White Noise: The Light (2007)

Directed by: Patrick Lussier

Written by: Matt Venne


Nathan Fillion .... Abe Dale
Katee Sackhoff .... Sherry Clarke
Craig Fairbrass .... Henry Caine
Adrian Holmes .... Marty Bloom

Release Dates:
Limited Theatrical : January 5, 2007 (Ireland) / (UK); February 17, 2007 (Malta); Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival: April 19, 2007; April 19, 2007 (Russia); May 9, 2007 (France); June 1, 2007 (Latvia) / (Taiwan); June 8, 2007 (Poland); July 13, 2007 (Mexico)

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A family man named Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion) encounters his wife and child murdered in a diner by a disturbed man named Henry Caine (Craig Fairbrass) whom then shoots himself in the mouth.
Abe falls into a depression and blames himself as he attempts suicide by swallowing a bottle of pills only to be saved by his friend Marty Bloom (Adrian Holmes) and some paramedics as he then starts to see a white light with people whom are about to face a near death or ghostly events through electronic devices.
Abe starts to investigate the going ons with all of this and reveals a secret by Henry himself as to why he killed his family.


An interesting moment revealing the lead character Abe Dale spending time with his family as we reveal the wife just not feeling right which adds a nice mysterious moment on what can become of the story here. Also we spot them at a restaurant in which she almost loses control which grabs your attention and keeps you in suspense wondering what's going to become of this as you getting a deadly feeling by how this was set out. Also a great shot on a mysterious character named Henry Caine about to shoot his wife with great slow motion shots which looked effective seeing everyone shocked reactions as well as having a real upsetting moment too which works in well.
Nice shot on Abe sitting at his couch watching a family film as well as him gulping down some pills which gives you an eerie feeling that he's taking his life as well as good shots on him making an announcement blaming himself at the funeral.
Perfect camera shots looking up at some paramedics trying to revive him as it shows alot of great adrenaline rushing in while we continue to watch this as well as a neat effect with Abe's body floating through a light and nearly seeing his wife and child which really looked entertaining and what alot of people claim to see in a brief afterlife as well as focusing on the paramedics reviving him and his soul getting sucked back in which looked terrifically done as well.
A nice dark shot on Abe spotting a homeless person walking along an overpath with a train about to come near this bum while he's trying to push a shopping cart through some tracks in which this keeps you in suspense wondering if he will make it in time but yet when we see the effects on the train charging closer it doesn't look as suspenseful like it was meant to be.
There's an impressive introduction by Dr. Karras when he shows Abe around his place of TV screens as well as catching attention to an Elvis movie on spotting the white noise as well as some intertesting effective moments caught by Abe himself by what he spotted.
Also we spot a creepy moment when Abe slowly goes to his doorway by what he thinks might be behind it and although at first things looked rather cheesy to watch when he is about to open it this will definetely make you jump out of your seat scaring you senselessly after what happens here since things were at first silently still which worked in cleverly here.
There's another near jumping moment when Abe goes into an elevator and some force jumps out which looked incredibly done and entertaining for horror fans who like those supernatural horror events.
A nice close up shot on somewhat a person fixing a tire on his vehicle and that Abe tries to warn him that the vehicle will flatten him with this guy as the vehicle will flatten him with this guy acting ignorant towards him along with a vehicle charging near them adding alot of nice suspenseful moment making you wonder if he will save him in time on what he predicts. Doesn't look intense enough though which was the problem when we watch this however.
There's a good moment with a bunch of punks causing problems for the character Kurt while kicking his ass and trying to make a move on his girlfriend which grabs your attention a great deal as well as him nearly falling off an overpass as there's good suspenseful shots on this.
Perfect moment with a thug trying to mug the other main character Sherry Clarke in which this looked truly strong and intense as well as struggling moments with Abe trying to save the day as this was well focused while watching this.
We have some nicely focused discussions between both Abe and Sherry when she tries to return the favor with a cheap bottle of wine as this looked nicely drawn together.
There's a good mysterious moment when Abe tries to confront Henry on the past situation at his prison with his back turned in a dark corner but then whne we reveal his creepy face after what he did to himself it looked a bit spooky but yet not too shocking like the makers were supposed to make this scene be. Yet it looked intense when he tries to attack him.
There's a perfect moment with Kurt about to shoot his girlfriend in slow motion as well as people stopping him. Plus some perfect silent and slow motion shots on the girlfriend as well as another person with a piano falling off a ledge of a luxorious hotel suite down a floor which looked creepy to watch on what happens here and the results.
A nice psyched out situation when Abe is driving and we spot what might be someone getting knocked over on a bike by him swerving and the figure slides through the vehicle as well as a great dark close up shot on the figure on the bike slowly turning his head around which leaves you an impression that this figure will look creepy.
There's also a perfect intense moment when Abe tries to get forceful towards Sherry as well as security trying to act calm and stop him from doing this in which things look energised and right in your face with all that is happening here. This scene was nicely put in.
Great moments on Sherry in an ambulance with wild things happening there as well as revealing a ghostly figure plus some great fact action shots on the ambulance speeding by and then wiping out which was a real attraction to watch in a film.
Bottom line is that although there were some effective moments used in the film which makes it worth watching the story is at times slow and nowhere near as effective as in the first one since that one had more things happening for it. I just couldn't get into this one as much as there were failed moments with certain moments on what was supposed to have been exciting and it fails at times. Alot of the moments seemed to borrow a bit from Final Destination and worked well for those moments though.

The acting stands out fair enough but only a few one's worth mentioning since it was a small cast with good sized actors here. Lead actor Nathan Fillion (Abe Dale) brought it out as much as he could as he does well in the beginning of his performance showing a nice concenred behavior as well as acting like a happy family man too. Also does well acting in a depression. Also shows some great adrenaline when he tries to race and to save someone packing a good punch to this. Plus really acted perfectly intense with his blocking while beating up and onscreen thug which he really brought this to life a great deal. Was perfect when he freaks out or act aggressive which he was highly energised while doing all of this.
Katee Sackhoff (Sherry Clarke) really improved on her work since I saw her in Halloween: Resurrection as she added alot of great spunk and enthusiasm into her role. Does a great job acting shocked while getting mugged as well as later on showing a perfectly friendly and welcoming attitude towards her co-star in which she really brought this to life. Knew on how to get into a conversation a great deal here. Also does a nice job when acting anxious in a cetain moment. Plus near the end of her performance does a perfectly intense reaction freaking out or acting crazy inside an ambulance in which she really drove this to a terrific pace here. I found her to be the best out of the cast here.
Craig Fairbrass (Henry Caine) had a real effective supporting role here in which he showed a perfect disturbed and emotionlss attitude especially when he points a gun to shoot someone just going with it and coming across as perfectly mysterious. Also he was great with his cold speaking and slow blocking too changing it to an intense pace when he tries to attack his fellow actor really adding a different type of motion for this which looked highly enetrgised making him seem intimidating by what he does here.

The face of a person has the side of his jaw revealed after he blew it off with a gun
A ghosts head on a bike is demolished.

The music sounds perfect as we have alot of hissing and banging sounds guaranteed to make you jump just like in the first flick as well as we hear low groaning and rumbling sounds. Plus there's alot of deep strong trombone playing when the near terrors are about to happen along with violin chords going low and then going to an intense high pitch. Lots of heavy echoey drumbeats too which adds to the story on the action and suspense. Plus we hear some mellow light piano playing for the mellow moments which is commonly used for films in today's standards. Plus we hear some peaceful orchestral playing when the film is almost near it's end which is really catchy and suitable for the scene too. All of this was put together by Normand Corbeil

Old Man Voice: [Old man lying on his stomach under an incorrectly jacked van] Look I don't need some dipshit kid telling me what to do all right? Just take you metrosexual ass back to your yuppy car