was quite good at another typical teenager going through a phase of rebellion and showing a bit of a bratty attitude to her part long with nice terrified emotions. She stood out quite well I must say.
Sharon Bajer
(June) was quite a ham in her role playing one of those stuck up newlyweds acting full of life too and then changing into a basket case showing her versatality especially when she is totally losing it and crying hysterically
in one scene.

There's gobs of gore and blood on a toy truck plowing at a sherrif's head.
Two drivers are whacked by an axe

Michael Richard Plowman shows some cheesy synthesizer playing composing classical sounding music along with the good thumps and drum beats too.
There's great smooth and powerful classical music at the same time during the ending credits of the film which sounds just perfect.