Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)


Directed by: Chris Angel

Written by:
Alex Wright


Jason Connery .... Professor Joel Baresh
A.J. Cook .... Diana Collins
Tobias Mehler .... Greg Janson / St. Michael the Archangel
Louisette Geiss .... Katie York
Aaron Smolinski .... Billy Matthews
Daniella Evangelista .... Anne
Emmanuelle Vaugier .... Elinor Smith
John Novak .... The Djinn

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: October 23, 2001

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A college student Diana Collins (A.J. Cook) is having nightmares and hallucinations on deadly events as well as discovering a box revealing a ruby as she accidentally opened up the Djinn (John Novak) from his tomb and takes over the body of a sleazy Professor Joel Baresh (Jason Connery) as he plans to take over the world to Hell's wrath as both Diana and her boyfriend Greg Janson (Tobias Mehler) tries to put a stop to him as he is making a murderous frenzy on their campus but may be forced to make wishes to save the students while they made accidental wishes on their own.


An interesting beginning involving the lead character Diana Collins having a nightmare as well as showing clips of a car swerving in the air and crashing which for sure grabs your attention here wondering what will draw into this all. Also what was really mysterious is spotting her about to go to the edge of the foof at night wondering if she's gonna take her life along with nice blending conversations between her and her boyfriend Greg Janson which looked entertaining to watch as well as wanting to join in the fun of all this.
We also spot a great moment with Diana checking out a box that carries ruby which we know unleashes the Djinn and rubs it which gives you a cringing feeling that this isn't a good idea as well as showing flashes of the Djinn in the mist as the effects looked neat while we spot all of this happening. Almost seemed to borrow a bit of Hellraiser while we watch this happening. Also a nice cheesy but fun scene between Diana and the Djinn with his evil presence towards her as it looked well shot by what's happening here.
There's also a good silent moment with her looking around which the scene looked still and dark as well as a perfect jumping moment with the lead character Professor Joel Baresh catching her by surprise as this looked perfectly well done here since this scene keeps you in suspense on the mysterious going on's that are about to happen.
Some nice moments with Djinn wickedly approaching Joel as well as him granting a wish as this looked interesting with the steamy effects when he spots two lustful women approaching him as well as the shocking results as to what these two evil babes do to him as this will please you horror fans on the backfire of his wish proving that he had to be careful for what he wished for.
We spot some interesting moments with the Djinn taking over his body as well as offering a good wicked charm to his students although it came across a bit average while watching this all happening here.
Yet there's a good strong scene with Diana concentrating on a situation as well as acting almost out of control talking to Greg on a situation with the Djinn as their interaction bounced off one another pretty well here revealing frustrations on the moments here. Looked good and solid.
A great intense situation with a college teacher named Mary Collins wishing her files would be on fire towards Joel for the stress she's having with a great explosion involving her being blown away as this adds alot of great suspense to this moment which makes you cringe even beforehand when she wishes this as this makes you watching in terror on what will happen to her.
A nice moment on a sleazy type of student trying to come on towards Joel and then making her sarcastic wish with neat effects on her chest puffing up causing her heart about to explode which looked like a perfect painful situation to watch on all of this.
A good strong moment between Greg towards Joel talking face to face with him as well as nice stern situations on this alopng with a cheesy special effects on Joel's face changing to a demonic look which can be enjoyable to watch for a low budget horror feel to all this.
We spot a real gross and perfectly disturbing moment with Joel in a cathedral and having one of Diana's friends having a wish to stay thin and then he forces her to make a wish when she refuses and then making a curse on her friend puking out gross stuff which looks hard to watch making you think that she's gonna die from all of this if Diana doesn't think fast on this situation here. Definetely not for anyone's taste when we watch this moment happening.
However there's a perfect special effects moment when Diana makes a wish on summoning up to become St. Michael the Archangel as there's great lighting happening and a clever wish to have to try and battle this evil Djinn but then having Greg cutting in and becoming this hero which looked cool to watch with his voice changing as well as spotting their battles together and him using a sword doing these situations.
Plus we spot many good strong situations with Diana and St. Michael about what to do and disagreements on trying to save others while they are making wishes which really looked powerful to watch on what goes on here with good camera focuses on the two fo them here.
A perfect intense moment with Katie York trying to run away and hide from Joel in a science lab which makes you watch carefully wondering if he will get her especially when she makes a wish on not being found which involves a cage of hungry rats as this can make any rat hater slightly cringe on what happens here but it doesn't look overly intense like it was supposed to be here.
Some perfect action moments with both Diana and St. Michel speeding away on a car to the university to try and rescvue their friend as well as nice stunt shots on the car swerving as well as them scrambling out of the car before it explodes which looked suspenseful to watch wondering if they'd make it out in time. Plus nice shots on the car blowing up in smoke.
Nice struggling moments involving Diana, St. Michel as well as we spot the fully disguised Djinn as there's even saome near sad scene's involving both Diana and St. Michel when we think that they may be dying and saying their last words towards one another as this was perfectly serious to watch on what happens here.
Bottom line is that this film was taken in a different type of fashion and made on a bit of a lower budget but can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it watching the suspenseful moments here and there but at times the story can get stale too. However those moments don't last forever. Lots of entertaining touches here and there with some nice written in scene's.

The acting seemed to still do okay here as lead actor Jason Connery (Professor Joel Baresh) was the best out of the whole cast here in which he shows off a perfect perverted type of goof instructing at the university. Definetely shows great timing catching someone by surprise and being overbearing. Plus has a great hyped up energy when acting cowardly and scared when the terror is about to strike him. Shows a great versatality when he becomes the Djinn acting perfectly wicked with his speaking as well as having a great powerful and forceful attitude too. He has some great powerful blocking within whatever he does here. Also does a perfect job acting evilly cheeky too as well as being believeably manipulative too. Plus shows some perfect wicked expressions to top it all off. Yes he was the man to do this.
A.J. Cook (Diana Collins) was another one full of energy in her part as she shows off perfect intensity whenever she reacts to something about to happen to another person drawing this in terrifically. Also shows off a good outgoing behavior too just acting perfect while being full of life. She does well with her obsessed focus on a moment that she thinks that was unleashed and concentrates on this perfectly here. Also acts perfectly anxious as well as aggressive whenever she had to be like this and was convincingly emotional to top it all off. Does a nice job when she gets into a rage at times when the terror happens. Plus had a nice mellow moment when she seems to be dying as she gets into this nicely as well. A good character actress that she portrayed here.
Tobias Mehler
(Greg Janson / St. Michael the Archangel) seemed to add a nice charm to his boy next door kind of behavior as someone who acts believeably caring. He also shows a nice frustrating attitude whenever he had to be like this. Also does a great job by getting stern and demanding in another area of the film which really shined off well here. Also shows alot of great energy and action while being possessed by the archangel and drawing into his perfect courageous and heroic mode which came to life a great deal here.
Louisette Geiss
(Katie York) does a nice job with her bubbly behavior as well as being believeably silly within her performance here. She does a good job acting lustful in other spots as well as flirtatious too. Shows off a good hyped energy when she gets worried or scare don a situation and does a solic performance when she freaks out and trying to hide against the maniac after her just drawing this in and studying this scene terrifically with perfectl panicking actions.
Aaron Smolinski (Billy Matthews) seemed to know his part okay as someone who acts sarcastic as well as coming across as a an airhead which seemed to show off okay. He wasn't anything too spectacular by any means for what he did here. Does well shouting in pain during a deadly grueosme moment that's happening to him just throwing this in nicely. He wasn't overly intense like you'd think though.
Daniella Evangelista
(Anne) does well acting like a ditsy type which she seemed to do well with her irritating speaking as well as acting under someone's spell studying this nicely here. Plus does well acting sick as well as reacting intense while being in pain from what is happening to her and drew into her character superbly while being like this. She portrayed a perfect victim ready to die by what is happening to her.
Emmanuelle Vaugier
(Elinor Smith) had a nice effective supporting role in which she came across great as a sleazy type in the story along with acting beleieveably flirtatious and does well with her giggly attitude too. Seemed to portray nicely as an airhead along with acting persistent to get it on with who she has her eyes for. Plus does well with her sarcastic wish letting it out which she shows off nicely in front of the camera. Also reacts well in pain freaking out to what happens towards her in the end.
John Novak
(The Djinn) was a bit cheesy within his performance with his pwerful and evil attitude but yet was fun within his performance as I liked on how he did all of this as it was different compared to how this character was like in the previous flicks. Had a nice presence to what he does here without coming across as dark but not too dark. He was hard to be taken seriously but yet that's what made watching him so much fun.

Two women appear topless while about to get it on with a professor at the university during his wish breasts fully exposed.
Someone is lying on the ground breasts briefly exposed while getting it on with her boyfriend at the dorm.

Someone is cut a few times in the chest as well as his tongue spat out and other parts of his face being bitten. His body looked rougly chewed up.
A woman is badly burned after an explosion.
Someone spits out her guts and later on her body is shrivelled up into a skeletal corpse.
A guy is impaled on a horn of an animal's head on the wall.
Person's arm is burned while holding onto a sword caught on fire.
Person's arm is cut off.
Someone's eyes and mouth are chewed off with skeletal bones revealed.

Alot of great strong trombone playing and some heavy beats especially for the suspenseful battling moments along with terrific smooth violin playing and the odd clarinet compsoing for some brief sad moments that was used in the film which catches your attention and really fits into the story a great deal here. Also there's the odd chanting femklae singing which didn't seem to sound as great like it was supposed to be along with the odd techno sounds as that wasn't my cup of tea either all put together by the Ferocious Fish.