Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)


Directed by: Chris Angel

Written by:
John Benjamin Martin


Tara Spencer-Nairn .... Lisa Burnley
Michael Trucco .... Steven Verdel
Jason Thompson .... Sam
John Novak .... Djinn
Victor Webster .... The Hunter
Kimberly Huie .... Tracy

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: January 17, 2002 (Russia)

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Lisa Burnley (Tara Spencer-Naim) is a model and her boyfriend Sam (Jason Thompson) is crippled after a motorcycle accident and has a bitter life on things.
Lisa's lawyer Steven Verdel (Michael Trucco) has a crush on her and accidentally releases the Djinn (John Novak) as he grants a wish and the Djinn himself takes over his body and and he tries to grant three wishes to Lisa, to release the Djinn demons and start the Armagedon on Earth. However, when she tells Steven: "- I wish I could love you for who you really are.", her third wish is a paradox, since it depends on herself to be granted. The Wishmaster unsuccessfully tries to seduce Lisa.


In the beginning we spot the couple Lisa Burnley and Sam lusting for one another as you think to yourself here what's the point within all of this???
We also spot some mild dysfunctional moments between the two of the after the scene takes place a few years later with him in a wheelchair as this seemed to looked quite dramatised.
We also spot some good scene's between both Lisa and Steven Verdel when they discuss situations as well as business in which there's a good moment when the two of them are close to kissing one another and a nice near jumping moment when something drops and the ruby is revealed as this breaks the moment looking well done here. Also some interesting effects on the Djinn inside awakening with red mist floating.
There's a cheesy moment with the Djinn talking towards Steven in a dark room as this seems to grab your attention nonetheless looking good campy fun. Plus good moments with Steven pointing a gun trying to find out who's talking to him as well as accidentally making wishes to him along with a good shot on the Djinn grabbing him by the neck and lifting him in the air which looked fairly impressive in a cheesy fashion.
There's also a good shocking moment when the Djinn now in the body of Steven gives a call to someone to get alot of money with her wish and talks to him on the other line in which a force makes him do what he sarcastically says on the other line like cutting off his nose or other torturous moments which makes this truly hard to watch and for people who don't have strong stomachs for cetain horror violence as well as some customers on the other side of a glass door watching and acting helpless to try and save him which all of this was drawn in powerfully.
Also some nice discussions with Lisa talking to Steven about Sam's troubles in a wheelchair and her wish to have him walk again in which there's great intense close up shots on Sam getting out of his chair and struggling in pain as this looked strongly put in and pretty intense to watch all of this.
A perfect moment on Lisa making a wish that didn't work for Steven along with fake thunder and lisghtning happening when he asks her to leave as this draws your attention wondering if the Djinn outsmarted himself which looked impressive wondering if he's in trouble within all of this. Also things look impressive when there's cheesy firey effects with other Djinn's confornting him which looked neat on his history that we never really spotted in the previous films.
A nice moment with Steven coming in to talk to Lisa's friend Tracy as this looked good and slick which gives you the chills that something deadly is going to happen here with his wicked charming attitude towards her. Also she makes a suggestion on deadly hardcore sex as this also gives you the chills even more that something awful is about to happen to her which was nicely put in while we watch on what happens next here.
Some strong discussions between Sam towards Lisa and acting negative towards her on him expressing his pain still even though he can walk with good shots on the two of them as well as her frustrations towards him when she tries to talk to him as once again looked nicely dramatised although it does look like a dysfunctional moment while watching a soap opera.
A good moment with Sam at a strip joint and Steven talking towards him acting insulting towards him giving a psychological feel to everything and wondering if a fight will break out. Also looking clever that Sam doesn't make a wish towards him even though Steven gets tempting towards him which is another nice touch on the Djinn being outsmarted here.
Alot of great camera takes on a bouncer beating the crap out of Steven as these moments looked truly brutal wondering if this guy's gonna kill him as well as a good backfiring moment with the Djinn revealing himself and some shocking horror violence here too.
There's a cheesy and corny moment with a character called the Hunter stopping Tracy and telling her she must die for letting the Djinn out as things looked a little too obvious here as well as them running through the woods which doesn't look suspenseful at all like it was meant to be. It was pretty laughable even if this was supposed to look serious.
However, some neat battling sequences between the Hunter as well as Steven with their sword fighting as there were nice focuses and their disputes towards one another giving it that superhero type of battle here plus a neat look on the Djinn revealing his true self with this scene.
A real bizarre situation between Lisa and Steven lusting after one another near a piano hearing the piano keys being pressed as this didn't look too naturally done at all.
Some good situations with Steven trying to act tempting towards Lisa and her denial towards him with good intense moments on things in her house exploding as well as interesting cheesy effects on him showing her hallucinations on stuff and what he can offer her. This looked fairly catchy here.
There's great strong moments with Sam battling against the Djinn which looked good and heroic as well as some upsetting moments too involving both him and Lisa with interesting effects happening here along with trying to trick this evil wishmaster which also grabs your attention and brought things to a good ending but yet not official that this one is the final ending once and for all since he's been killed off before but still can be passable for the last of the series regardless.
Bottom line is that there's some effective scene's as well for the first time spotting the Djinn having a romance in his life as well as his historical background in which there's also the odd superhero type of action here which seems to be fun to watch but the film does have leaky holes like the rest of the sequels here. I'm sure that this one is the last of it's kind since it doesn't have as a huge following to make more sequels.

The acting seemed fairly good as lead actress Tara Spencer-Nairn (Lisa Burnley) seemed to put in alot of effort into her part of the film. Does well with her stressing situations as well as acting believeably frusterated too. Shows a good seriousness in her role along with trying to act caring too. She also does well acting scared at times whenever she needed to be this way. Also does a nice job acting romantic or having a good emotional attitude in which she brought this to life as well too.
Michael Trucco (Steven Verdel) stole the film with his performance here in which he shows off a perfectly charming type of personality along with acting perfectly wicked with his smooth speaking and coldness whenever he had to act like this. Plus does a good job in a scene when actuing nastily towards someone else just making you want to hit him for being this way. Has nice blocking when doing a fighting sequence adding alot of perfect hype and energy too. He also shows a nice romantic type of personality as well as acting perfectly tricky and deadly with whatever he did in his role.
Jason Thompson
(Sam) certainly did his part perfectly well as someone who has a perfectly sour type of attitude in which he shows off a perfect negativity within whatever he does along with showing a perfect sterness to his speaking too. He also does a great job with his angry expressions too in a certain scene like he was about to throw a punch as he brought this moment to life too. Also shows a great heroic personality when he goes into battle showing off alot of charisma and energy here. Also does a great job acting in pain too during this when something deadly happens to him.
John Novak
(Djinn) reprises his role here in which he seemed like a bit of a ham while trying to act like the ruthless one but shows \off alot of good energy with his powerful behavior nonetheless here. Does a great job getting into a sword fight which he also does well springing into action and was perfect acting forceful while grabbing someone just getting into what he did here.
Victor Webster
(The Hunter) had the right masculine looks for this role but however his performance here seemed a bit off when going into battle with his sword and trying to kill someone. Yet he does a nice swinging job with his sword while preparing a decapitation or when battling someone else. Just seemed to act corny a bit when trying to be serious as he tried too hard to be like this.
Kimberly Huie
(Tracy) showed off alot of great spunk within her performance as she shows off a nice bubbly and outgoing type of behavior and acting believeably full of life within whatever she did here. She definetely came off well onto the camera by doing all of this. Also had the right type of looks for her character which was another good plus to what she did here. Does an okay job reacting to pain and screaming at the end of her perfomance.

Tara Spencer-Nairn exposes her breasts while doing a moedlling job or a lustful situation. She is also exposed while taking a shower or getting out.
A topless dancer is revealed at a strip club round breast implants exposed big time.

A face gets torn off.
A man cuts off his nose and other parts of his face.
A bouncer's fist is crushed with his bone being revealed as well as his hand getting burned and then impaled by a sharp object outside an alleyway.
Some bloody stabbings with a sword.
A sword is stabbed through a person's chest.

The composing by once again the Ferocious Fish seemed to work in as well as the previous sequel in which we hear some nice light piano playing for the peaceful and touching as well as the sad situations used in each of these scene's which seems passable enough. Also we hear alot of hissing noises which sounded strong for the suspenseful moments. Plus we hear the odd woodwinds and high pitched flute noises which is something different for sure. Also there's the causal trombone and violin music sounding solid like always. Plus there's heroic battling music like you'd spot in a superhero flick during asword fighting scene as this was strongly done too and very mainstream like.

Steven Verdel: Be careful for what you wish for.