Witchboard III: The Possession (1995)


Directed by:

Written by: Kevin Tenney & Jon Ezrine


David Nerman .... Brian
Elizabeth Lambert .... Julie

Special Appearance:

Cedric Smith .... Francis

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 2, 1995





A man named Brian (David Neuman) is introduced to a ouija board from his landlord Francis (Cedric Smith) and later he commits suicide as Brian or his wife Julie (Elizabeth Lambert) can't figure out the missing pieces to this but then a near accidental death happens to Brain himself but when he's revived he's not the same person that he was as his spirit is seen through reflections as the devil has taken over his body and has deadly plans for Julie or anyone surrounding her.


Some nice shots on mellow moments with Brian caressing Julie's body in which there's perfect close ups on this as well as the camera slowly moving to what he's doing. This was done in a nice fashion.
A perfect mysterious moment when the landlord Francis introduces Brian to an ouija board as well as perfect camera shots on them toying with the object as well as great reactions on the two of them when they move the piece plus great quiverring camera shots zooming in on the object as well as strange reactions to Brian which we see him passed out on his couch later on after these incidents as this was perfectly put in making you wonder what's going to come out of all this.
Also a nice shot on the room alone with the ouija board when Brian tries to look for Francis to find him on the ledge of his building as well as him acting strange which gives you an eerie feeling that he is about to jump and boy does it look suspenseful when he does this as it almost gives that supernatural type of mode like you'd see in a film such as the Omen making you want to watch for more as to what will turn out of this and as to why he took his life.
A perfect mysterious moment when both Brian and his wife Julie are attending the funeral and a mysterious gypsy woman named Dora comes in and right away opens the coffin and acting crazy about something which seems to add good flavor as to why she's there which leaves more clues as to what's going on here and looked a bit shocking by what she does. I found this moment to be an effective scene.
A nice goofy moment on Brian trying to get something from a loan shark who is Ronald for money as this looked well focused by what was going on and giving it an unpleasant feel to things if he doesn't pay him back like him pointing in pins to butterflies to add to his collection. Later on there's a perfect focus on him about to cut off his finger and Ronald himself adding dark sarcastic humor to this which looked like a total mafia feel to everything and keeping you in suspense wondering if this bad ass will succeed doing this leaving a perfect painful situation. Nice moments on a force having these pinned butterflies fly at his face being stabbed as well as other objects attacking him and his goon. Another perfect supernatural horror moment to the film.
A perfect moment with a deadly accident happening to Brian along with a neat special effects moment on his ghost sliding out and going into a mirror which grabs your attention a great deal while watching the flick. Also some good intense moments with paramedics trying to revive him with good camera shots looking down on him looking lifeless as this draws you in strongly since things don't look good but then some cheesy moments on him being revived as this makes you wonder how it all suddenly happened that he came back to life.
Later on we have Brian acting cheerful and full of life towards his wife Julie as this adds a different feel to everything making you wonder if he's still the same person as well as him having a sex drive and showing good camera shots on their heavy lust which often works in a mysterious horror film.
Some nice moments on Julie doing errands in her building and a reflection on the actual ghost of Brian trying to warn her but she doesn't notice leaving a great haunting paranormal feel to all of this. Also a perfect cold moment with the disgusised Brian spotting the reflection later on in the story and threatening to kill Julie if he tries to contact her which looked purely evil to watch here.
Another attention grabber is when we spot Julie's friend Lisa having a dinner party for them as well as Lisa acting drunk and flirtatious towards Brian as wel as him coming on to her as this was crefully done and slick by what happens here along with having good upsetting moments on Julie which seems nicely put in alltogether.
A perfect dream sequence with Julie spotting Brian in a magical looking type of frame with mist as well as lustful situations involving this situation as there's neat effects within this as well as exposing demonic hands and looking highly entertaining and ghostly looking as well which should please the fans from the previous flicks.
A nice moment when Julie tries out the ouija board to communicate with Brian as well as his reflection when he tries to warn her which looked impressive on their communications as well on what to do. Plus a good moment when the fake Brian comes in almost catching her in the act and him getting suspicious as this makes you really watch wondering if she'd be in danger.
Good strong discussions between Julie and Dora as what to do to break the curse in which this looked perfectly drawn in as well as nice intense shaking on Dora's home while the fake Brian is about to enter her home and boy does things look terrorising on what he does to her which looked upsetting for poor Dora. These scene's were nicely done in for sure looking strong and suspenseful.
Great struggling moments during the last showdown when we spot the fake Brian turning into a black demon and terrorising Julie and Brian as well as them trying to get the object to try and kill this beast which makes you watch carefully wondering if these two will succeed from the clutches of this wild monster. Some parts looked mildly cheesy yet other moments were strongly done in. Nice special effects on what happens to the demon.
Bottom line is that although this 3rd installment wasn't too publicised it stood out on it's own big time and has alot to offer. It's enjoyable watching all the effects and the unsolved mysteries yet being solved later on in the story in which was probably the best one in the series and more original too although some of you may disagree with me. Worth checking out.

The acting is very well performed here in which lead actor David Nerman (Brian) was perfectly versatile in his role as he does well with his worried attitude as well as nervous reactions to things. Also reacts well in shock to a suicide which he seemed to show this off naturally here. Was terrific acting scared and freaking out when he is about to get his finger cut off as he also acts natural to this big time. Does a great job being the demonic side of him even better as he acted perfectly joyful and full of life which he adds a perfect punch to this. Plus shows off a ton of energy when he gets into a lustful situation taking this to the extreme greatly. Also does a terrific job with his wicked charm towards others as well as acting perfect with his icy speaking when he makes a threat acting perfectly evil and firm. Does a good job choking after what he has eaten and acting poisoned to it making this looked fairly natural too. Does a perfect job screaming in anger as a spirit in the mirror letting all sorts of energy out into this. Also shows off good struggling energy while fighting against a force as he really got into this greatly as well. Yes he for sure was a perfect character actor.
Elizabeth Lambert (Julie) seemed to do her job as the wife in which she shows off a nice uplifting type of behavior with her speaking adding some nice energy into this. Also does well with her crying emotions as she does this quite strongly here. Plus does a nice job acting romantic or getting lustful as she really drives this in nicely too. Acts perfectly upset in other spots and does well acting disturbed by certain situations which shows off nicely here. Does a great job panicking during certain moments when trying to figure something out. Acts convincingly nervous during a part of a film as she was quite believeable while doing this. Also does a great job with her struggling attitude acting nicely intense while fighting off something evil.
The other cast members had small roles but were worth mentioning so I will see on what I can dig up here:
Cedric Smith (Francis) does a perfect job acting mysterious and obsessive over a ouija board and really getting into his conversation within this a great deal too. Shows great wide eyed expressions and seeming almost mad like by what he's talking about delivering perfect characteristics within all of this too. Also a nice moment with his strange attitude before his suicide in his performance making his part for sure memorable for anyone who has seen this flick.
(Lisa) knew her stuff portraying a bubbly type of happy go lucky type of person and roomate as well as friend to the lead character's and really knew on how to act tipsy and drunk with her giggly attitude as well as coming off as believeably flirtatious too by what she had to do here. Also does a good job in another scene acting uncomfortable as well as scared when she is being attacked offering a nice versatality here.
(Dora) certainly drew in strange and mysterious and acting quick on things during the beginning of her performance which she added great enthusiasm within this as well as having a perfect paranoid type of personality and attitude too. She also knew on how to act disturbed and tense as she got into her character a great deal as a gypsy woman. Also does a good job by concentrating on her discussion with one of the lead actors and coming across as perfectly serious.
(Ronald) seemed to live to portray a loan shark with his dark twisted humor and seemed witty by doing all of this. Was good acting creepily charming as well as having a great coldness to his behavior and perfectly close minded as well. Just brought it on by acting convincingly menacing as well as reacting to shock and pain when a force attacks him as he got into whatever he had to do here.

Elizabeth Lambert shows briefly her breasts near the close of the beginning of her performance while being caressed.
She also fully exposes them while doing a lustful scene as well as exposing her butt.
Shows off her breasts again in a lustful dream sequence.
briaefly exposes her breasts as well after taking a shower but are not well focused while she tries to get away from being attacked.

A sharp objects is impaled though a man's forehead.
Sharp objects are imapled in a thugs head looking like devil's horns as well as objects being stabbed at a loan shark.
A broken window glass stabs a woman's stomach.
A finger is chopped off.
Gypsy is impaled on sharp objects next to a wall.

Alot of great versatile composing we hear in the picture as there's many strong hissing and other ghostly type sounds along with deep violin music for the near dark scene's that are about to occur. Plus we hear some clarinet and string plucking for a lustful moment that blends in terrifically. There's also the odd metal scraping which seems passable as well. Also we hear some creepy synthesizer music here and there as this adds some of the chills too. All of this was nicely put together by Richard Grégoire