Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)

Directed by: Eli Craig

Written by: Morgan Jurgenson & Eli Craig


Tyler Labine .... Dale
Alan Tudyk .... Tucker
Katrina Bowden .... Allison
Jesse Moss .... Chad
Brandon Jay McLaren .... Jason
Christie Laing .... Naomi
Chelan Simmons .... Chloe
Travis Nelson .... Chuck

Release Dates: Sundance Film Festival: January 10, 2010;  SXSW Film Festival: March 12, 2010; Dungog Film Festival: May 28, 2010; Limited Theatrical: October 21, 2010 (Australia)

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Two hillbillies named Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are on vacation in their cabin and are attacked by a group of college students after they help one of their friends named Allison recover from an injury thinking that they are a couple of inbred chainsaw wielding psychopaths and getting killed accidentally by objects that they use around their area.
One of the students named Chad (Jesse Moss) has a dark secret and is jealous over Tucker and his interest in Allison in which he will stop at nothing to have her even if it means killing anyone around her.


At first this story seemed like a plain hilarious black comedy spoofing alot of horror so let's take a look at all of this:
There's a bunch of rowdy teens driving up and getting ready to spend a happy camping trip on their time off of school with alot of funny one liners while having their discussions as well as another car driving by and a stalky man named Tucker staring at one of them named Allison in which made me wonder if the horror will come into this since she gets hysterical after this. Then he spies on her in a store and tries not to get caught in which this looked way too funny than suspenseful along with having a discussion with his pushy buddy Dale on just going for it on talking to her since he was attracted to her which seemed to spoil the suspense and fun wondering if he is a horror type of character but yet there seems to be an interesting humorous charm to his insecure behavior and one of the mean kids seems to bully him which looked very slapstick too. 
Then there's a campfire story by one of the teens in the woods as this tale seemed dark and twisted especially when the main guy named Chad tells them about a crazed killer decades ago slaying people in their area with kooky flashback scene's on all of this making it look too hard to be taken seriously along with him telling his friends that the corpses bodies are buried underneath where they're standing which seems to leave a good chill down your spine at the same time.
Then they go swimming into the lake which looked so much fun that I felt like joining them as this looked like a great wild party as well as both Tucker and Dale fishing in their boat watching Allison about to dive in but does so the wrong way and has a serious injury and the rest spot these two freaking out thinking that they hurt her which was hilarious by how they were running ashore and trying to get away. 
There's also funny moments when Allison awakens in the cabin and Dale serves her breakfast and she screams with him worrying she isn't satisfied with what he has to serve to her which offers more chuckles here.
A major hilarious moment is when one of the friends spy on the cabin run by these two burly men one of them is badly stung by a bunch of bees while sawing wood with a chainsaw and runs amok with his cause he's in pain and this dude thinks he's attacking him and accidentally kills himself by getting impaled on a sharp branch. I still thoguht to myself that this still was a plain comedy while watching alot of this. It was a hoot and still more to come.
More accidents occur when the other friends who try to rescue Allison thinking that she is abducted by them when they attack and are using equipment for different reasons causing accidental deaths which was just too much and the survivors witnessing this. I was really laughing hysterically to myself.
Later on after this happens a war breaks loose in order for survival since there were many wrong and deadly impressions in which the horror comes into this especially with Chad going berserk trying to kill these two harmless goons. He also goes nuts tying Allison up and threatening to kill her out of jealousy cause of Dale's interest in her bringing on more horror used with slapstick comedy along with a good and dark twisted secret on his family background 20 years beforehand at that cabin they're residing in. The one liners that were horror and then Allison tries to explain on Chad's truthful background comes across as hilarious too.
There's also a good emotional moment when we think that Tucker may be dying do to a deadly type of assault from Chad which seems to be a good horror tradition for someone who is good hearted and is about to die revealing something he's never told him before.
Plus there's also a moment with a falling out of a window scene to their death which is another good traditional horror moment.
The ending in the movie looked comedic and romantic too leaving it a nice touch.
Bottom line is that the film seemed exptremely slapstick not taking itself seriously and it doesn't but the horror comes into it too in time with all that's happening and it's for the fans who enjoy films like Shaun of the Dead or Evil Dead 2 that likes alot of laughs with their horror and this one is it and a parody on film's like Friday the 13th,Just Before DawnWrong Turn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Worth checking out as it is every bit entertaining and more funny than scary.

The acting was very good and comedic in which lead actor Tyler Labine (Dale) seems to do a good job with his demanding type of personality by getting aggressive and pushy along with him acting sarcastic and very in your face type of atttiude too. He showed a fair amount of energy by doing all of this although he could've been a bit more funnier he also showed nice characteristics by doing what he had to do. There's a good moment on him staring out seriously in his car window. Plus does a nice job in a scene by acting insecure. A nice nervous reaction on him choked up trying to talk to a girl that he likes. He also does a good job jumping back after being aggressively spoken to by the boyfriend. There's a good scared reaction on him jumping when someone screams which shows good energy.
Alan Tudyk
 (Tucker) seemed to steal the performance as a shy and insecure type of nitwit. He offers alot of laughs with his goofball type of behavior by screwing up with everything that he did during most of his performance and was a natural ham. He does a good job ranting on his friend and being pushy towards him as this looked good and hyped. Also he does well reacting anxiously while driving after spotting a police car pulling him over as well as him getting aggressive to one of his friends. He also shows a good charming type of personality too and came across nicely onto the camera. He also shows a ton of great energy by getting right in there and doing what he had to do. For example, we spot a moment while activiating a chainsaw and also does well reacting in pain running with the chainsaw through the woods after being stung by a bunch of bees as his adrenaline was very high while doing this and came across as believeably funny. He also does well by performing serious too during a moment when he is speaking weakly and emotional to his friend and does a good job by this.
Katrina Bowden
 (Allison) really came across nicely with her beautiful blonde haired type of looks as well as acting anxious when she needed to in a decent tongue in cheek type of fashion. She also had a nice brainy type of behavior as well as acting quite charming in her role too. I found that she really delivered a nice characteristic type of performance and can go far in the acting industry. There's a scene where she is in a vehicle with a nice anxious reaction and is freaking out on this in which there's good energy on her behalf. She also does well waking up and freaking out when she discoverson where she is.
Jesse Moss
 (Chad) certainly showed a great outrageous and aggressive attitude in his role really acting hyped up and ready for anything like having a a good slapstick aggressive approach in a situation with the lead character talking to his on screen girlfriend. There's a nice moment when he's discussing a creepy campfire story in which he really gets into what he's saying. He really came across as one of those types who will look for anything to stir up trouble. Plus he was a perfect horror character in the film by acting wild and insane. He showed great madman type of expressions too which was also impressive as well as a nice moment sneering towards one of the main cast members. There's one scene where he is trying to close in for the kill showing a good insane raging expression.

A person's face is badly stung by bees showing bad reactions
One of the teenagers is impaled by a sharp tree branch
Someone falls into a tree cutting machine and is shredded along with a bottom remain of it's corpse
A person is stabbed right through with a sharp objects with bloody results
An officers head is stabbed by sharp nails from a broken off sign post
A person's head is badly scarred by fire

We hear alot of adventureous classical violin music with the drum beats along in other scenes during the peaceful times country sounding twanging music which seemed to come together quite nicely for the great outdoors making it a nice fit.